Custom use of “White”

We are used to using bleach with chlorine and the characteristic name “Whiteness” only for its intended purpose. In fact, you can use this bleach for other purposes, given the cleaning and disinfecting effect of chlorine. So, what can be the non-standard use of “White”?

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Shining glass

Add one teaspoon of bleach to the dishwasher's detergent drawer. If you wash the dishes by hand, hold the glass products for 2-3 minutes in a solution of “Whiteness”: for 4 parts of water 1 part of bleach. Rinse them and rinse well.

Important! You can use the same principle for washing windows. Just make sure that the bleaching solution does not get on the frames, especially if they are wooden or colored.

And for this purpose, such a remedy as ammonia, which many housewives have been using for several years, is perfect. For detailed recipes for its use, see our article “Washing windows with ammonia”.

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Flower storage

Want cut flowers to stand longer? Add a couple drops of liquid bleach with chlorine to the water. The water will be much cleaner and the flowers will stay fresh longer.

Important! Find out also what else can be added to the water so that the flowers stand longer.

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The use of "White" to help the summer resident

Why not use the sterilizing properties of Whiteness? Prepare a solution (4 parts water for 1 part bleach) and soak garden equipment in it. This reduces the likelihood of plant disease.

Important! The same principle can be used when transplanting home flowers for preliminary disinfection of pots.

Weed control

Why can I apply “White”? Everyone knows the problem of weeds in the country. They grow on paths between stones or tiles, creating a scruffy impression. Pouring them with undiluted bleach will not only save you from weeds, but also prevent the emergence of new ones.

Important! Be careful when doing this. “White” kills the vegetation completely. Do not harm healthy crops.

Also on our portal of useful tips you will find review of other weed remedies.

Garden Path Processing

A new path in the country, paved with stone or tile, looks just fine. However, over time, the stones are overgrown with moss, look weathered and dull. A solution of chlorine bleach (1 cup of product in 3 l of water) will help restore an attractive look.

Spray the solution from the spray bottle onto the track, hold for a few minutes, and then rinse the stones or tile from the hose. Be careful not to damage the crop plants along the path.

Insect control

If you store water for irrigation in an open container, mosquitoes will most likely annoy you. Add some bleach to the water and it will destroy the mosquito larvae that develop in stagnant water. One tablespoon is enough for a volume of water of 150 liters.

Important! Bleach must not be added to a natural body of water.

You may also be interested in a selection of effective preparations for garden pests.

Update the fence

If the board fence has lost its former attractiveness, covered with mold or dirt, treat it with a solution of liquid bleach, and then with a lime solution.After the reaction has passed within a few minutes, rinse off with clean water.

Important! Pre-take measures to protect plants from chlorine.

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Unusual use of “White” - jeans with a “boiled” effect

Denim trousers with a worn effect have not lost their relevance to this day. A real branded “varenka” is not cheap, therefore, if there is no way to purchase finished products, you have to embark on tricks. Here are the options for the non-standard use of “White” for making “boiled” jeans at home:

  1. Pour detergent into the washer compartment (powder + “White”). Moreover, the concentration of bleach is three to five times greater than usual. Wash the product. After that, sew the belt and the lower part of the legs manually. Pour a little soda with bleach into the washer, load wine corks into the drum to the trousers: the more the better. Wash the product again, dry, and can be worn.
  2. Prepare the solution: in a 10-liter bucket, 1 cup of water. Bring the mixture to a boil, only then lower the pants into it. To get the characteristic “stars”, pinch the fabric and tighten with a pharmaceutical rubber band. For vertical strips, twist the product, as for squeezing. Boiling time - from 15-20 minutes to 1.5 hours. It all depends on what kind of result you want to achieve.
  3. A quick but effective way: sprinkle your pants with chlorine water. To eliminate the reddish tint that the fabric takes in places where the solution gets, soak the item for 1.5-2 hours in a blue solution. After that, squeeze and dry the jeans. The effect is wonderful.

Important! To make your pants look even more original, use other ideas:

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As you can see, the range of use of chlorine bleach is quite wide. Do not be afraid to experiment, and everything will turn out fine!

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