The cat is pulling a sofa - what to do?

A cat is a cute, charming and unusually affectionate creature. However, these wonderful pets are not without their individual flaws. Almost all animals tear wallpaper and furniture, and the owners are struggling with this as much as possible. From the fact that the furniture upholstery is spoiled, the interior loses a lot. Therefore, many owners ask a question: a cat is pulling a sofa - what should I do? We will try to deal with the causes of this phenomenon and find ways to wean the pet from this habit.

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To answer the question of how to prevent the cat from tearing furniture, you first need to find out why the tailed robber does this. All representatives of the cat family sharpen their claws, and not just the domestic Murka and Vaska.

Reason 1

In nature, this is one way to mark territory, to signal to competitors that “spheres of influence” are divided. It is very difficult to fight against nature, but it is real to “domesticate” a pet. You just need to choose the right tactics.

Reason 2

Secondly, it is a hygiene procedure necessary for cats. Tearing upholstery of upholstered furniture, the cat leaves dead claw scales on it.

Important! Sometimes, finding claws in the upholstery of the sofa, the owners mistakenly think that the beast so zealously ripped off the sofa that it broke its claw. In fact, this is the dead outer shell of the claw. There is simply no other way to get rid of obsolete cat shells.


Reason 3

Sometimes sharpening claws on furniture is a way to relieve stress for the animal. If the cat is frightened, upset, or you angry her with something, then she thus expresses her dissatisfaction.

Reason 4

Scratching upholstered furniture is also a workout for furry athletes. The animal trains the claw release mechanism. In wildlife, this is the key to successful hunting and survival. It is clear that this is unnecessary for a domestic cat. However, one cannot ignore what is laid down by nature at the level of instincts. If it is in nature that the claws need to be trained, the cat trusts its own instinct unconditionally.

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Wean the cat to tear upholstery

So, the cat is pulling furniture - what to do? From the fact that the sharpening of the claws is embedded in the program of behavior of the cat at the instinctive level, the owners are not at all easier. However, fortunately, this problem is solved. There are several ways to wean a cat from stripping furniture.

Claw amputation

This operation is also known as onihectomy, or “soft paws”. This service is provided by many veterinary hospitals. This is the most radical method of saving upholstered furniture from playful cat legs. After such an intervention, consider that your property has been saved.

Important! If you come across a sane and conscientious specialist, then he is unlikely to advise you to resort to such an intervention. The fact is that the operation involves the removal of not only the claws, but also parts of the finger phalanx. Without exaggeration, onihectomy is a crippling operation!

Without claws, the cat will not be able to run and jump so naturally. His movements will be disturbed. In addition, surgery can lead to impaired posture and spinal problems. Rid yourself of problems in exchange for endless stress in a cat? It’s somehow wrong. And why then had a cat?


Scarlet Point

Today in pet stores there are special devices for sharpening claws. These are columns or planks tightly sheathed with a strong, rigid fabric or wrapped in rope.However, owners often make mistakes in accustoming the animal to the scratching post. They buy a thing, place it somewhere in the corner, and then they complain that the foolish kitty does not pay attention to such a useful item.

For some reason, the owners do not suspect that the cat needs to be introduced to the scratching post. To show what it is for, take the velvet foot of the animal and slide it down from the top of the shell. Do not overdo it so as not to damage the claws of the animal. Be patient. Cats are smart people, but sometimes a pet may not immediately understand what is required of it.

Important! You can drip a few drops of valerian onto the claw point. On many (not all!) Cats, this smell acts magically. But, unfortunately, it’s not at all a fact that you are guaranteed to accustom your pet to a scratching post. Cats are wayward creatures, and do only what they like.

Silicone nozzles

An excellent solution to the problem for those who are wondering what to do if the cat is pulling furniture. This is a relatively new solution to the problem of peeling furniture. Special attachments attach to the claws with a special glue. This method is as humane as it is effective. And the claws are in place, and the padding does not suffer.

However, this is quite a costly and troublesome technique. The silicone wears out quickly and the nozzles need to be changed approximately every 3 weeks. The following is the procedure for grinding undergrown claws. Only after such a “manicure” can you put on new nozzles.

Important! Such manipulation can only be done in a specialized pet salon.

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What to do to prevent the cat from tearing furniture? Sprays

The pet store sells special substances in the form of sprays. These smells do not seem unpleasant to humans, but for cats it is an unbearable stench. If you spray furniture, the cat in the full sense of the word will go around its tenth road.

True, on individual copies of the glorious feline family, this method does not categorically act. As the furniture was being torn, they continue to tear.

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Now let’s leave the pet alone. Training cats is a thankless task, unless, of course, you are Zapashny and Kuklachev. You can solve the problem simply and elegantly: purchase stretch covers for upholstered furniture. In addition, the covers are removable, they can often be cleaned and washed, which is important for cat owners, especially if the cat is fluffy and (or) long-haired. So you update the interior without extra costs.

Important! Modern materials retain their shape for a long time, look very beautiful, do not fade under the sun and do not fade.

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Now you know what to do so that the cat does not scratch the furniture. Try it, maybe one of the above methods will suit you.

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