How much powder to pour into a washing machine 🥝 washing consumption, how to measure

For some, the question of how much powder should be poured into a 5 kg automatic washing machine may seem rather strange. Most users of such home appliances are guided by the principle: “there is never much good.” But this statement clearly does not fit this situation. There are many nuances that you need to pay attention to before you fall asleep another portion of the granular substance.

Surely many housewives had to deal with the problem of dirty stains on linen, poorly laundered stains or, worse, the presence of an unpleasant chemical smell on clothes. No matter how surprising it is, but all such flaws directly depend on the dose of the powder used for washing. In this article we will tell you in detail how much powder to pour into a washing machine in order to achieve the best washing result and not harm the working parts of household appliances.

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How much powder to pour into the washing machine? We examine the label:

  • Manufacturers of washing and detergents on the packaging of raw materials must indicate information about its use.

Important! Before you buy the product, make sure that it is intended for use in the washing machine. This is evidenced by a special icon on the package.

  • Using a handwash powder for a washing machine is not recommended. A tool of this kind has components in its composition, due to which a lot of foam is formed. During the operation of the automatic machine, foam can get onto the working parts of the device (for example, the engine), which ultimately leads to breakdown of the unit.

Important! Do not use detergents that contain solvents and chlorine. The first substances can be explosive, and the presence of chlorine leads to wear of the rubber elements of household appliances.

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What determines the amount of powder for one wash cycle?

Few housewives know how much powder to pour into an automatic machine to get the best washing result. I really want the powder to be completely washed off the fabric, and the machine will serve for a long time. The consumption of washing powder per 1 kg of laundry in a washing machine in most cases depends on several factors.

Important! Be sure to read the instructions for the tool itself and the washing machine in more detail if you are using new ones. And also read a useful post on our portal about where to put powder in the washing machine.

Hardness of water

It has long been known that clothes are washed much better in soft water. Therefore, most manufacturers add water softeners to their product.

In regions where water hardness is increased, it is recommended to use a softener for every wash to protect the machine’s working elements from scale.

Important! As an alternative to industrial softeners, several spoons of soda can be added to the unit during washing. The only exception is that soda is not used in the processing of silk and wool products.

The degree of contamination of clothing and the presence of stubborn stains

The easiest way to determine the required dosage of detergent is to read the recommendations of the product manufacturer. In this case, most well-known manufacturers, such as “Tide”, “Persil”, “Ariel”, “Eared Nanny”, adhere to the following criteria:

  • If the laundry has an average level of pollution, you will need 150 grams of the product.
  • For clothing with difficult to remove dirt, the amount of powder increases to 225 grams.

Important! When using hard water, the dose of detergent must be increased by 20 grams.

The number of things loaded into the drum of the machine

Having a detailed description of the amount of use of the detergent, you should not completely follow these instructions. It is very beneficial for the detergent manufacturer to overstate the rate necessary for cleaning the laundry. In this way, they ensure that you return to the store faster for a new package of goods. The dosage of the used washing raw materials directly depends on the number of things that you are going to machine wash.

So, what do we have in practice:

  • The consumption rate of washing powder per 1 kg of laundry in the washing machine is 1 tablespoon.

Important! Many people wonder how many grams of washing powder are in a tablespoon? It holds approximately 25 grams.

  • In order to wash 3 kg of dry laundry, you will need 3 tablespoons of the product, and for 4 kg, respectively - 4 tablespoons.
  • In the case of severe contamination of clothing or the presence of persistent stains, washing powder may not wash clothes properly, regardless of how much you poured. Then you have to additionally use bleach or stain remover for machine wash.

Important! A large amount of powder may not completely dissolve in water, which often causes breakage or damage to the drain hose. In addition, an excessive amount of the product may not completely wash the clothes and remain whitish stripes on the fabrics.

  • Before the main wash process, pre-treat the stains or soak them for a while. This will greatly facilitate the washing of clothes.

Water costs per wash cycle

Want to know how much powder to pour into a 4 kg automatic washing machine? To calculate the dosage of the detergent, it is very important to know how much water the washing machine uses per cycle.

A quality wash is directly affected by the concentration of raw materials in the water. However, excessive consumption of bulk material does not give a good result. On the contrary, underwear can get soapy stains. Depending on the manufacturer of the appliance, the water consumption of the washing machine may vary.

This indicator also depends on the complexity of the selected program and the volume of the unit tank. A standard washing machine with a load of 5-7 kg of laundry uses approximately 60 liters of water in one cycle.

Important! You can find out the individual water consumption of your washing machine in the manufacturer's instructions.

Calculation example:

Your washing machine has a maximum load of laundry of 5 kg, and depending on the selected mode, it uses from 60 to 40 liters of water. In this case, the actual number of things loaded into the drum, you can vary from 3 to 5 kg.

You are about to wash 4 kg of dry laundry at a temperature of 40 degrees. Accordingly - based on the foregoing, you will need 4 tablespoons of powder. This is quite enough.

Important! Pay attention to the following: at the maximum load of the unit (and this, recall, 5 kg), the washer uses 60 liters of water. But even when loading 4 kg of clothing, 60 l of water is also poured.

Naturally, the question begs, how much powder to pour into a 5 kg automatic washing machine? In this case, it is recommended to add powder to the washer based on the maximum load for the selected mode.

Important! In models of household appliances in which the mode of weighing clothes is set, it is possible to fill in the powder based on the actual weight, it is very easy to dose here.

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The proportion of liquid detergents

Another important point to note is the type of detergent used. In the market of household chemical goods, there are not only bulk products, but also a huge assortment of washing liquids, presented in the form of gel, tablets and capsules, which are no less effective when cleaning clothes from pollution.

How much powder you need to pour into a washing machine for high-quality washing - we have already determined. With capsules it is also more or less clear: 1 capsule or tablet - for one wash cycle. Read the separate set of instructions for types and applications. capsules for washing.

And what about the gel detergent? How much to pour?

Of course, you can use the liquid according to the specified measure on the package. But again, with this approach, the expense of the funds will not be economical, which is what the manufacturer expects to a greater extent. Masters of repair of household appliances and specialists recommend using 1 tablespoon of gel-like liquid per wash. For hard water, increase the volume to 2 tablespoons.

Important! The use of more liquid means will not improve the quality of the wash, but only increases its consumption.

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Container layout

Most washers, regardless of manufacturer, are marked in the container to guide the powder to be poured. But to fill up the detergent, being guided only by the mark on the compartment, is not recommended. The amount of the product is determined by the amount of soiled laundry and the amount of water used for washing. Do not forget that detergents are also common and concentrated, so they are used in different quantities.

Important! The mark on the container serves as a guideline for the restrictions on the amount of powder used to ensure normal operation for the equipment.

You may also be interested in various recipes based on natural and safe means by which you canmake do-it-yourself fabric softener.

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In conclusion, I would like to add that for effective washing of laundry and long-term operation of the machine, it is necessary to carefully read the manufacturer's instructions - both household chemicals and your unit. Thus, you will determine exactly how much washing powder to put in the washing machine for a certain cycle of household appliances.

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