Why do yellow spots appear on clothes

Even on carefully washed things neatly folded in a closet, unsightly traces may appear that are not clear from what arose. You can’t even imagine why yellow spots appear on clothes? Find out the different causes and factors of their formation in the article below.

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What affects the appearance of yellow marks on clothes

Why do yellow spots appear on clothes? This question was asked by more than one hostess. They are especially noticeable on products in bright colors. Factors contributing to this can be very diverse:

  • improperly selected detergent or detergent for washing;
  • improper temperature for washing;
  • contact with tissue of vegetable oil or fat;
  • traces of sweat;
  • Ironing
  • the use of bleach;
  • hard water.

Reason 1

Why, due to sweat, yellow spots appear on white things, and how to avoid them is easy to understand. Urea is part of the sweat and when it is excreted, the clothes absorb it. Because of this, yellow traces are formed, which are especially noticeable on white clothes.

If you think that applying an antiperspirant deodorant will protect you from the appearance of yellow spots on clothes, then this is not so. With the interaction of sweat and antiperspirant, on the contrary, hard-to-remove resistant spots form.

Important! The use of deodorant, in case of profuse sweating, will not help you avoid these unpleasant spots, since antiperspirants basically only mask the smell of sweat, and do not eliminate it.

In order to reduce sweating, and thereby prevent the appearance of yellow spots on white clothing, adhere to the following rules:

  1. Take care of personal hygiene.
  2. Do epilation under the muscular cavities.
  3. Wash the areas of the skin that are most prone to sweat every day with warm water and soap, then dry the skin and apply a mixture of lanolin and talc on it.
  4. In hot weather, avoid eating hot and spicy foods.

Important! If compliance with these rules does not give a visible result, examine the body in order to exclude manifestations of the disease - hyperhidrosis, which is manifested by increased sweating.

Reason 2

If you washed a thing in a washing machine, took it out and noticed that a trace of unknown origin appeared on the fabric, and you do not understand why yellow spots appeared on the white things, in this case the reason for their formation is most likely hidden in the detergent and in hard water. Washing powder consists of elements that react with salts present in hard water, resulting in yellow stains on the laundry.

Important! Carefully choose the laundry detergent. Choose it based on the type and color of fabric. If you have hard water at home, before washing things, soften it by adding in your choice of washing powder: citric acid, vinegar, soda ash or special softener “Calgon”.

Reason 3

Even new things from long-term storage lose their freshness, and it is especially not recommended to store them in contaminated form. Stains on clothes in this case can arise from the fact that they were not sufficiently dried after washing and placed in a closet. Another reason is to store them in a room with high humidity and mold, which leaves stains on clothes. And it’s not so easy to get rid of them.

To prevent this phenomenon is not difficult:

  • Put contaminated items in a special basket with holes.
  • Wash and store baby items always separately.
  • Before you put things in the closet, dry them well after washing.

Reason 4

Yellow marks on clothing may result from improper use of the iron. Before you start ironing things, iron the initially inconspicuous area of ​​the product. Start with a low temperature regime, and in the process you can already decide whether it should be increased, depending on the type of fabric.

Important! Yellow spots appear on the clothes also because you ironed the item with an iron with the help of steam, in which water stagnated.

Reason 5

Before using bleach, carefully read the product label and be sure to see if there is a warning on it. If you have already decided to use it, then be very careful when applying it to the fabric, otherwise - a yellow spot may form, which you can’t remove with anything.

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We hope that now you can figure out why yellow spots appear on your white things. Knowing how to avoid this, you will no longer have to ask such a question and change your wardrobe. Following our helpful tips, you will always look beautiful and neat.

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