Plastic furniture - pros, cons, design

Plastic is a very practical material. It is in no way inferior to other materials that are used in the manufacture of interior items. Today, plastic furniture is very popular and in great demand. Furniture from this material is used both indoors and outdoors. Plastic is heterogeneous, its group includes various synthetic polymeric materials that differ in their properties. Some of them can be hard, high-strength and frost-resistant, while others can be resilient and elastic. The characteristics of plastic furniture reflect the properties of materials. Increasingly, they use this material when creating kitchen and garden furniture. In this article we will consider in detail what plastic furniture is - pros, cons, design.

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Plastic garden furniture

After the appearance on the consumer market, plastic furniture has occupied a leading position for several decades among the most affordable and cost-effective pieces of furniture for a summer residence. Plastic garden furniture has a huge number of advantages, but it is also endowed with some disadvantages. Consider the main pros and cons in more detail.



  • It is steady against differences of temperatures and humidity. This property makes it possible to use it in the open.
  • Light weight, which makes moving it from one place to another much easier.
  • Very often there are models of chairs, tables that can be stacked on top of each other, which facilitates their storage.
  • Practicality. Such furniture is very easy to care for, dirt is not absorbed into it, only a damp cloth is needed to clean it.
  • Such furniture looks very interesting, has elegance, an elegant outline.
  • Price. Furniture is inexpensive, has an excellent price-comfort ratio.
  • Durable and comfortable. From plastic, you can create absolutely any shape, you can give objects any color, as well as imitate the texture - granite, wooden or marble.
  • Plastic furniture is not subject to corrosion, rotting processes, it is not afraid of fungi, insects.



  • Very often, such furniture is made of plastic of very dubious quality, so when heated it can release toxic substances.

Important! At the time of purchase, require a quality certificate from the seller - it should indicate the degree of toxicity of the material from which it is made.

  • Scratches appear on it, and after a strong blow, it can simply burst.
  • A large number of plastic products pollute the environment.

When comparing quality and price, an increasing number of consumers prefer plastic furniture. With its unpretentiousness, practicality, functionality, you can create excellent conditions for relaxing in the garden, in the country, as well as in the summer areas of cafes or restaurants.

Important! If a summer residence for you is a place of good rest, for the soul, then it makes sense not to choose typical PVC models for it, but to make more convenient, comfortable, beautiful furniture. You will have to spend your time for this, but the result is worth it. Our workshops will help you:

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Manufacturing methods

Garden plastic furniture is made in two ways:

  • Casting. The heated material is poured into the prepared form.This process takes place under pressure. After the product has cooled, it is ready for use.
  • Rotary. Furniture is manufactured at normal pressure, but rotation is also required, which is done in different planes.

Important! Injection furniture looks more spectacular than rotational, it has a glossy smooth surface. It is more durable, lasts longer, but also costs more.


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Kitchen plastic furniture in interior design

Modern technologies allow the use of polymers for finishing facades of kitchen sets and the manufacture of furniture for the kitchen. Kitchen plastic furniture has its pros and cons in interior design, which we will consider in detail below.


Advantages of plastic kitchens:

  • High strength. Such facades do not crack, do not break during their operation.
  • Huge color scheme. The market has about 400 shades that will suit any interior design. In addition to the classic colors, there are also trendy acid ones on sale: bright orange, lime green, pink and others. You can also apply any photo printing to the facades, which makes it possible to create original and unique models.
  • Moisture resistance. Plastic does not absorb moisture and does not lose its quality when in contact with water. Such kitchens do not deform, do not swell and do not stratify over time.
  • Easy to care. The material has no pores where germs and dirt could accumulate. To maintain cleanliness, it is enough to have only a damp rag, and any neutral liquid or soap can be used as a detergent.
  • Price. Plastic is slightly cheaper than solid wood or natural veneer.
  • Durability. Such facades practically do not undergo abrasion. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays and for a long time retain their rich and bright color under the influence of sunlight.
  • Variety in design. You can create any elements from plastic sheets, whether they are classic rectangular or beautifully curved.
  • Heat resistance. Basically, the plastic is resistant to heat up to 160 degrees. It does not melt or warp if you accidentally put a hot pot or kettle on it.
  • Environmental friendliness. High-quality plastic furniture is made in strict accordance with applicable regulations and sanitary standards. The polymer does not include hazardous substances.
  • Scratch resistant. In production, the sheets are coated with a laminating film, which is endowed with high mechanical strength. It is very difficult to leave scratches on the surface if you do not do it on purpose.



  • Fingerprints. They remain on all plastic facades.
  • Simple appearance.
  • Intrusive color.
  • Visual distortion of the facade.

Important! Having an idea of ​​the option made of PVC, for a complete understanding of all the features, it will not be amiss to have information about what other materials are used to make furniture for the kitchen, what properties they have. All this you will find in our special review. “Materials for kitchen sets”.


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Modern tendencies

There was a stereotype that plastic furniture is not suitable for those people who love luxury and are chasing fashion trends.

There is a huge number of very beautiful, fashionable, stylish and comfortable interior items that are made of plastic:

  • Colored chairs made of plastic.
  • Sets of plastic children's furniture.
  • Transparent plastic chairs.
  • Plastic furniture with LED backlight.
  • Dining plastic headsets made of plastic.
  • Multi-colored designer chairs.
  • Designer transparent colored chairs.
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Stock footage

In this article, we examined the main advantages of plastic furniture and its disadvantages. The choice is yours - stop on plastic or wooden furniture.

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