Stain removers for clothes

Stain removers for clothes - it's very easy to guess for what purpose they are needed. These stain removers on the shelves of supermarkets, shops with household goods, just a huge amount. Naturally, it’s hard to choose the best stain remover, because you can’t always know which remedy can help you. That is why we have compiled for you a rating of the most effective stain removers, depending on the color of the fabric and the freshness of the stain.

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Effective stain remover for washing colored clothes

Some spots are visible even on colored underwear. An effective and high-quality stain remover eliminates stains, while maintaining the original fabric structure and color. According to most housewives, the following products are worth buying in order to eliminate stains. With all their functions, they are excellent in handling.

Vanish for colored laundry

It quickly eliminates pollution and is also safe, which is why it is popular in families with small children. After washing, the laundry becomes fresh and clean.

Important! For a more effective effect, the product is applied directly to the contaminated area, and then added once more to the washing machine or to the basin during manual processing. You will find detailed information on stain removers of this brand in our publication. "Vanish stain remover".


This good stain remover is a versatile powder that is perfect for white as well as colored clothing:

  • During washing, clothes do not lose their color.
  • It works even if the water is at a low temperature, but a better effect is visible precisely in warm water.
  • It does not spoil things from delicate materials, the aroma after washing is delicate.
  • Price is more than affordable.

Important! The disadvantage of this tool is that its effectiveness is slightly lower compared to other tools.

Udalix oxi ultra

This is a reasonably inexpensive stain remover for clothes, which amazingly removes oil, brilliant green, dirt, pine resin. You can buy it both in bags and in boxes.

Important! Giving preference to this tool, you should consider that in cool water it practically does not work.

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Fine stain removers for washing white laundry

Only a high-quality product can retain a light shade, fabric structure, only high-quality products can return whiteness to already yellowed things. The best stain removers for hostess reviews are as follows.


This is an environmentally friendly product, in the composition of which there are no refined products. Perfectly eliminates stains from the surface of colored and white linen. It does not destroy the structure of the fabric and perfectly retains color.

Important! This product is made in Belgium exclusively from environmentally friendly materials and products. The composition of this tool includes natural and mineral components.

Can be used to wash children's clothes.

Important! Most people use regular laundry detergent to wash their laundry. We have prepared reviews of alternative detergents:

Bos plus Maximum

This tool is a budget.Used as a washing activator, stain remover. Darkened and yellowed things turn white before their eyes.

Important! In the case of bright things, it is better not to use, as they can fade.

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Stain removers that can be used to wash children's clothes

Children's clothes and underwear are soft enough products that require extreme caution.

Important! In the composition of stain removers in no case should there be any harmful substances and aggressive components, as well as in baby washing powder.

According to the reviews of the hostesses, the best stain removers for clothes in this series can be issued in such a rating.

Eared Nannies

Most mothers recommend it as the most effective detergent for washing children's clothes. This stain remover copes with long-dried stains. Light pleasant odor, gentle on the skin of the hands, high efficiency.

Important! The disadvantage of this tool is that the consumption is quite high.

Amway Pre Wash Stain Remover

This Amway stain remover considered rightfully the best not only in relation to children's clothing, but for anyone. We defined it in this section, since it easily copes with traces from:

  • fat
  • herbs;
  • oils;
  • mud;
  • fruits, berries.


  • high speed of obtaining results in the form of clean clothes;
  • convenient form of release - spray;
  • extremely safe composition;
  • hypoallergenicity.

Important! The only thing that can push away is its high price, but it is 100% consistent with quality.

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Means that effectively copes with old spots

The situation is quite familiar to everyone: the spot was not washed in time, a long time passed, it managed to dry thoroughly. In order to remove it, a special formula is needed to remove long-dried contaminants. For example:

  • Laundry activators at an affordable price. These substances are used for both white and colored clothes. Enzymes are substances that are part of activators that work even in cool water. Used during prolonged soaking.
  • The aforementioned Eared Nannies copes quite well with pollution on the surface of children's underwear and clothing.
  • Udalix Ultra. Eliminates old traces left by pens, grass, drinks, wine, oil, other liquids, dirt. The product can be purchased in the form of a spray. Suitable for a variety of types of fabrics, children's items, car upholstery.

Important! This composition is applied directly to the stain, moistened with water. Then it is left for about 10-15 minutes. After that wash off. If there is such a need, then this process is repeated again.

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Rating of the most effective stain removers

Below are the most effective remedies for you. This rating was compiled taking into account the results of the “Control Procurement” survey, customer feedback and characteristics of a particular household chemical product were taken into account:

  1. Frau Schmidt. Austrian product, the only drawback of which is its exorbitant cost. Delicate, suitable for washing fabrics such as velvet, silk, soft fabrics. It has no harmful effect on the skin of any quality.
  2. Sarma Asset. This tool cleans traces of blood, felt-tip pen, ink, fruits, berries, drinks. It is used even for washing clothes in the car.

Important! This product also includes such products as Vanish, Ecover, Amway.

In order to soften clothes, it is recommended to use after washing fabric softener.

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We hope that with the help of our ratings you have a little understanding of which stain remover will be the best in your situation. Always pay attention to the composition and give preference to safe means to protect yourself from excess chemistry.

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