In what mode to wash t-shirts?

T-shirts are very popular these days. They are worn by men, women and children, regardless of age, as this is a convenient and comfortable type of clothing. But if you do not follow the proper care of her, you can just ruin her, so you need to know in which mode to wash t-shirts. The following article will help you figure this out.

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How to wash t-shirts?

In what mode to wash t-shirts?In order to choose in which mode to wash t-shirts, you must first determine what material it is made of, and carefully study the product label:

  1. T-shirt made of cotton material. This fabric is the most common, it is practical, perfectly retains its qualities, suitable for both machine processing and manual. The optimal mode for this material is 50-60 degrees. Withstands boiling, but this procedure can still affect it.
  2. Cotton fabric with the addition of lycra is also a fairly common material, but requires a rather special approach, since it stretches very well. It is recommended to wash such clothes manually and not in hot water. The optimal temperature for this procedure is 40 degrees. Do not rub, twist or stretch this thing, since with such actions it can lose its shape. If you decide to wash it in the car, then select the delicate mode and the water temperature of 30-40 degrees.
  3. Wool products need gentle and accurate washing, as this material is very moody and delicate. It is not suitable for washing in a washing machine, but only by hand, but at the same time, be very careful not to rub or stretch the product from the wool. From these actions, the fibers can break, and the thing lose its original appearance. An exception is if you select the special “wool” mode without spinning.

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How to wash t-shirts in a washing machine?

Print t-shirts are very popular nowadays and in order to wash them safely in the washing machine, follow these recommendations:

  1. Set the temperature mode to 30-40 degrees.
  2. Turn the product inside out before placing it in the drum.
  3. Do not use bleach.
  4. If you decide to use the drying mode in the device, select marked “natural”. If in the usual way - when drying, hang on the linen thread at the bottom, carefully pinned clothespins. Do not hang the product in the middle on a rope - it will remain a hall, which will then be difficult to even with an iron.
  5. When you take a T-shirt out of the drum or remove it from the linen thread, iron from the wrong side, while setting the average temperature. For more detailed instructions on leveling such clothes, see our special article. "How to iron t-shirts?".
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How to wash by hand?

In what mode to wash t-shirts?If you decide to wash your hands, stick to this algorithm of actions:

  1. Take a basin and fill it with water of the required temperature.
  2. Add washing powder or liquid laundry detergent and completely dissolve it in water.If the washing powder does not completely dissolve, you can spoil the product or unsightly stains, smudges will appear on it, or the color of the fabric may even change in some places.
  3. Place the product in the resulting solution. Leave for an hour or two if it is heavily soiled.
  4. Start washing, paying special attention to the collar and the armpit area, while not rubbing the fabric strongly - this can damage it.
  5. Pour dirty soapy water from the basin, fill it with clean water, but not very cold and not hot, otherwise the product may sit down due to a large temperature difference.
  6. Rinse the item thoroughly until the detergent is completely removed.

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How to choose a detergent?

In order for the washing process to be most effective and the item of your wardrobe does not deteriorate, it is important to choose the right detergent. For this:

  1. Choose the right powder based on the type of wash and fabric. For machine washing, select a powder labeled “automatic”, and if you wash it by hand, then labeled “for manual washing”.
  2. If the t-shirt is colored, take powder for colored fabrics.
  3. For wool fabrics, use powder for delicate fabrics.

Important! To understand all types of detergents and worthy manufacturers will help you our washing powder rating.

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Useful Tips:

  • Do not machine-wash a T-shirt with heavy items such as sweaters, jeans, jackets. It is likely that the fabric is deformed.
  • If you wash colored things manually, add salt to the water to maintain the brightness and color saturation, with the calculation of 1 tsp. salt per 1 liter of water.
  • Correctly hang clothes to dry without hanging them on a rope. After this, a very visible bend will remain. It is better to turn it over and attach it with clothespins in different places of the bottom of the T-shirt to the linen thread. The ideal drying option is to leave the expanded T-shirt dry on a flat surface.

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We hope that our article was useful to you and now you know how to wash t-shirts correctly. Observing these rules, they will delight you with their original appearance for a long time, and you will always look beautiful and tidy in such clothes.

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