How beautiful to hang a tulle?

How beautiful to hang a tulle? - At least once in a lifetime, almost every woman asks this question. Decorating windows with tulle is not an easy task, because the mere variety of fabrics and colors will turn your head. And you also need to correctly determine the density of the material and decide how to suspend it.

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Where to begin?

The process of hanging curtains in any room will consist of several stages. Before you hang the tulle beautifully, you need to pick up accessories for its fastening. The easiest way to do this is in the following order:

  1. Pick up fittings.
  2. Decide on the shape and size of the cornice.
  3. Choose a fabric suitable for color and density.
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Accessories for tulle

To make the right choice and truly decorate your home, you need to know all the nuances. The most important of these are.

Mounting Methods:

  • Eyelets - plastic or metal bushings. They are inserted mainly in dense tissue. The color of the ring is chosen so that it harmoniously combines with the color of the cornice and tulle. There are a variety of colors, including under the skin or wood. Eyelets easily slide along the ledge, so this option is great when you need to often open / close the window.
  • Hooks - a classic version, suitable for string cornices. Having chosen this type of fastening, you need to draw the upper edge of the fabric with a braid that has small loops for hooks. The only negative is the time-consuming process of hanging and removing decorative textiles from hooks.
  • Rings - usually come with a tubular cornice. At the bottom of the ring there is a clothespin with teeth, which firmly grips the fabric. When choosing this mount, check the ease of movement of the rings along the pipe.
  • Krabiki - bulky, heavy, suitable exclusively for dense types of fabric, for example, when you decide to decorate the classic interior with curtains.
  • A fabric loop is a great option if you can sew yourself. To do this, you just need to take the material with a margin, cut off additional centimeters and put them on beautiful loops from above. But fabric loops are suitable only for a denser type of tulle.


Important! The same methods of fastening are also suitable in the case when it is necessary to decide what and how to hang the curtains in the hall beautifully.

Types of cornices:

  1. Tubular. Well suited to many interior styles. Used with rings, eyelets, fabric loops. Quite durable and practical, and an additional plus is that it is easy to hang a beautiful tulle on them.
  2. String - less durable cornices, but also versatile in use with various styles. Not suitable only for rich and luxurious interiors.
  3. Profile. Such products have an aluminum base. Due to this, one can make any form of cornice from them. A great option when your window is not standard, but oval curved or stepped.
  4. Baguette. Create a niche in which it is easy to hide the mount. A wide baguette cornice can be made of wood with decorative carvings, plastic or decorated with fabric in the color of wallpaper. The latest fashion trend is a baguette cornice with built-in LED bulbs, which will give a special sophistication, charm to any interior.
  5. Electric curtain rod. It is quite rare. Set in the case when the cornice is too high fastened or is in an inaccessible place.

Important! Situations in life are different, and perhaps someone has a question: how to hang a tulle without a cornice? In this case, a simple proven method will help, and minimal costs will be spent on its implementation. You will need a fishing line or kapron rope, which is fixed on hooks on both sides of the window. The second option is possible, but you need a long wooden plank:

  • One part of Velcro is sewn to the curtain.
  • The second is nailed to the bar.
  • Then connect the two parts together.
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Types of tulle. Rules for its application

To begin with, we define the main groups of fabric from which decorative textiles are made, so that it is easier to cope with the task of how beautifully to hang tulle in any room you need. It can be dense, light, patterned, embossed, plain or with a pattern.

Choose a shade of tulle and curtains

Now we list the basic rules of choice, based on the location of the room, its style:

  1. For rooms on the north side, plain light fabrics are perfect. Such fabrics should also be preferred when decorating a small window in a cramped room. Light colors visually expand the space, so the room will look more spacious and easier to read, even with rich furniture.
  2. For sunny rooms - on the contrary, you can safely choose curtains of dense and darker colors, even with a large pattern.
  3. Mesh fabrics are suitable for small windows on the south side, they can also be made short - half the window.
  4. A large tulle pattern is combined with plain wallpaper. When the interior is weighted with various details, then plain and not bright, soothing colors will help to balance the general appearance of the space, preferably in the color prevailing in the interior.
  5. If you are going to decorate the window with several types of tulle, then only one type should be textured. The same rule applies to colors, when several fabrics are adjacent to the cornice, then only one can be bright, all the rest only complement it.
  6. For the bedroom, choose a thick fabric or combine a thin with blackout curtains.

Important! Focusing on the purpose of the room, take into account the recommendations of professional psychologists. For example:

  • The unequivocal opinion is that pastel, soft blue, blue, green tones are perfect for hanging curtains in the bedroom;
  • For the living room, bright and contrasting colors are more acceptable - orange, yellow, lime or strict and elegant classic colors - beige, brown, burgundy. The first ones will create a positive, festive atmosphere, the others will emphasize solidity, a special charm, elegance and a strict style.
  • For the kitchen, materials of thematic colors or with a not-so-catchy pattern will be very appropriate.
  • It is better to decorate the nursery with themed children's curtains with the image of your favorite heroes, characters or plain pastel textiles, which will not once again excite the look and imagination of your child before bedtime.

Not recommended for curtains in the rooms where you plan to relax, such shades as: red, scarlet, purple, bright yellow, black. They will either be overly annoying over time or depress.

How to issue?

Depending on what type of cornice you bought and what fasteners you chose for it, the waves on your tulle will be like this:

  1. With grommets and rings, folds are formed large and uniform.
  2. On the hooks are smaller, which create splendor.
  3. Using crabs and clothespins, you can make static folds that will not change.

After the tulle is beautifully hung, the time has come to determine how to decorate it and what tricks to choose. Here are the tips:


  • Brushes and shuttlecocks. Choose for heavy tulle, in rooms with a rich and artsy style.
  • Cords. They serve as pickups and have various thicknesses, colors and textures. They can easily diversify a monophonic tulle.
  • Magnets and clips. Very practical and easy to use.It’s easy to create interesting and intricate folds with them.
  • Kugel. Ring, breathtaking fabric. With it, you can fantasize and experiment, fasten at different heights and, thereby, either open the window for the arrival of light, or simply give the window textiles different shapes.
  • Fabric pickup. Usually made from the remains of the main fabric and attached to the wall with a hook.
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How to hang curtains beautifully?

After the issue with tulle is resolved, you can safely proceed to the selection of curtains. But here, too, there are some nuances that should be observed:

  1. Curtains should in no case hide the window behind meters of fabric. Remember that a window is a light source and curtains should emphasize this.
  2. Do not forget to give preference to a dense fabric if you need good sun protection. Check the fabric for light transmittance while still in the store by going outside or using a flashlight.
  3. The cornice for curtains and tulle should be placed as high as possible, of course, within reasonable limits. By applying this rule, you will visually expand the space of the room.
  4. It is important to observe the harmony of combining the interior of the room with curtains. Choose fabric for the style of the room. If it is difficult to do it yourself, then browse the catalogs with ready-made stylistic solutions. And always consult with an experienced seller. Preferably in several salons. Do not rush to the choice.
  5. The curtains in the bedroom should be combined with a light tulle fabric. This combination gives ease of perception of space in the daytime and the necessary dimming during sleep.
  6. The choice of beautiful curtains for the hall is wider. Here you can use all the famous styles and types of decor. The main thing is that they are combined with other elements of the interior and consistent with the overall color scheme.
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Stock footage

You have familiarized yourself with the basic principles of how to hang tulle and curtains beautifully. Time to get down to action - give vent to your inspiration and imagination, browse through magazines with beautiful pictures of interiors and you will probably be able to make any room in the house cozy, beautiful and original only with the help of a beautiful window design.

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