How to remove glue from clothes from rhinestones?

Rhinestones and sparkles are everywhere today. But what if fashion dictates to wear bright, all shop windows glow from the glare of strass on clothes, but you want the exact same jeans, dresses and t-shirts, but without sparkles? There is an option to purchase the desired thing, and remove unnecessary items yourself. Simple ways to remove shiny stickers and how to remove glue from your clothes from time to time, you will learn from this article.

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We remove rhinestones

It is not difficult to remove rhinestones from the fabric, although this task seems to be a big problem from the very beginning. There are tons of options. But any work must be carried out carefully, otherwise - you can ruin the material forever. Consider the basic and proven options.

Methods for removing rhinestones:

  1. Iron clothes through a sheet of paper. The glue should stay on the sheet, and the sequins are easy to separate.
  2. Get a special soldering iron in the handicraft store, which is usually glued with rhinestones. Next, the soldering iron must be heated, melt the glue and remove unnecessary elements from the fabric. You need to work with the soldering iron carefully, and in order not to get burned with hot glue, you can use tweezers.
  3. Rhinestones can be removed from clothing with acetone or a solvent containing it. It is easy to purchase at any hardware store. To remove, the clothes are turned inside out, a drop of liquid is applied to the place of attachment of the sequins. Working with solvent is much more convenient with a cotton pad or stick. After application, wait about a minute. Further, the decoration should easily enough move away from the place of attachment.

Important! This is a fairly tough method, so before using a solvent, it is necessary to check the fabric for resistance to such processing. It is undesirable to use such tools on synthetic materials - the fibers can simply dissolve.

  1. Heat the inside out with an iron. Immediately after heating, the adhesive becomes softer and rhinestones can be removed. But you need to do this quickly, since the glue also quickly loses temperature and hardens.
  2. You can vice versa - do not heat, but freeze things in the freezer. Then, with a sharp object, pick up unnecessary decor elements.

Important! This method only works when attaching a rhinestone to an adhesive containing resin.

  1. Make an aqueous solution of ammonia, vinegar and boric acid in equal proportions, after which the water needs to be heated, and the clothes should be dipped in the solution for an hour and a half. After - the clothes can be removed and sequins removed one at a time with a sharp object.

Important! These methods are applicable only to clothing, and in no case can not be used when removing rhinestones from hair, eyelashes or nails.

Peeling off rhinestones is half the battle, you still need to make sure that there are no traces of glue on the clothes.

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How to remove glue?

There are situations when negligent manufacturers have not taken care of the proper quality of the clothes and glued the jewelry so that they fall off after the first wash. At the same time, traces of glue remain, and a logical question arises: how to remove glue from rhinestones from clothes.

Types of adhesives used when gluing crystals:

  • Cold fixation based on epoxy resin.
  • Thermoactive (melt).
  • Hot fix adhesives (including those based on epoxy resins).
  • Acrylic.

Important! For factory-made items, thermostable adhesive is mainly used. If the clothes were created by your order or purchased at a craft fair, then the master could use other types of adhesives.For example: acrylic glue, sticks for a glue gun (melt) or other types. Therefore, when purchasing things at the fair, be sure to take the contacts of the master so that you can clarify the necessary information.

To remove glue without a trace, the main thing is to determine what active ingredients were included in its composition. And then it will become clear what means can be used and how to peel off rhinestones from clothes without a trace.

Important! If you don’t know what kind of glue was used, then you need to carefully try different methods of removal on inconspicuous areas of the fabric, and use the tips, how to remove glue from clothes from rhinestones.

Glue removal options:

  1. You can remove the hot glue with a solvent (it is better to take acetone).
  2. Traces of the glue gun can be removed with a cleaner that contains ethyl acetate or methoxypropanol.
  3. Secondary acrylic adhesives can be cleaned with Dimexide, which can be purchased at pharmacies. Also, nitromethane (an additive to the fuel), acetone-free nail polish removers, and special products, such as Antikley, are suitable for removing acrylic adhesives.
  4. Resin based adhesives are removed with a mixture of turpentine and alcohol in a 1: 1 ratio, as well as with any acetone-containing solvents.

Important! Be prepared that things can go bad when using chemistry. Therefore, if there is an opportunity it is better to try to do without aggressive means. There are ways how to remove rhinestones from clothes without a trace without the use of chemistry (freezing and heating, ironing, etc.).

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How not to damage clothes?

When working on removing glue from things, it is important not only to understand how to remove rhinestones from clothes without traces, but also how not to damage the fabric itself. The following rules should be followed.

Rule 1

When working with acetone or alcohol, things are turned inside out, and the solvent is applied only to the place of contamination with a cotton swab. At the same time, put a paper towel under the cloth well.

Rule 2

If the removal is carried out using sprays, then the work is done on the front of the fabric, and the remnants of the product and glue are erased with a cotton pad.

Rule 3

Turpentine can be applied on either side. After wetting the fabric, wait 2-3 minutes and remove dirt with a cotton pad.

Rule 4

Using cotton pads, you should ensure that the stain does not creep on the fabric even more. Cotton pads can be replaced with soft napkins or paper towels.

Rule 5

If the glue under the pressure of various methods has become soft, jelly-like, you can try to remove it with an ordinary eraser.

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If you don’t like rhinestones, you can choose other models of clothing, for example, with prints or embroidery, or you can remove them and remove stains. Our tips on how to remove rhinestones will definitely help you. Be careful, take your time and everything will work out.

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