Liquid Laundry Detergent

The most common detergent in the world is laundry detergent. Recently, most manufacturers have been paying attention to expanding the assortment range of detergents. Liquid detergents appeared on shelves of household chemicals - in most cases, the phrase “liquid powder” is used. In this article, we will introduce you to the benefits of liquid detergent and inform you about the variety and quality of this product.

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What are the detergents?

Liquid Laundry DetergentIn any supermarket, detergents are presented in three forms:

  • powders (granular powder as a variety);
  • liquids (gels);
  • pills.

Powdered detergents are by far the most popular. Their share is 95% of all purchases. They are conditionally divided into three price categories:

  • low
  • average;
  • high.

Concentrated powders contain an increased dose of active substances. A special category is granular powders, more convenient to use, less “dust”. One drawback is the high price.


  1. Liquid detergents are more often used for hand washing products, especially for things made of delicate fabrics, including silk and wool. “Liquid Powder” can also be used in automatic washing machines.
  2. A higher concentration of active substances contains gels - “liquid powders” with high viscosity. The share of this product in terms of sales is 1% in Russia. In Europe - 25%, Canada and the USA - up to 50%. At the moment, interest in liquid drugs in Russia is growing, which indicates an increasing culture of washing among the population, as well as an improvement in the standard of living and awareness of citizens.
  3. Detergents in tablets are popular in Europe. In the Russian market, only visitors to expensive supermarkets encounter such drugs. Tablets are instant, single-layer, as well as multi-layer with an adjustable dissolution rate. The main advantage of this form is the dosage efficiency (1-2 tablets, depending on the degree of contamination), ease of use.
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When to use liquid detergents?

“Liquid powders” are best used for washing lightly soiled laundry. Modern washing machines have special programs for such washing. For some brands of household appliances, this may be “daily washing,” for others, “new things,” and for others, “refreshing.” The Mix program is designed for simultaneous washing of linen of different types of fabrics and different colors. Such washing cycles often take place at low temperatures - 30-40 C.

Liquid detergents for washing delicate fabrics are indispensable. Due to its composition, “liquid powders” have a gentle effect, do not destroy the tissue and do not separate the dye from the fabric.

Disadvantages of liquid detergent:

  1. Low effectiveness in removing greasy, oily stains.
  2. High price.
  3. Short shelf life.
  4. Lack of components intended for descaling.

Important! Use liquid powders in soft water. To wash in hard water, add a softener.

Advantages of “liquid powders”:

  • Easy and convenient dosing.
  • Economical.
  • Well soluble in water.
  • Convenient in storage.
  • Easy to rinse out.
  • Do not enter the respiratory tract, unlike powder ones.
  • Gently affect the tissue.
  • Convenient when removing contaminated areas of clothing (immediately begin to “act” on the stain).
  • Can be used for washing dishes, glass and various surfaces.

Important! Despite the fact that each detergent has its own concentration, effectiveness, compositional features, and standard rules for caring for things, no one has canceled. And so that you do not have problems with this, we also recommend reading our other articles on this topic:

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Liquid Laundry Detergent - Composition

The advantages of a detergent are due to the chemical composition. Let's take a closer look at what the liquid detergent consists of.


About 20% of any washing powder is surfactants - surfactants. The proportion of surfactants in liquid detergents is up to 50%. The main objective of the surfactant is to ensure that the contaminated tissue is wetted with a washing solution. The surfactant also holds the removed particles of dirt in the solution and does not allow them to re-settle on the fabric.


Eliminate water hardness, which means they increase the effectiveness of surfactants. The presence of phosphates ensures the softness of the tissues after washing. The role of the additive in protecting the washing machine spiral from scale is invaluable. But there is a downside to the medal of these substances, which we described in more detail in our special article on phosphate-free powders.


These are biologically active substances. The most common are five groups of enzymes, each of which performs its own functions:

  • alkaline proteases remove protein contaminants;
  • amylases - starch;
  • lipases - break down fatty contaminants;
  • cellulases - refresh color, prevent the appearance of pellets;
  • keratinases - remove residues of hardened protein.

Important! Most of the enzymes act at a temperature of 40-60 C.

Optical brighteners

Liquid Laundry DetergentCreate the effect of snow-white linen.

Important! The active substance does not affect the quality of washing, nor does it bleach. Thanks to the incoming elements, it creates an optical illusion, which creates a feeling of snow-white linen.


They neutralize the unpleasant smell of dirty laundry, give a pleasant smell to freshly washed laundry.

Important! The quality of perfumes does not affect the washing efficiency. A pleasant smell can play a role only when buying.


They are part of liquid detergents for washing colored fabrics. Prevent shedding, do not remove the dye from the product.


They are part of automatic powders. Prevent the formation of excess foam during washing. You may also be interested in learning about Is it possible to wash powder for hand washing in a washing machine.


The presence of enzymes imposes certain conditions on the recipe for liquid detergents. It is required to add various stabilizers (ballasts) to maintain the health of the bioadditives.

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How to use liquid detergent?

“Liquid powder” and gel are viscous, which determines the method of using detergent in machine wash:

  1. Pour the concentrate into the hopper of the washing machine (usually you pour dry powder there).
  2. Gel - directly into the drum of the washing machine, as this detergent will not be washed off with water from the dispenser.
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Liquid powder release forms:

  1. Transparent and opaque plastic bottles. Volume from 0.85 liters to 1.5 liters. In most cases, a convenient handle is provided. The bottle cap is also used as a measuring cup. In the instructions for use, the flow rate is indicated not only in milliliters, but also in caps. Some manufacturers make a double cap. It is very convenient, since when the bottle is twisted, the gel remains do not spread on the outside of the bottle.
  2. Replaceable plastic bags. This form is presented in the assortment of Ariel and Frosch. It is much more convenient and cheaper to buy in a package. If you already have a bottle, pour the gel into it.

Important! And there is also a separate group of detergents, which we have also prepared for you a detailed review - "Capsules for washing".

The color scheme of detergents is diverse. Achieved by introducing a specific dye into the composition. Color only affects our emotional attitude to the product.

Important! The washing efficiency does not depend on the color of the liquid detergent.

The temperature regime when washing with liquid detergent should not exceed 60 C.

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Helpful hints:

  1. Liquid laundry detergents intended only for black, colored or delicate items are not always beneficial. It is better to replace these drugs with universal gels, which have not only a high degree of effectiveness, but also have wide capabilities. This tool is ideal for all things: bright, dark, color, delicate, while creating less load for the machine. With hand washing, universal gels will not only facilitate your work, but also enhance the brightness and color of your favorite things.
  2. When using a liquid preparation, be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, use the dosage correctly.
  3. Wash things by turning them inside out, in delicate mode.
  4. Use special liquid preparations for dark things so that white streaks do not appear.
  5. To prevent wrinkles on the products, select a delicate wash program with a low load.
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We hope that thanks to the information received, tips, recommendations, you will choose the right “liquid assistant” for washing your favorite things and they will serve you for a long time, without losing their attractiveness and original appearance.

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