How to remove oily stains on silk?

On holidays, you always want to look “on top”. But what if a piece of greasy food fell on your favorite silk blouse and left an unpleasant stain? Not every time it is convenient to give her dry cleaning. How to remove oily stains on silk, because the material is very delicate, expensive and I do not want to spoil it at all. In this article we will try to answer such a difficult question.

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Features of silk fabric

Before you understand how to remove and remove greasy stains on silk at home, let's see why this fabric is so special.

Silk has a very smooth and durable structure. With this, perhaps, one way or another, everything was always clear. But few know that such tissue does not cause allergic reactions or other irritations at all. This is very important for people with a predisposition to such phenomena.

Important! Natural silk does not contain dust mites and fungi, which makes it an ideal material for sewing underwear and bedding.

At the same time, silk also has disadvantages. He reacts very sensitively to temperature both during washing and when ironing. So be extremely careful that your favorite product doesn’t show unnecessary distortion or shrinkage. To avoid this problem, use our instructions from the articles:

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Preparation for cleaning

To clean it without difficulty and complications, the fabric must be prepared in advance:

  1. First you need to remove the accumulated dust and dirt. With this, a dry brush can easily cope. First, brush it off with dust, then wet it in water and go through the product again so that nothing is left.
  2. Next, it is worth testing the selected tool in some inconspicuous area. If the product has not changed its shape and color, then boldly proceed to cleaning the stain.

Important! For greater efficiency, we recommend stain removal on the inside of the garment. It would be better to put the product on a piece of paper and, armed with the chosen tool, remove the stain from the edges to the center.

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Cleaning methods

Even for such a delicate fabric, there are several ways to remove a greasy stain from silk. You will definitely find one that you like.

Laundry soap

The most common laundry soap that has been “living” in any apartment since Soviet times will perfectly help remove greasy stains on silk. Lather the contaminated area and leave the item for 12-13 hours, and then wash as usual. You may be interested to read about why this tool is so versatile and effective. All detailed information on the composition and methods of application of this tool is described in the article. “What is laundry soap made of?”.

Important! There is also a faster option. After rubbing your oil trail with household soap, sprinkle sugar on top and rub thoroughly with a brush. After 15-20 minutes, send the item to the wash.

Chalk powder

Pour chalk powder over the oil trail, and after 20 minutes, remove everything with a damp cloth and wash the product. This will help remove the oily stain from silk quickly and effortlessly.

Tooth powder or talcum powder

Put your product on an ironing board, sprinkle powder, and cover with a blotter or tracing paper on top. Then it remains only to take a not very hot iron and put spots on top for 8-10 minutes.

Important! If necessary, repeat so that all fat passes from the tissue to the “blotter”.


Plain salt can be an indispensable helper in the fight against oily stains. Put a little salt on the contaminated area, rub well and brush off the residue.

This simple operation must be repeated until the oily stain completely disappears. Then it remains only to wash the silk product in a special mode.

Important! If you prefer machine wash, select the special “Silk” mode or set the manual settings in this way:

  • spin - off;
  • temperature - 30C;
  • additional rinse - included;
  • drying off.

If until now you have not had such a need and you are not completely versed in some of the capabilities of your equipment, use the overview with decoding icons on the washing machine.


The ammonia will also be your answer to the question of how to remove oily stains on silk:

  1. It is necessary to dissolve 1 teaspoon of ammonia in 100 ml of water.
  2. Next, dampen a cotton pad in the solution and walk along the spot from the edges to the center.
  3. Put a cotton cloth on top and iron the contaminated area well.
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That's all, your favorite silk thing will be like new. Such simple tips in any life situation will save a new dress or blouse. The main thing - do not forget to pre-test all methods on an inconspicuous part of a thing or on a similar fabric and look for a unique approach to each product.

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