How to wash a stainless steel plate?

Stainless steel plates are very popular today, so the question often arises among housewives: how to wash a stainless steel plate? This material is primarily known for its increased resistance to corrosion compared to ordinary steel, and in addition, a plate made of it looks beautiful and stylish. However, there are a number of inconveniences, which consist in the fact that a metal surface requires more painstaking care and the use of special tools, since improper selection of a cleaning agent will affect the surface in the form of scratches and stains that can no longer be removed. Another feature of the stainless surface - it requires a more thorough approach to the final stage of cleaning - polishing. Are you wondering how to wash your hob without streaks? You will learn about all the features of caring for a stainless steel stove from this article.

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How to wash a stainless steel plate?

How to wash a stainless steel plateSteel plates come in two types - matte and mirror, which requires a different approach to care and cleaning. Nowadays, hardware stores abound with tools for all kinds of cooking surfaces, including stainless steel. In order not to spoil the surface and not reduce the beauty of its appearance, use liquid and creamy products, soft sponges, and rags when cleaning. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase the appropriate product, you can prepare it at home.

Important! To clean the stainless surface, never use: coarse materials, detergents with chlorides and abrasive particles, soda, sand, acid-containing substances. To avoid damage to the polished stainless steel, any brushes, hard sponges and graters are unacceptable.

We offer you a list of special tools that will help you get rid of various types of pollution and easily solve the problem of how to wash a stainless steel plate, in accordance with your financial capabilities:

  1. To wash off greasy stains and dissolve burnt places, use soap-containing concentrated dishwashing detergents such as “Fairy”, “AOS”, “Adj”, “Pemolux”, “Myth”.
  2. You can clean and protect the steel surface using special tools for stainless steel: “Lux”, “Shine of steel”, “Top House”, “Cif”, “Cillit Bang”.
  3. The stainless steel will help you to clean and polish: “Wpro 29945”, “Domax”.
  4. You can remove old fat and stubborn stains with a special cleaning agent - “Shumanit”, but note: the drug is very aggressive and toxic!
  5. Small impurities can be cleaned with any wiper. After applying such a tool, there are no stains left, and the surface will shine like a mirror.
  6. In order to avoid environmental pollution and the harmful effects of chemicals on the skin of your hands, use eco-friendly products from brands: Almawin, Amway, Ecos, and you can also use improvised products like mustard powder, lemon juice.
  7. Melamine sponge - easily eliminates various types of contamination. The open pores of the sponge perfectly absorb soft dirt, while it does not scratch the surface.
  8. Microfiber sponge - helps to wash away the stains obtained by washing the plate.
  9. Paper towels - excellent gloss.

Important! If you also use cutlery made of this metal, take note of a few simple ways from our other article, so that if necessary you can quickly and easily clean spoons and forks from stainless steel at home.

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How to wash a stainless steel plate?

Before washing the stove from stainless steel, in order to avoid irreversible consequences, follow these recommendations:

  1. Remove all objects from the stove and nearby surfaces so that they do not interfere with the washing process and do not get any cleaning agents on them.
  2. Pay attention to the technical features of your stove: gas or electric.
  3. Turn off the gas or make sure the stove is not turned on.
  4. Identify the possibility of removing burners and regulators. If they can be removed, carefully remove from the slot.
  5. To avoid allergic skin reactions, use personal protective equipment: rubber gloves.
  6. Carefully read the instructions of your chosen tool.
  7. If the product has a specific or strong odor - work in a well-ventilated area.
  8. Before using any product, test it on an inconspicuous portion of the stove.
  9. Increase the concentration of any detergent or cleaning agent you choose gradually, alternating with washing with water.
  10. Do not mix chemicals to avoid the formation of toxic gases and unforeseen stains.

Important! The stove is very convenient for cleaning, as it has a large horizontal surface. But if you have other dishes - pots, stewpan, stainless steel pans, then it is better to use more suitable methods for these items. Moreover, they are in direct contact with food.

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How to wash a stainless steel plateThen proceed in such a way that the question of how and how to wash a gas or electric stove from a stainless steel is resolved quickly:

  1. Using a soft cloth or sponge, gently sweep the crumbs off the surface.
  2. Moisten a sponge abundantly in warm water and moisten the hob so that solidified dirt is wet.
  3. Remove most of the dirt with collecting movements in one direction.
  4. Apply a cleaning sponge to the sponge and treat the stove, paying attention to problem areas.
  5. Rinse off any remaining foam with a clean, damp cloth.
  6. Spray polish over the surface.
  7. Dry with a paper towel (napkin).

Important! To prevent the formation of stains on the hob, wipe it with point movements.

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Useful Tips:

  1. In order for the stove to please you with its cleanliness and novelty, make it a rule every day after cooking to wipe the surface from the formed dirt - this way you will avoid the accumulation of difficult to remove impurities, because a fresh stain is much easier to wash off than an old one.
  2. Pay particular attention to cleaning the cooker body.
  3. Periodically apply special oil for stainless steel - it will create a water-repellent protective layer on the surface.

Important! Surely you picked up all the household appliances for the kitchen from the same materials and in one color scheme. Then check out the guidelines to help you ensure the rightstainless steel fridge care and his long, trouble free job.

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Now you know how to wash a stainless steel plate. Having familiarized yourself with our tips, you will protect yourself from the appearance of unwanted stains, you will know how to properly maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen hob and thus it will serve you for a long time and will be new and beautiful.

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