How to wash viscose 🥝 if it shrinks in hot water

Before you start removing dirt from any thing, you need to know what fabric sits when washing, for example, a pleasant and beautiful viscose sits when washing always. You will learn about why this happens, how to avoid it, and maintain the attractive appearance of your wardrobe item from this article.

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What is viscose?

Rayon sits when washingViscose is a rather capricious material and caring for it requires a special approach. It includes such stages as:

  • wash;
  • drying;
  • ironing.

Important! These procedures must be performed according to certain rules in order not to spoil the product and extend its service life.

Viscose is made from recycled cellulose, it is pleasant to the touch, it passes air well and static electricity does not accumulate on it. It is used for the production of men's, women's and children's things.

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How to wash viscose?

When choosing a detergent, you should opt for household cleaning products with a gentle composition designed for washing delicate and delicate items. It is also recommended to use fabric softener.

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How to wash viscose?

Rayon sits during washing, so it is necessary to wash it, observing some rules. Viscose can be washed both manually and in the washing machine, but under certain conditions.

Method 1

In order to wash it manually, do the following:

  1. Pour 30 degrees of water into the basin.
  2. Add washing powder for delicate washing.
  3. Stir it until completely dissolved in water.
  4. Put contaminated clothing made of this material in the resulting solution.
  5. Leave on for 30 minutes.
  6. Gently wash the product, but under no circumstances should you rub, squeeze, or stretch the fabric.
  7. Rinse the item in clean water.
  8. Do not wring or twist.
  9. The story is a thing, so that it is glass of water alone.
  10. Take a sheet or terry towel.
  11. Spread the washed viscose on it.
  12. Roll a towel or sheet with the product.
  13. Squeeze it slightly.
  14. Expand the roll and remove the wardrobe, shake it lightly.
  15. Proceed to drying.

Method 2

Rayon sits when washingIf you decide to wash viscose clothes in a washing machine, follow these guidelines:

  1. Sort items by color and type of fabric.
  2. Put the clothes in the laundry bag and put them in the drum of the machine.
  3. Add delicate laundry detergent to the household appliance compartment.
  4. Set the delicate washing mode in the machine at 30 degrees.
  5. Turn on the machine and wash.

Important! Do not set the spin and drying function during this wash. Using these functions may damage the structure of the web.

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How to dry viscose?

After you figure out how to wash viscose properly, be sure to read the rules for drying it. You can do this in 2 ways.

Method 1

  1. Take the hanger.
  2. Hang a wet product on it.
  3. Hang it to dry in a ventilated place, away from sunlight.

Method 2

  1. Take a clean, moisture-absorbent cloth larger than the wardrobe item that needs to be dried.
  2. Lay on a flat surface.
  3. Put wet clothes on it.
  4. Leave it to dry for several hours.
  5. Replace moisture-soaked cloth on which the washed item is lying with dry.
  6. If necessary, repeat the procedure until the fabric is completely dry.
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How to iron viscose?

It is necessary to iron viscose a little damp or through a wet cloth - gauze is good in this situation. For this:

  1. Set the iron temperature for silk fabrics.
  2. Turn inside out.
  3. Unfold, gently iron with an iron.
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What to do if a thing from viscose has sat down?

You did not know whether to set rayon when washing, but you were convinced of this only after washing it. Try returning it to its original size by following these guidelines:

  1. Take the shrunken wet thing, put on yourself and walk in it, there is a high probability that it will take the form of the size of your body.
  2. Iron the product with an iron with a steam generator, but do not forget to set the mode for ironing silk, gently stretch the sleeves and its length.
  3. Wet your clothes, gently wring them out so that water does not run off, hang them to dry on a hanger or lay them on absorbent material. Slightly stretch the sleeves and the length of the product. With this method, there is a possibility of deformation of the product, so be extremely careful.
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Now you know what viscose is and how to wash it. Observing the above specific rules, you will certainly return to its original appearance, purity, freshness and a neat appearance. Undoubtedly, this thing will please you for a long time.

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