How to remove yellow spots on shorts?

Each housewife was faced with the task of how to remove yellow spots on her underpants. As it turns out, removing stains from urine is not so simple. In this article, we will talk about the available methods that can be used to deal with this problem.

According to the rules - any underwear should be washed separately from other things. But not all housewives comply with such conditions, and quickly throw everything that has accumulated in the basket into the washing machine. Therefore, over time, the inevitable problem of the appearance of persistent stains on linen.

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How to wash or bleach baby urine and feces on shorts?

All mothers are familiar with this situation, because young children often lead to the search for answers to the question of how to remove baby urine from the underwear of babies. The task is complicated by the recommendations not to use strong stain removers for baby clothes, so as not to cause allergies in the child. Therefore, often with this problem turn to folk remedies.

Important! The faster you start removing the yellow traces, the more likely you are to completely get rid of them.

Laundry soap

Why is it so difficult to remove traces of urine in my underwear? The first assistant to mothers from secretions at all times has always been laundry soap. It will come to the rescue even in the case when it is necessary to remove the yellow spots on the panties and diapers of your beloved child.

Mode of application:

  1. Rinse the clothes well with warm water.
  2. Then lather, carefully rubbing soap in problem areas, so that the alkali penetrates better into the tissue and removes impurities.
  3. After - things should be left soaked overnight.
  4. Wash and rinse the diapers well in the morning.

Important! To protect your child from the harmful effects of chemistry and not to bother yourself with hand washing, you can safely use laundry soap in a washing machine


If the first method did not work at 100%, you can connect soda to the process of removing female spots:

  1. Soap problem areas with soap and leave things in this form for at least an hour.
  2. Put the clothes in the washing machine and pour one teaspoon of baking soda directly into the drum of the machine.
  3. Wash products as usual.

Important! This method is quite effective, but it is suitable only for processing white fabrics. By the way, this tool also works with any other pollution. Read useful information that will be useful to you for different occasions in the article "Removing stains of soda".


You can use another old proven method to remove yellow spots on your underpants:

  1. It is necessary to boil white things with the addition of bleach and good quality washing powder.
  2. After this, rinse the laundry thoroughly.

As a result of such actions, there will be no spots on underwear and diapers.

Lemon acid

Another effective way to remove underpants from yellow spots at home. The basis of the drug is citric acid, which is used as follows:

  1. Prepare a solution of 250 ml of water and 2 teaspoons of citric acid. Stir thoroughly to completely dissolve the acid grains.
  2. Apply the resulting solution to the stains.
  3. Give the product some time to completely soak and remove contamination.
  4. Then wash the product thoroughly with laundry soap or baby detergent.
  5. Rinse the treated fabric thoroughly.


You can try to remove a stain from colored things with the help of vinegar solution:

  1. Dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in a 200 gram glass of water.
  2. Apply the solution to the contaminated area.
  3. Leave the processed things for an hour.
  4. Then wash the items with baby powder.

Bleach and stain removers

If you can’t remove urine stains from baby diapers using traditional methods, you can use special household chemicals.

Important! It is better not to use chlorine-containing stain removers or bleaches for cleaning children's clothes, as this can cause the manifestation of various allergic reactions.

Mode of application:

  1. Apply bleach or stain remover to stained areas.
  2. Leave things for a couple of hours.
  3. Then wash the items well in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

Important! If after washing on the linen there are still traces of stains from urine, in no case do not iron them, since after ironing it will be much more difficult to remove stains.

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Lingerie Care

The most basic rule of care for any type of underwear is to strictly follow all the recommendations indicated on the tags. Labels with all the necessary information for the permitted washing, drying and ironing regimen are on each bra or panties. It will help you to understand all these subtleties and rules at a time. overview with decoding of icons on clothes.

Basic recommendations for washing clothes

Follow these helpful tips to prevent the appearance of ugly stains on fabrics and damage to underwear - both children and adults:

  • Before you start washing, panties need to be sorted by color and by type of fabric from which they are sewn. White panties should be washed separately from colored ones.

Important! Always try to wash new colored clothes separately.

  • Panties of different colors are also recommended to be sorted by similar colors.

Important! It is better not to wash red items with black ones.

  • For washing all types of underwear, it is recommended to use only warm water. Colored linen will retain its original beautiful color for longer, and white linen will not acquire a dirty gray shade.
  • Cotton panties can be washed without fear in the washing machine, while, of course, follow all the washing recommendations that are indicated on the labels.
  • It is advisable to wash silk panties from synthetic fabrics by hand, as these fabrics do not tolerate intense friction, twisting, and especially the use of bleaching agents.

Important! The most suitable option for such shorts is hand wash in warm water with liquid detergents for delicate fabrics.

  • If hand washing does not suit you, it is better to put underwear in special bag for washing in the AGR and use the most gentle mode for delicate fabrics.
  • It is better to use as a detergent delicate liquid cleaner. It, unlike a powder with the same purpose, is much better soluble in water and easier to rinse out of products, and also does not leave ugly white marks on linen.
  • After washing, panties should be rinsed well.
  • You can dry them on a rope.
  • To store linen should be folded, sorted by color, in a cabinet specially designated for linen.

Important! To quickly resolve the issue, how to remove panties from yellow spots and remove ugly stains on adult underwear, you can wash the laundry in the machine, while using a larger amount of washing powder. Machine mode should be selected with prewash and with additional rinse.

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As you have seen, there are quite a few ways to get rid of urine stains on linen. Which one is best used is to be decided on the basis of available means, such as the fabric, its color and the duration of contamination.Useful recommendations from the article will certainly help to tidy underwear and prevent the appearance of such unpleasant spots.

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