Prewash - what is it?

It’s already impossible to imagine the life of a modern person without automatic washing machines. Many of us would have lived quite difficult without this incredibly useful and convenient household appliance. Huge functionality and a set of modes allow you to choose for each user the most optimal cycles for their things. Naturally, the more technically advanced the machine, the more expensive it costs. Therefore, you need to figure out whether you really need all the functions offered by the manufacturer. Especially popular are such modes as intensive and prewash - what is it and how to use them we will examine in more detail in this article.

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What are standard washing modes?

Let's take a closer look at the modes that can be found in any modern washing machine. Their name may differ in certain models, but the essence of their work does not change at all:

  1. Synthetics is one of the most popular programs, which involves washing things from synthetic fabrics at a temperature of no higher than sixty degrees.
  2. Cotton - this mode is in every washing machine, they are used for washing clothes made of cotton and bed linen with a high degree of pollution. It lasts a long time and at a sufficiently high temperature - up to 90 degrees.
  3. Hand washing is an equally common feature that allows you to wash delicate fabrics very carefully. For example, you can use it to wash children's clothes or tulle. At the same time, the water temperature does not exceed forty degrees, and the drum rotates as accurately and slowly as possible.
  4. Intensive washing - this function is designed for the most soiled laundry, therefore it is not recommended to throw delicate items into the drum with it.
  5. Delicate wash - Suitable for the most delicate and fragile fabrics that need a careful approach. The temperature regime, as a rule, does not exceed 40 degrees, and the spin is completely absent or is, but minimal. Turnovers are also small.
  6. Quick wash - allows literally thirty minutes to wash clothes of medium pollution and give it freshness.
  7. Prewash - that is, in fact, easy to understand. This mode implies a series of two washes. Since the powder tray has two compartments, it is necessary to separately fill the detergent in both. The first time the machine erases using powder from the first compartment, and then the second part of the washing takes place.
  8. Wool - intended for washing exclusively woolen clothes, and the spin cycle is not used in this case.
  9. Economic washing - more often it is a separate mode, but it can also be an additional function to the standard program. In this case, the water does not heat up too much and is used as economically as possible.

Important! To correctly make settings based on the characteristics of fabrics and specific things, use the information from our articles:

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What features in washing machines can be called optional?

Thanks to additional functions, the owners of modern cars offer a huge range of possibilities. These include the following modes:

  1. Automatic water level control - makes it possible to use the optimal amount of water, reduce heating time, and accordingly - reduce the consumption of electrical energy.
  2. The main advantage of the function “Easy ironing” consists in blocking the draining of all the water completely, due to which there are no creases and folds on things.
  3. If you need to rinse the laundry more thoroughly and remove all particles of detergent from it, it is recommended to use the “More water” or “Extra rinse” function.
  4. If you nevertheless decided, for example, that you do not need a prewash, then you can use the “Turn off the mode” program. It allows you to get laundry at any time or restart the unit in the desired mode.
  5. Quite often, the additional rinse mode is also used, especially for washing children's things and people prone to allergies.
  6. The function “Mode control” is used when it is necessary to set the required number of revolutions.
  7. If the machine breaks, then the self-diagnosis function will send the necessary data about the failure to the display, and it will be easier to solve the problem.
  8. “Washing in 3D mode” - provides for the tilt of the drum by five degrees, which greatly simplifies throwing things into the drum and increases the quality of the wash. This is due to a more successful turning of the laundry and an even distribution of the powder.

Important! There are many modes, and some of them duplicate each other, and there are unique functions that are not available to everyone. Only by carefully studying all of them, you can choose the ideal model of technology for yourself that meets the most demanding requirements.

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What is a prewash mode?

In fact, this is an analogue of the quite common “Soak” mode. Use it for very dirty laundry. For about two hours, things placed in the drum are in a special solution at a temperature of thirty degrees. Then the washing itself follows, but only the water in which the clothes were pre-soaked is first drained. That is why it is necessary to fill two servings of detergent in two different compartments of the washing machine.

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How to start prewash?

Prewash can be used with almost any other mode, in particular, it can be:

  • Synthetics;
  • Cotton;
  • Stain removal;
  • Jeans;
  • Daily wash;
  • Dark things;
  • Kids' things;
  • Intensive wash.

Shorter programs cannot be used. This mode is marked on the display with a special icon that is easy to recognize. Select it, place the prewash powder in the desired compartment and start the machine.

Important! As soon as the prewash process is completed, the main mode will immediately turn on. That is why the powder must be poured simultaneously into two compartments, because then there will no longer be such an opportunity. By the way, from a separate article on our portal of useful tips you can familiarize yourself with which powder is better.

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In what cases may intensive washing be required?

What does intensive washing mean? - The direct purpose of this function is to wash especially dirty and soiled clothes. As a rule, during normal washing, the water does not heat up as much as when using this mode.

Thanks to this treatment, things can be put in order that, it would seem, can no longer be worn due to problematic and outdated stains. It lasts at least an hour and a half, and most often reaches two hours.

Important! So that your washing machine does not upset you with its work and qualitatively wash, you need to carefully sort things, divide them by the level of pollution and the type of fabric.

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Helpful hints:

  1. Be sure to check pockets before loading clothes into the drum, fasten all buttons and zippers.
  2. Terry and knitwear must be turned inside out.
  3. Pillowcases and duvet covers well.
  4. Do not overload the unit and do not violate the standards recommended by the manufacturer of the equipment. Better yet - use special table for calculating the weight of laundry.
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Now you know everything about what preliminary and intensive washing is, when it is worth using such modes, how to use them correctly and what result to expect. Do not ignore the useful features of your washing machine, and then caring for clothes will be much easier for you.

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