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Linen gives us extraordinary comfort in the summer heat, because natural fibers allow the body to breathe and protect it from overheating. However, such durable and at the same time delicate fabrics need especially reverent care. In this article, we will share with you tips on how to iron linen, so as not to damage the fabric and not leave marks on the iron.

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Preparatory stage

Before proceeding with the ironing process of any items, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Check every item for spots, because during ironing, pollution can be influenced by temperature, which will greatly complicate the process of removing it.
  2. Place a blanket of dense fabric on the ironing board.
  3. Linen should be ironed in a slightly damp state, so things from this material should not be completely dried.
  4. During ironing, a special conditioner should be sprayed onto the surface of the fabric, which will prevent the fabric from drying out. This is most conveniently done with a spray gun.

Important! In addition to the moisture necessary for ironing, the conditioner will give your linen item a fresh and pleasant aroma.

  1. After ironing, allow the laundry to cool, which protects the fabric from the formation of unwanted wrinkles.
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We select the right iron

In order to make the ironing procedure as comfortable as possible and you can iron the linen correctly, you should choose the appropriate iron. Select an ironing device based on the following parameters:

  1. The weight. Most housewives prefer to use a light ironing, which makes their hands less tired, but this approach is not entirely practical. A heavier iron will allow you to smooth out the folds on clothes without much effort, but you will have to lean on the light attribute with your whole body.
  2. A pen. This design element should be as convenient as possible, so before buying an iron, try how comfortable it is to work.
  3. Steaming system. The most effective is an iron with holes located over the entire area of ​​the sole. This design makes it easier to steam things than an iron with holes located in one place.
  4. Sole. Give preference to appliances that have a ceramic sole with non-stick coating. If you purchased an iron with an aluminum or stainless surface, you run the risk of finding stubborn rust stains on the fabric. Also on such surfaces quite often chips and scratches are formed.


Important! Before ironing the linen, take care of preparing all the things necessary for this procedure - a spray bottle, an ironing board, clean cloth that can be used as a lining. The ironing board must be installed at the most comfortable height, which will avoid overstrain of the muscles of the back and wrist.

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Flax Ironing

Flax items require special care, because if handled improperly, the material quickly deteriorates and loses its appeal. That is why very often the housewives ask themselves how to iron linen items so that they remain as long as possible. The only thing you will need to give an linen suit an attractive look is an iron, an ironing board and a little patience.

Before you start ironing your favorite thing from natural linen, read the manufacturer's recommendations, which are indicated on the label.To do this, you need to know the following:

  • Products with a single dot on the label must be wet-heat treated using the lowest possible temperatures.
  • If you see a symbol with two dots on the label, this indicates the addition of synthetic fibers and the possibility of ironing at high and medium temperatures.

Important! The more natural the fabric, the higher the temperature needed to iron it efficiently.

  • Some linen products are generally undesirable to iron, as warned by a crossed-out iron on the label.

Important! When ironing linen items, you should constantly check that the fabric stays a little damp. You can achieve this effect if you use a spray or wet gauze. Remember that natural linen always looks somewhat careless, because it is impossible to 100% straighten all the folds formed on its surface.

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Helpful hints:

  • To make ironing as simple as possible and not require much effort, take up this lesson almost immediately after washing. Especially if you set the high spin mode. This recommendation is related to the fact that if the flax fibers are dry, it will be extremely difficult to iron them.
  • If your outfit has decorative elements in the form of embroidery, then such areas should be ironed through gauze and always on the inside.
  • If you like starched flax products, then ironing temperature should be reduced.
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In this article, we told you how to iron linen without threatening natural fabrics. We sincerely hope that your outfits will delight you with their beauty and well-groomed for the longest possible time.


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