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Everyone knows that silver darkens over time and there are many ways to clean it. Cleaning silver with ammonia is the most effective and popular. Due to its chemical properties, ammonia perfectly removes the oxide film without damaging the surface of the silver product. How to use ammonia for such purposes, you will learn in this article.

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Why is silver getting dark?

Silver cleaning with ammoniaMany people think that silver turns black on a person who has been damaged. Scientists do not think so. There are simply several specific factors on which the oxidation of this metal depends:

  1. The higher the sample, the longer the product remains light. The alloy is more resistant to aggressive environmental factors and less often it will be necessary to clean silver with ammonia.
  2. Copper is added to objects with a low breakdown, and it oxidizes quite quickly, which leads to a darkening of the entire product.
  3. The constant wearing of silver jewelry contributes to the adherence of dust, dirt, microparticles of dying human skin. It has been proven that human sweat is able to affect the color of silver. A person who constantly wears such jewelry will soon find that his jewelry has darkened.
  4. Cosmetics. Many cosmetics contain elements of sulfur. Therefore, when you carry out cosmetic procedures, try to remove silver things.
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Why ammonia?

Cleaning silver with ammonia is the best way because ammonia is an excellent solvent. At the same time, it dissolves in water itself and disappears in the air. Particles of ammonia enter a chemical reaction with any oxidizing agent, converting it to ammonium salts. In this case, silver or gold remains unscathed. Only you can not soak gold and silver in one solution, otherwise the ionization process will occur and you can get yellow silver and white gold.

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How to clean silver with ammonia at home?

Can I clean my chain or bracelet with ammonia? The bottle with this substance just needs to be kept at home. It is not only perfect for coping with tasks like cleaning ordinary and gilded silver, but also helps in all sectors of the household:

  • when washing clothes;
  • when cleaning painted surfaces;
  • glass washing;
  • leads to feelings of a person when he is sick;
  • displays various stains on clothes and shoes.

At the same time, ammonia is available: it can be bought at any pharmacy for little money. If you already have one, get to work.

Inventory for work

You will need such aids:

  • tooth powder and paste;
  • Toothbrush;
  • soft sponge;
  • capacity for solution;
  • wool or other soft fabric;
  • dry wipes.
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Cleaning silver with ammonia at home

Of course, you can not waste your time and take all the cutlery or jewelry to a specialist. There he uses professional solutions to remove dirt from the surface of objects and restore their attractiveness.But it will not always be cheap, so there is no need to create unforeseen expenses for yourself. Cleaning silver with ammonia at home is a simple procedure that everyone can handle. Check out the options below, select the one that is most interesting to you and follow the instructions provided.

Method number 1

To properly clean silver with ammonia, follow these recommendations:

  1. Choose the container in which your products will be placed.
  2. Pour water into it.
  3. Add ammonia in proportions of 1:10.
  4. Put your silver items in the solution.
  5. Leave on for 30 minutes. The duration of soaking depends on the degree of blackening of the metal.
  6. Remove and wipe with a sponge.
  7. Wipe with a dry cloth.

Note: If you clean jewelry that has stones, add less ammonia to the solution. This method is not suitable for solving the question of how to clean gilded silver, and is also not recommended for products with pearls.

Method number 2

Silver cleaning with ammoniaIf your products have slight spots, you can use this method:

  1. Take a woolen cloth.
  2. Moisten it with ammonia.
  3. Treat the entire surface of a silver item.

Method number 3

If you need to clean old blackened silver objects or the previous methods did not help you, combine ammonia with tooth powder. The instruction for use is as follows:

  1. Prepare a solution: 5 tbsp. warm water - 1 tbsp. l tooth powder and 2 tbsp. ammonia.
  2. Moisten a sponge with a mixture and clean the product.
  3. Rinse off any remaining product with water.
  4. Wipe dry.

Note: This method is not suitable for jewelry with stones.

Method number 4

For it, you will need ammonia, hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap (preferably baby). To clean silver with ammonia in this case gives the expected result, proceed in the same way:

  1. Take an equal amount of each ingredient.
  2. Mix them with water.
  3. Put the silver things in the solution for a while until the impurities disappear.
  4. Dry and polish with wool.
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How to clean silver with tooth powder?

Toothpaste or toothpaste have all the necessary qualities to clean silver from oxide. Check out the three methods for cleaning silver in this way.

Method No. 1

Suitable for serious dirt on silver objects. A combination of ammonia and toothpaste is used. The application rules are as follows:

  1. Apply the paste on an old toothbrush.
  2. Clean the silver on all sides.
  3. Put the item in a 10% solution of ammonia for several minutes.
  4. Rinse and dry.

Method No. 2

This method using tooth powder is suitable for all silver products without stones. It is applied as follows:

  1. Wet the product with warm water.
  2. Place in a container with tooth powder so that the product sticks on all sides.
  3. Rub with a soft cloth.
  4. Rinse with water and dry.

Method 3

Ammonia and tooth powder are used. This method is suitable for cleaning products with enamel and stones. The instruction is:

  1. Mix the ingredients in equal amounts.
  2. Moisten a mixture of suede or wool and wipe the blackening.
  3. Rinse off with water.
  4. Dry and polish.
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Remember that ammonia is still poison. Do not use it inside, do not inhale too much of its vapor and always work with it in gloves. Thanks to this tool, your silverware and jewelry will shine as before. And our useful tips will help you clean silver with this tool quickly and easily.

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