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Cleanliness in the house is the visiting card of a housewife. In the modern market there is a wide selection of tools that will help to tidy the apartment, saving your time and energy. You should always remember that for each type of coating its own cleaning technology is recommended, and often the means for this cleaning are also different. Let's find out what are the best cleaning products on the market among floor care products. A rating with a description of the different options will help you choose the one that suits you best.

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Useful Tips

Before starting the review of cleaning products, let's talk about how to better clean the floors. Such a process can be greatly simplified if you approach the matter correctly:

  • Get equipment - a mop, a rag. Mops that already have a rag are on sale. It is easy to remove, she will not leave behind a divorce. When choosing a mop, it is better not to save, because this is your main assistant.

Important! Do not take a very short mop, otherwise your back will hurt. For more detailed instructions on choosing really convenient and effective cleaning devices, read our articles:

  • Before wet cleaning, remove from the floor all the things that may make it difficult for you to work - chairs, floor lamps, toys. Sweep the floor with a broom or vacuum.
  • Use rubber gloves when working - this way you protect your skin from contact with harsh chemicals that come in any floor cleaner. After cleaning, wash your hands and grease them with cream.
  • When choosing a cleaning product, carefully read the composition, especially if you have a small child at home.
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Types of coatings and the nuances of their washing

Washing different types of coatings has its own nuances:

  • Linoleum can be washed simply with warm water and washing powder dissolved in it.
  • Tiles also do not require any special cleaning products.
  • For parquet, it is better to choose a special tool and a butterfly mop, which allows you to adjust the pressing force, since you can wash such a coating with just a slightly damp cloth.
  • Add a little water to the wooden floor. ammonia or vinegar. After washing, wipe the floor dry with a clean cloth.

Important! Do not use mops to clean wooden flooring.

  • If you have a laminate bed, then do not use a washing vacuum cleaner. Use an ordinary one, then simply wipe the floors with a damp cloth. To wash the laminate, do not use products designed to clean the floor. They may scratch the coating.

Important! To ensure that cleaning is not a routine and unpleasant duty for you, use practical tips:

Home Cleaning Products

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Composition of cleaning products

Any of the purchased cleaning products, as a rule, copes well with dirt, smells good. But what are they made of? The bulk of such products are available in the form of liquids or concentrates that dissolve in water. The composition of the cleaning products depends on what it is intended for, from the manufacturer, but they all contain the following components:

  1. Surface active substances. They help to cope with pollution.
  2. Fragrances. They are responsible for the pleasant aroma that remains in our room after cleaning.
  3. Antibacterial substances.
  4. Stain removers.
  5. Dyes.


Some may contain soda or chlorine. For home, such funds should not be taken. Rather, they are suitable for such public places as a hospital, school, office. Therefore, be sure to study the composition of the product before buying.

Important! If you want to save, then you can purchase a universal tool. It is suitable for washing all surfaces. If the task of saving is not before you, then it is better to purchase funds for each type of coverage. This way you will extend the life of these coatings.

When choosing products, give preference to trusted manufacturers of safe cleaning products.

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Cleaning Product Overview

Now is the time to get back to the review of cleaning products. Let's start with universal ones that are suitable for any coating.

Glorix, Unilever, Russia

This gentle agent with an antibacterial effect has a pleasant aroma, leaves no traces and stains, and perfectly cleans all types of floor coverings. Does not contain chlorine.


Mr. Proper, Procter & Gamble, USA

The economical “Mr. Proper,” according to the advertisement, will wash and clean everything. And indeed, the tool copes well even with greasy spots, while it is very economical.

Stork, Russia

Despite the fact that the price of this product is low, this does not affect its quality. “Stork” perfectly removes any dirt and disinfects floors. In addition, it has a pleasant smell.


Help, M-Plastic

Despite the inconvenient packaging and plentiful foaming, this tool has proved to be very good. Suitable for all surfaces and leaves no residue after cleaning.

Dolphin Basic, Dolphin, Russia

This universal alkaline product is absolutely safe - you can wash the floors at least every day. Usually it is used for cleaning large areas, which is probably why it is available in a large 9 liter package.


Progress, Russia

One of the most popular means, besides, it is economical. Suitable for all surfaces that it perfectly cleans and does not leave stains.

Karcher, Germany

Everyone knows German quality, especially when it comes to detergents. As part of this, there are no dangerous or particularly aggressive components; they can even wash dishes. At the same time, it perfectly removes various even the most persistent impurities, leaving behind only a pleasant aroma.


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Overview of products for different coatings

For each coating, it is advisable to choose your own detergent - we have already found out. We present you the rating of the best cleaning products for different floor coverings.



This is a non-capricious coating for which a lot of tools have been developed to help wash it with a bang:

  • Mellerud. In the first place of our rating is Mellerud, which must be diluted in warm water, and one cap will be enough for a bucket. It is safe to say that it is economical, in addition, perfectly cleans linoleum from all kinds of contaminants.
  • Hg. This tool takes the second place and is suitable for frequent use. It is perfectly absorbed, does not leave behind stains and a feeling of stickiness.
  • Wa-lin. Removes stubborn stains from iodine, zelenka. For a greater effect, it is advisable to apply and leave it for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse the floors with a damp cloth.

Important! The composition includes aggressive substances, so it is necessary to work with gloves.

  • Sun Wedge. In last place is the “Sun Wedge”. This is partly a universal remedy, since it can also be used to clean other surfaces. Completely safe for hands, only natural ingredients are included.


Tile and Tile

What cleaners wash tiles and tiles best and do not leave streaks, moreover, they are environmentally friendly? Specialists recommend choosing liquid cleaners, as powders can scratch the tiles.

  1. Sano Poliwix. An economical product with a wonderful floral smell.
  2. Passion Gold. A rinse-free product with a pleasant unobtrusive aroma. Available in a volume of 1.5 liters.
  3. HG: Tile.It perfectly removes various impurities, including traces of shoes.
  4. Mister Muscle. It cleans well not only tiles, but also glass and mirrors, removing limescale and other impurities.

Important! In case you plan to repair in the near future, leave a note on our articles:



Many people mistakenly believe that parquet should not be washed at all. But this is not so. It is possible and necessary to wash the parquet, but with what - we will tell you now.

Important! Not all products are equally good for parquet care - it is best to choose a spray or liquid concentrate.

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The rating of the best cleaners for parquet looks like this:

  1. Denkmit. Our review of cleaning products for parquet is headed by a gentle product, which includes wax. This is a German product, which is distinguished by a wide range of really high-quality and diverse chemistry. Therefore, in the line you can also find baby powder and a good stain remover.
  2. Aqua Sport Wood Flor Cleaner. This is an American cleaning product suitable for frequent use and will gently wash your coating.
  3. Rubi The Spanish manufacturer promises that his product is completely harmless and is an environmentally friendly cleaner that can be used as often as you want. It leaves behind no dirt, no stains.
  4. Glutoclean Pufas. Ukrainian cleansers do very well with greasy stains, and if there are slight scratches on the floor, then after using them they will become invisible to the eye.
  5. Loba ParckettCar. It copes well with dirt, leaving a pleasant aroma after cleaning. For all its merits, it has a relatively low price.

Important! Parquet is an actual floor covering for several centuries. Over time, it loses its beauty, but you can not change it, but restore it in these ways:



This inexpensive popular flooring requires careful maintenance. And here is what you can choose for this:

  1. Mellured Bio. After the repair work has finished, you need to clean the floors. Here, “Melliurad Bio” will come to your aid, which will perfectly wash off all types of pollution. In addition, it has a water-repellent effect.
  2. Emsal Laminate. Economical to use, but at the same time quite expensive. But manufacturers guarantee the absence of stains and the complete removal of all types of dirt.
  3. Bugs Laminate. The composition of “Bagi Laminate” includes linseed oil, which has a polishing effect. Add to this the absence of stains and the glossy sheen of a clean floor.

Important! Even with a very careful attitude to the floor of such a material, defects on it over time are inevitable. But with a competent approach, they will not cause you much trouble. Find out how to fix them from our following publications:


A natural stone

Recently it has become popular to lay floors with granite or marble. Such floors are best washed 2-3 times a week. For cleaning, it is better not to use powders - they can scratch the surface of the floor and leave ugly stains. Concentrates and liquid products - what you need:

  • Glorix For stone floors, this is the best tool that will not only wash your floors, but also disinfect them.
  • BAGI Oranit. Hypoallergenic product with a pleasant smell, perfectly copes with any pollution.
  • Apeiron Stone. It will give your stone floor shine and remove stains of any origin.
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Now you can safely go to the store to choose the right detergent for you and evaluate its pros and cons in practice. We hope that you will not have complaints about the products offered in this article, as they have been tested by many housewives and received the best reviews.

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