Which is better - eco-leather or artificial leather?

Recently, a lot of new synthetic materials have appeared on the modern market that are trying to compete with genuine leather. So there appeared products made of a new universal fabric marked “eco”, which means environmental material. It is a hybrid of natural leather and furniture. In this article, we will consider what is better - eco-leather or artificial leather, and how to care for such products.

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What is ecoskin, artificial and genuine leather?

Before considering which is better - eco-leather or artificial leather, you need to understand the difference between them, and the difference compared to natural material.


Researchers have carried out the development of dermatin, leatherette, PVC leather, which are synthetic materials. Any version of artificial leather consists of a polymer film coating based on knitted, woven and non-woven fabric.

Important! Polyvinyl chloride is the most common polymer that forms a film. The top layer of PVC does not allow air to pass through. Very often vinyl upholstery is used for the seats of trains, buses, trams, cafes, clinics.


To produce genuine leather, it is necessary to process the skin of the animal. Such a process consists of several stages - the soaking procedure, ashes, tanning, staining and chemical treatment.

Most recently, most people preferred to have things made of genuine leather, as they are distinguished by a sufficiently durable material that can withstand large temperature differences. The easy care of products made from such material supports a presentable appearance.

Eco leather

For a long time, genuine leather had no competitors and more recently eco-leather appeared on the modern market. She collected all the advantages of natural and artificial material.

Important! Ecoskin is elastic, perfectly breathable, does not cause allergic reactions, it does not have an unpleasant odor of leather substitute.

Ecoskin is the latest technological development of artificial leather. The composition of such a material has a layer of polyurethane on a fabric basis, consisting of 100 percent cotton, and resembles genuine leather.

Important! These materials are very similar, and even specialists are not always able to find the differences.

For ecoskin, polyurethane is used as a film coating. It has a more complex synthesis mechanism than PVC. All the desired properties are formed due to the chemical synthesis of the polymer, and therefore there is no need to use additional plasticizers. R

Important! The main property of this material is its breathability, which is achieved by the formation of many micropores that penetrate the film. Due to this, air and water vapor are transmitted, and water is not passed.

During operation, the polymer film does not emit anything, this is how the name of such a material came about - ecological leather.

Important! Artificial leather is divided into several types:

  • haberdashery pu leather;
  • leather for making clothes;
  • shoe material;
  • upholstery options;
  • leather that has a technical purpose.
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Advantages and disadvantages of eco-leather

In order to understand what is better - eco-leather or artificial leather, we consider the advantages of using eco-leather products:

  • the ideal ratio of price and quality of products;
  • the pattern imitates genuine leather - in order to compare these two fabrics, sometimes you need to turn to the wrong side;
  • available in a wide variety of sizes, which is very convenient in the manufacture of furniture, when a huge whole piece is needed;
  • the production procedure is less costly, ecologically less dangerous and humane regarding the animal world;
  • a wide range of colors;
  • It has low hygroscopicity, which helps to improve the operational characteristics of finished products made of eco-leather;
  • characterized by excellent elastic properties;
  • has a high stable ability to sunrays - a black eco-leather product can be in the sun for a long time and is not exposed to the burnout process at all;
  • It has excellent frost resistance - at minus temperatures it is perfectly preserved and does not “tan”;
  • characterized by remarkable flexibility - in the manufacture of products the fabric has no problems with cutting and sewing;
  • products from this material are perfectly worn and resistant to abrasion;
  • does not cause allergic reactions;
  • this type of fabric is a practical and durable material:
  • the presence of micropores allows you to breathe matter, in contrast to dermatine tissue;
  • the presence of a tissue base - contributes to a quick response and the elimination of minor deformations;
  • easy care for products from this type of skin.

Important! Due to a number of advantageous properties, eco-leather is a very popular material.

The benefits of using the latest canvas are obvious, but there are also negative points:

  • if the material is accidentally cut, its fabric base is visible;
  • for many people, genuine leather products symbolize prestige and prosperity, and eco-leather does not deliver such a feeling of chic.
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Which is better - eco-leather or genuine leather?

Consider the distinguishing features of the material from eco-leather from leather on a natural basis, in order to understand what is better than eco-leather or genuine leather:

  • These materials require different sources of raw materials. So, for natural skin type, animal processing is used, and eco-leather is made from polyurethane.
  • The use of natural skin in some people causes allergic reactions. Its artificial substitute has hypoallergenic properties, which is completely safe for any consumer.
  • Touching materials feels warm. But if a person sits in an eco-leather chair, then his exposed parts of the body will be less susceptible to sweating.
  • Materials made of eco-leather are very pleasant to the touch, unlike leather on a natural basis, which is covered with acrylic emulsions. But if the skin has an aniline finish, then the artificial analogue is inferior to it.
  • Eco-leather fabrics have better breathability compared to natural materials coated with acrylic emulsions.
  • Wear resistance, frost resistance, the ability to “heal” deformations is also a hallmark of both eco-leather and natural-based leather.

Important! Despite minor differences, both materials require careful and gentle care.

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Where is eco-leather applied?

To understand what is better - eco-leather or artificial leather, you need to take into account the range of applications of materials. So, eco-leather is widely used in many areas:

  • In the furniture industry in the manufacture of coverings for sofas, armchairs and other soft parts.
  • In the haberdashery industry in the production of a variety of bags, briefcases, purses, wallets.
  • In light industry, when sewing jackets, trousers, skirts, dresses, gloves and items of shoes. A combination of pu leather with other fabrics is possible, which allows you to create fashionable options for stylish clothes.
  • In the manufacture of covers and seats for cars.
  • Faux leather is widely used for door upholstery.

Important! This version of the material is used for interior work. Many designers very often use eco-leather elements as a decor for a variety of additions to the interior.

Faux leather covers

Owners of expensive and prestigious foreign cars use covers for their cars made of artificial suede, genuine leather, Alcantara. Car covers made of eco-leather are simpler, but based on the feedback from motorists, they have a number of positive aspects:

  • Covers from such fabric are not wiped and do not crack.
  • When using such covers, the interior of the car interior from an aesthetic point of view looks much more comfortable and attractive.
  • In hot weather there is no sticking effect to the car seat.
  • Being on the seats made of this material is much nicer.

Eco leather bags

  • Since polyurethane is characterized by excellent wear resistance and frost resistance, PU leather bags have the same qualities and are in great demand.
  • In addition, such products look very presentable, since the cotton base allows you to realize the most incredible, crazy ideas of designers.
  • Matter from pu-leather is characterized by malleable properties, due to which the fabric bends perfectly and is able to acquire the necessary shapes.
  • And the most important is the psychological factor, in which there is no need to destroy the animal in order to show off with a prestigious handbag.

Eco leather shoes

In shoe supermarkets, a huge assortment of eco-leather shoes is offered:

  • The main advantage of these products is the environmental friendliness of the material, since harmful polymers are not used in the production.
  • Pu-leather is able to “breathe” and not let moisture in, and therefore such shoes contribute to a comfortable foot condition in any weather.
  • Care of footwear made of eco-leather is quite simple and does not require complex manipulations.

Important! When compared with genuine leather, eco-friendly material is not so warm and frost-resistant. Many fashionistas prefer eco-leather shoes, since a significant difference in price helps to balance this drawback.


Faux leather for furniture

The modern furniture market is characterized by a wide range of upholstered furniture made of PU leather. In the manufacture of furniture, this material serves for upholstery of both soft and hard interior elements. The production of upholstered furniture elements is more carefully approached, since the skin is constantly exposed to external influences, and it must also be soft and elastic.

Important! A variety of textures and a wide color gamut allow you to easily make a choice of both a children's sofa and an office chair. The market offers a variety of styles of eco-leather furniture, ranging from Art Nouveau to Classics.

Benefits of using eco-leather furniture:

  • accurate imitation of genuine leather;
  • the presence of a large color gamut, which contributes to a great design;
  • good breathability;
  • ease of care for the finished product;
  • affordable price factor;
  • good manufacturability, so this material fits perfectly when upholstered;
  • environmental friendliness of the tissue contributes to the absence of allergic reactions;
  • the presence of frost resistance;
  • high tactility of the properties of matter - the presence of elasticity, warmth when touching bare parts of the body;
  • resistance to abrasion and tearing;
  • good water vapor permeability.

Eco-leather furniture has some disadvantages:

  • If contaminated, PU leather cannot be treated with water, as stains or stains may remain.
  • The material helps absorb paint from clothing fabrics, so it is preferable to choose chairs and sofas in darker shades.
  • The surface of upholstered furniture always remains cold, so in winter it is better to cover it with a blanket.
  • Pets can leave marks on an armchair or sofa, so if your favorite animals are in the apartment, then it would be prudent to refuse to purchase upholstered furniture from pu-leather.

Important! When choosing an eco-material, the degree of load on the surface of upholstered furniture should be taken into account. So:

  • In office premises, where the load is constantly present, it is preferable to use material with increased strength properties for the manufacture of armchairs and chairs.
  • In the manufacture of home furnishings, such a criterion is not necessary at all; here the comfort indicator plays a more important role.

Eco leather clothing

Which is better - eco-leather or genuine leather? Material from pu leather is widely used for sewing women's and men's jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, gloves.

Important! The thickness of the fabric is selected depending on the conditions under which it is planned to use such a fabric.

Also, the material is used as an element of decor. Combining pu-leather with other materials creates unique, inimitable products that have a presentable appearance and are sold, as a rule, in single variants.

Feature eco-leather clothing:

  • Unlike other leatherette, eco-friendly clothing does not have an unpleasant odor.
  • Winter and summer clothes made of eco-friendly material are characterized by a variety of color options and sizes.
  • It is very comfortable to be in clothes made of pu-leather, since it has high breathability. The presence of a large number of micropores in polyurethane contributes to the regular process of air circulation and at the same time the fabric “breathes”. Most natural leather clothes do not have this property.
  • The clothes are very nice to the touch and have elastic properties. Contact with human skin does not cause any irritation. Such clothes are ideal for people with sensitive skin and allergic reactions.
  • Products made of eco-material have a unique property: in winter, such clothes are warm, and summer is not hot. The presence of the hygroscopic properties of the tissue allows you to bring out excess body moisture, while creating a comfortable microclimate. If moisture gets on matter, it immediately evaporates.
  • Sewn down jackets and jackets made of such synthetic material are frost-resistant and do not tan even in the most severe frosts.
  • Clothing made of eco-leather, does not deform during wear, has resistance to damaging external factors, and for a long time perfectly retains its unchanged appearance.
  • PU leather is resistant to sunlight, so both winter jackets and down jackets, and summer skirts and dresses do not fade in the sun.
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How to care for eco-leather?

Caring for eco-leather products does not cause any difficulties at all. During operation, it is necessary to adhere to some recommendations, the use of which will allow for a long time to keep products from such fabric in excellent condition:

  • If a fresh dirty stain appears, then using a damp cloth, it can easily be eliminated. You can also apply soft tissue to the skin on a natural basis, moisten it with solutions of special products.
  • In cases where the stain is poorly cleaned, it is possible to wipe the contaminated area with a solution of alcohol and water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • To extend the service life of products from this fabric, they must be impregnated with a special composition of water-repellents.
  • After the cleaning procedure, be sure to wipe this product with a dry, clean, soft cloth.
  • If washing is necessary, then such a process is allowed at a temperature of no higher than 30 degrees and is carried out only in a manual version.
  • When washing, it is not recommended to use powders - it is better to use special gels.
  • If the product is very dirty, then you can turn to a dry cleaning service that will cope with such a problem.

Important! To clean products from pu-leather, it is strictly unacceptable to use products that contain chlorine in their composition.

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As you can see, in general - eco-leather is definitely better than artificial leather and even in some respects surpasses natural material. And then, based on the information received, it is only up to you to decide whether the shoes, furniture, clothes from this material are worthy of your preference.

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