How to remove old spots from children's clothes 🥝 and remove stains

It would seem that soap bubbles - the toy is quite harmless and should not cause trouble to either the children or their parents. However, in recent years, many mothers have faced an extremely unpleasant situation - it turns out that spots appear from them. And the most nasty thing, they appear most often after washing. About how to remove stains from soap bubbles on clothes, and will be discussed in this article.

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Where do the stains come from?

Mom or grandmother, having heard this question, will answer - of course, from low-quality toys made in China. Many parents buy Chinese bubbles because they cost a penny. But before you please your child in the store with a bright jar and a wand with a ring, think about what troubles this threatens you. The trouble is not delivered by the bubbles themselves, but by the substances that make up the soap solution.

Fear glycerin

Oddly enough, the fact that the brand new suit of your baby will most likely have to be thrown away is guilty of the seemingly harmless substance that is in any pharmacy - glycerin. Or compounds of this substance - Chinese manufacturers generously add them to bubble water.

Glycerin alone would not leave any stains, but during washing it tends to combine with all kinds of gelatin fillers or plasticizers, which are found in almost all modern powders. During washing, a chemical reaction occurs, as a result of which spots appear. Follow the link and learn more about composition of washing powder.

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Do not stain

From the fact that stains are formed during washing, it follows that one should not think about how to remove stains from soap bubbles, but at what point to do it. Since hardly washed out traces remain after combining some substances, it is necessary to prevent these substances from occurring:

  1. Take off your clothes immediately.
  2. Wash the places where the solution from the tube laundry soap.
  3. Rinse with water.
  4. Wash clothes in the usual way.

Important! It is best to wipe away traces of bubbles with the help of the simplest laundry soap, in which there are few possible impurities.

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Do it yourself

Soap bubbles will not appear on clothes if you don’t rush and stand a little longer at the shelf where these colorful jars are sold. Complaints from buyers were only about Chinese bubbles, and quite expensive. Therefore, there are two ways out:

  1. Search for bubbles from other manufacturers.
  2. Make the solution yourself.

To make a solution that will not stain clothes, you will need:

  • Baby soap;
  • Water.

The solution is made extremely simple, even your child can easily cope with it:

  1. Cut a small bar of soap.
  2. Pour it with warm water - no matter raw or boiled.
  3. Wait for the soap to dissolve, it will happen pretty quickly.

Important! Instead of soap, you can take shampoo. Moreover, the simpler the detergent, the better, so the cheapest soap or the cheapest shampoo will work best. In another article on our portal of useful tips, we described in detail how you can personallymake soap bubbles that are no different from store bubbles.

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If the clothes are dry

Not everyone has the opportunity to immediately remove the item and rinse it. If it has dried, then during normal washing, the stains will most likely appear, and then you will have to seriously think about how to remove soap bubbles from clothes. There are several tools that can help you avoid trouble.

Detergents will help you out:

Important! These products do not contain substances capable of forming strong compounds with glycerin.

The clothes should be soaked until the main wash, held in water with a solution for a little longer than written in the instructions. In most cases, stains after such washing do not form.

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Home remedy

There is one very effective home remedy that helps, among other things, to remove stains from Chinese soap bubbles - this is lemon juice:

  1. Squeeze 1 lemon juice into a cup.
  2. Put the soiled thing on the table.
  3. Moisten stains with lemon juice.
  4. Wait an hour.
  5. Wash the entire product.

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What to do with spoiled clothes?

Traces that appear after washing and drying, it is almost impossible to wipe. If you don’t want to throw away a thing - well, you’ll have to choose one of the ways to extend its life:

  1. Repaint in a different color.
  2. Include the resulting spots in some new drawing on clothes or hide the spot applique.

Important! Repaint in this case should be in a darker color than the original.

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After reading this article, you now know why soap bubbles appear on things, how to prevent it, and how to remove stains if they do form. We hope you can find a bona fide manufacturer and you will no longer have a similar problem.

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