What to do if a colored thing is painted 🥝 in the washing machine, how to save

Almost any person at least once in his life came across shed clothes. Of course, you can send such an unpresentable robe in reference to the country or use at home. But this is not always possible, for example, if you really need a thing in the near future, you cannot replace it with anything, or if it is very dear to you - in a literal and figurative sense. If things were colored during washing, what will you do in each such situation in the future if you familiarize yourself with the information in this article. So - more like a phenomenon you will not cause bewilderment.

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Emergency measures

If, at the end of the wash, you immediately find colored items, it is best to immediately begin resuscitation.

Important! The sooner you begin to eliminate the troubles caused by faded products, the higher the chances of success. It is much easier to remove colored spots with still wet clothes than with already dried ones.

If you immediately noticed that things were colored during washing - what should I do? - Act in accordance with this instruction.

Step 1

Remove clothing that has become a source of trouble. If it’s difficult to detect a specific “guilty”, then just sort things more carefully by color.

Important! To continue to prevent this problem, check out our separate post on what fabrics and things are dyed most often.

Step 2

Re-wash clothes with active powder at 60 ° C. For colored products, it is advisable to add a stain remover. It is possible that due to carelessness, you have white things painted during washing.

Important! So that you do not have any doubts about the quality of the chosen means for resuscitation of your clothes, use our ratings of popular effective household chemicals:

How to whiten them every mistress knows:

  • need to fill in the machine with active oxygen bleach;
  • to dunk clothes in white.

Step 3

If repeated washing has not completely removed the colored spots on your favorite T-shirt or pants, then now they are waiting for boiling:

  1. Put your clothes in a metal basin, large pot, or bucket.

Important! Place an old sheet or other white piece of cotton on the bottom.

  1. Add the necessary detergents similar to point 2 and fill with water.
  2. Boil things for 2-3 hours. Stir them periodically to prevent them from sinking.

Important! Before boiling clothes, make sure that as a result of such a procedure, it will not be deformed. Do not do this with things made of silk, satin or wool.

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Special tools for restoring things

If emergency actions do not give the desired result, or if you notice that a T-shirt, bed linen is painted after a couple of days, special chemicals will come to the rescue.

Important! In no case should you dry the painted clothes in the dryer - the paint will firmly fix on the fabric and it will be practically impossible to remove it.

Manufacturers of household chemicals have long understood that many people periodically discover that a thing has become colored during washing and do not know what to do to restore it.Demand, as you know, gives rise to supply, so when you go looking for a miracle cure, you can find on the store shelf:

  1. “Antilinin” - created to restore the color of dyed clothing. It has a fairly strong chemical smell.

Important! When using Antilinin, be prepared for the fact that together with the alien color, the “native” can partially come down.

  1. Also, color stains can be saved with special stain removers with the designation Color. Korean products such as Paracle and Oxi Clean do a good job.
  2. Dr. Beckmann 3 in 1 is another color reducer. Reviews about him are rather contradictory: some managed to save their things, and others managed to spoil them completely.
  3. If light or white things become colored during washing, both oxygen-containing bleach and any stain remover marked White will help to bleach them.

Important! Wanting to restore the “native” color of clothes, the main thing is not to overdo it. In no case do not mix different chemicals, as the consequences of such experiments can be negative, not only for your blouse or trousers, but also for your health.

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Folk remedies

Since the problem is not new at all when things were colored during washing, experienced housewives know what to do and there are a lot of recipes. So if at your fingertips there is no special tool, but there is a great desire to save your clothes, then feel free to get to work.

Consider the most popular folk recipes for color restoration.


If things were painted only in places, then on the wrong side, where there are stains, pour lemon juice or put a ring of lemon.

Important! Instead of citrus, you can use a solution of citric acid. To prepare it, take half a bag of lemon powder and dissolve in a glass of water.

Leave clothes treated in this way for 3-4 hours, and then wash again.

Peroxide and ammonia

The most popular among housewives was this way:

  1. Pour 4 liters of water into a metal container.
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide or 1 teaspoon of ammonia to the basin.
  3. Stir the solution and put the “freshly spoiled” things there.
  4. Boil your clothes for an hour.
  5. Then wash your clothes again.

Upon completion of the procedures, “excess” paint will come off and the products will return to their former color.


With full staining of things in a different color, synthetic vinegar will come to the rescue:

  1. Add in soapy water in a volume of 5 liters 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar solution.
  2. Thoroughly mix and soak the clothes for 8-10 hours, you can also overnight.
  3. Some housewives use boiling instead of soaking.

Important! Wash clothes using various means or boil can be no more than three times in a row. Otherwise, you can permanently damage the fibers of the fabric, and the thing itself will become unusable.

A mix of improvised products

If the clothes are colored unevenly, you can try using a homemade cleaning paste:

  1. Take in equal proportions starch, coarse salt, citric acid, shavings of bleaching soap for washing and water.
  2. Mix everything thoroughly.
  3. Put the resulting paste on the wrong side of things.
  4. Leave on for 5 hours and then wash thoroughly.


Soda solution will come to the rescue if the item is slightly colored during washing. What to do?

  1. Dissolve 4 tablespoons of soda in 5 liters of water.
  2. Soak the “affected” products for 4-6 hours.
  3. Rinse thoroughly until paint and soda are completely removed.

Potassium permanganate

If all the previous methods did not help you, you can try the last radical method using potassium permanganate:

  1. Pour hot water into a bucket.
  2. Add a couple of potassium permanganate crystals. The water should be moderately pink.
  3. Add a handful of washing powder.
  4. Stir the solution thoroughly and put things in it.
  5. Cover the bucket with cling film or a lid.
  6. Wait for the water to cool completely, then rinse things thoroughly.

Important! This method should not be used for light clothing or delicate fabrics.

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Alternative methods

If you didn’t succeed in returning the old look to your favorite shirt or pants, you can try to transform them and get exclusive things:

  1. Clothes stained during washing: what to do? Increase their number! Create extra art spots with fabric paints and sponges.

Important! The next day, to fix the “picture”, go with an iron. In the future, such things can be washed at a temperature of 30-40 ° C.

  1. Instead of additional spots with multi-colored paints, you can create an inscription or drawing on fabric. If in doubt about your artistic abilities, use a stencil. Further actions are similar to paragraph one.
  2. Not for all types of fabric, the method of artistic painting is suitable, for example, they do not draw on knitwear. In such cases, you can sew applique, cross-stitch or add decor from ribbons.
  3. Cotton products can be given a new look by repainting them with aniline dye.
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How to prevent staining when washing?

Of course, if you recently “lost” your favorite dress due to the fact that a thing was stained during washing, then the question “What should I do to prevent a recurrence of trouble?” Will be relevant for you.

Tips to avoid staining things when washing:

  1. Carefully read the labels on clothes and follow the basic recommendations for care.
  2. Wash white items separately from all others. Even a small colored strip or bow can color all things in the drum.
  3. Sort things by primary colors. Do not wash a red dress with blue pants.
  4. New things shed much more often. Therefore, wash them manually or separately in a washer.
  5. At high temperatures - 60 ° C and above, things are more often painted.
  6. If you suspect clothing may fade, use special color absorbers. They are in the form of ordinary absorbent wipes and during washing they attract all the “excess” paint like a magnet. You can find such wonderful napkins in the household chemicals department.
  7. To make new clothes shed less, fix the color with salt. Soak your clothes overnight in saline. By the way, in the same way they purify the energy of things.
  8. Bright cotton and low-quality synthetics, as well as denim of any color, molt most strongly.
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Stock footage

Now, if clothes are dyed during washing, what to do to restore your things, you know. Better yet, follow the rules of washing, and you will never see an ugly new color on a shirt or t-shirt.

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