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Today air fresheners are considered an integral part of every room, especially a toilet and a bathroom. In addition to the standard scope, such devices are widely used in offices and cars. They have earned such great popularity due to the fact that they destroy an unpleasant odor and fill the room with fragrant aromas of flowers, fruits and even perfumes. In this article, we will tell you not only about how to choose such a flavor, but also review manufacturers that make the best air fresheners - a rating of household chemicals will help you accurately determine the look and brand.

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Types of Air Fresheners

Before proceeding with the choice of aroma, it is very important to determine the format, as well as the principle of operation of the air freshener. Most often on store shelves you can find the following types.


This is the most common and familiar aerosol can. The principle of operation of an aerosol air freshener is to spray microparticles of liquid with floral-fruity fragrances under the influence of high pressure. The main advantage of aerosol is its cheapness and rather concentrated aroma.


The disadvantages of such an air freshener are much more. These include:

  • Once in the respiratory tract, the drug can cause an allergy attack in a person;
  • Negatively affects the environment and contributes to the destruction of the ozone layer;
  • It does not completely eliminate the unpleasant odor, but only blocks it with the help of concentrated fragrances;
  • Short duration of action.


Stick freshener

Recently, air fresheners with rattan sticks are gaining more and more popularity among consumers. Such a tool is a set consisting of a special flask with aromatic liquid and a set of straws. Thus, the liquid saturates the rattan stick, and that, in turn, begins to exude a pleasant aroma.

The main advantage of this product is its naturalness, since in its manufacture only environmentally friendly materials and aromatic oils are used without the addition of synthetic fragrances.


Important! Pay attention to the fact that due to the original design such a freshener will not only fulfill its intended purpose, but will also be an excellent addition to the interior.

The disadvantages of this tool include the fact that it, like the aerosol version, does not eliminate the unpleasant odor, but simply masks it. In addition, essential oils are not always beneficial for a person’s well-being and can cause headaches, and sometimes even nausea.



Such household products are quite multifunctional. In this regard, gel freshener is widely used not only to remove unpleasant odors, but also as a sachet for linen. These fragrances are easy to use - you only need to open the packaging and install the applicator in the right place.


Gel flavors have a number of advantages:

  • Absolutely safe for human health;
  • Do not harm the environment;
  • Neutralize odors.

Important! Due to the fact that the gel air freshener exudes a light and unobtrusive aroma, it is an ideal option for use in children's rooms.

The only drawback of the gel flavor is its rather short duration - with good ventilation the room will last for 20-25 days, which makes it very expensive.



In appearance, they are somewhat reminiscent of a picture in the middle of which is a crystal with a gel cartridge. In its mode of action, it is identical to the previous version. The only difference is that after the gel has completely dried, the cartridge should be replaced with a new one.

Important! It is undesirable to install such a fragrance on light panels, as it can leave behind stains, which are subsequently quite difficult to remove.


Wall fresheners

Basically, they consist of an aroma block, which is attached directly to the wall and does not take up too much space. Wall mounted air fresheners have the following advantages:

  • Quite a long operational period. Unlike gel, such an aroma block lasts for several months of active use.
  • Lightweight and easy to use. This fragrance is just one click away, and a fragrant light aroma will spread throughout the room, will be stable for about 8 hours.
  • Due to the fact that it is available in different colors, it has a pleasant appearance and is able to fit into any interior of the room.

Important! The only drawback of such a mechanism is like other fresheners, it only masks the unpleasant smell.



These are quite universal mechanisms that can be used not only in residential, but also in office premises. Electronic air fresheners are:

  • Aerosol;
  • Oily;
  • Gel.

Such devices are equipped with a canister replacement indicator and have a spray interval setting. Electronic flavors can work for about 15 hours without a break.

Important! As an alternative to modern household chemicals, which is by no means harmless in most cases, try using simple ideas to make your own freshener. The following our selection of recipes will help you with this:


Humidifier with freshener functions

A conventional humidifier with the function of air freshening works on the principle of natural evaporation. The water poured into the tank is a kind of filter. The water molecules that come from the humidifier connect the particles of dirt and dust, after which the already “contaminated” water passes through the evaporator and leaves all the debris there. In turn, a container of aromatic oily liquid fills the room with pleasant incense.

Important! Pay attention to the fact that such a mechanism produces no more than 60% humidity. This means that during the day he is able to allocate from 4 to 16 liters of steam.


Depending on the type of humidifier you choose with the functions of an air freshener, the energy consumption can be 32-50 watts.

Important! When choosing such a device home, note for yourself what area it is designed for. For example, a low-power device may not be able to cope with its functional duties, and a large one will consume too much electricity.

lavender perfume in bottle and on a table

Most often on sale you can find such types of mechanisms:

  • Traditional, which in its principle of operation resembles an electric kettle;
  • Ultrasonic options - a special membrane is mounted here, which vibrates at high sound frequencies.

Important! For residential premises, try to choose low-noise devices that will produce a sound of no more than 40 dB. Otherwise, it will be uncomfortable for you to sleep with such a device.

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What should I look for when choosing an air freshener?

Before choosing a home air freshener, it is very important to take into account some points in advance that may affect the quality of work of your chosen product:

  • Direct appointment. Decide immediately for what purpose you need a flavor. For example, if you spray once in the toilet to remove an unpleasant odor, an aerosol spray will be enough for you. If, however, to constantly maintain a light and unobtrusive aroma, a gel or electronic air freshener will be an excellent solution. Such flavors retain their effect for a long time and do not require constant spraying.
  • Security. If the fragrance will be in the room where small children or animals live, you should take care of the naturalness of its composition and other details. For example, fresheners based on essential oils can cause burns on the skin, and electric ones are constantly connected to the mains.

Important! There have been cases when an air freshener provoked attacks of epilepsy or tachycardia.

  • The absence of disease. Always consider the characteristics of your body and the tendency to certain diseases, especially if you suffer from respiratory diseases, asthma or allergies.

Important! Still giving preference to household chemicals as a means of maintaining order in your home, view our ratings of products from other categories, the information from which will help you choose a truly effective, affordable and relatively safe product:


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Rating of the best brands of home air fresheners

We bring to your attention a rating of the best household air fresheners. Their products have the best qualities and have been tested many times by many consumers, after which they received extremely positive reviews:

  • Discover. This brand gained its fame due to the release of a line of aerosol fresheners with “unusual” aromas. It contains not only the smells of morning dew, mountain forest, but also very original, such as the aroma of cashmere and meadow herbs.
  • Air Wick This manufacturer has released a considerable variety of air fresheners. Their products are not only of high quality, but also with a huge selection of aromas, due to which everyone can choose an air freshener for themselves. Their highlight is the Life Scents series, in which three smells prevail at the same time, revealing alternately after a certain period of time. An equally interesting option is the Freshmatik series. Such air fresheners are in the form of a gel applicator, which is sold with a transparent stand. Thus, you still get a stylish accessory that fits perfectly into your interior.
  • Ambi Pur. This brand is a leader in the domestic market. The company manufactures aerosol and water spray sprays. Air fresheners with an interval spray are especially popular.
  • Ballu The electronic fresheners of this company eliminate unpleasant odors with the help of a fan-filter built-in and impregnated with essential oils. The main disadvantage of such a flavor lies solely in its high cost.
  • Glade This Dutch manufacturer specializes mainly in the manufacture of aerosol fresheners. Such flavors do an excellent job of unpleasant odors, although the effect of their action, unfortunately, is short-lived.
  • Meria Air fresheners of this brand are the most low-cost in their segment. But, despite such a low price position, such aerosols are famous for extremely positive reviews and are highly demanded by consumers.

Important! Meria air fresheners cope well with unpleasant odors, having in their composition a rather low concentration of fragrances.

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Thanks to the air freshener, you can not only eliminate unpleasant odors, but also constantly maintain a pleasant and unobtrusive aroma in the house. Nevertheless, it is very important that such products do not cause inconvenience, especially when it comes to health - yours and your loved ones. We hope that our article will help you choose exactly the type of flavor that will make your home feel fresh and comfortable.

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