Do-it-yourself tablecloth

Recently, it has become fashionable to do everything with your own hands. The direction of handmade is gaining momentum. Many craftswomen have learned to make such masterpieces that they are breathtaking. Today we’ll talk about how to sew a tablecloth with our own hands. Why, if in the store you can choose and buy a tablecloth for every taste? Yes, if only because it is much more profitable to sew it yourself, especially since it is not so difficult. Plus, you can choose the right color yourself, calculate the exact size and you will certainly be sure of the quality of the product. So, let's begin.

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Front tablecloth

If you like to receive guests, then this master class is for you. Sew a ceremonial floral tapestry tablecloth to their arrival, trim it with a satin ribbon and a thin lace trim, and success is guaranteed. In addition, this tablecloth will be lined. So that you can easily sew a tablecloth of two fabrics with your own hands, we present you a master class.

  1. First of all, you need to calculate the amount of material. Measure the length and width of your table and add 60 cm to the resulting values.
  2. Choose fabrics for the base and for the lining. You will also need a satin ribbon and lace trim.
  3. Cut two rectangles from materials according to your standards.
  4. Align them along the slices and sew them around the edges, leaving a small area for turning out. Cut off allowances at the corners.
  5. Iron the seams well.
  6. In an open area, tuck and take stocks.
  7. Sew a satin ribbon around the edge and sew. On top of the satin ribbon, lay a lace trim and sew.
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Tablecloth without sewing on an oval table

If you do not know how to sew at all, do not worry. We suggest you make a tablecloth without picking up a needle and thread. But here you need a hot glue:

  • Spread the fabric on the table.
  • Decide on the length and cut off all the excess.

Important! It is best to mark the cut line with dots around the entire circumference.

  • Glue a strip of lace to the bottom with hot glue.
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How to sew a tablecloth from shreds? For this product, patches of the same size are needed - you can take different colors, you can choose two colors. It all depends on your desire. The number of patches will depend on their size, as well as on the size of the table.

Important! It is best to draw a sketch on paper so that you have a clear idea of ​​the design of the future cape.

Before you start creating, wash and iron them, in order to avoid shrinkage and coloring in the future, and then:

  1. First, sew three shreds between you. Staple their right sides together, align corners and edges.
  2. Hide the seams inward for a neat appearance. Make five such blanks.
  3. Sew the blanks together.

Important! If you planned a specific pattern, then make sure that it is not broken.

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Tablecloth on a round table

How to sew a round tablecloth? How to calculate material consumption for a round table? To correctly calculate the consumption of fabric, measure the diameter of the table top of your table, as well as the height of the future tablecloth on both sides. You will get three indicators that need to be added. Let's say you have a table diameter of 76 cm and a tablecloth height on each side is also 76 cm. The length of the tablecloth will be 76 + 76 + 76 = 2.28 m.

Important! Do not forget also about allowances for seams and for hemming fabric. They also need to be multiplied by two.

Operating procedure:

  1. Open the fabric so that you get a square. Lay it on the table.
  2. As a compass, you can use a centimeter tape. Lock it in the middle and draw a circle. Cut it out and the tablecloth is almost ready.
  3. If the fabric does not crumble, then it can not be hemmed. But it’s better to hem or melt the edges. For bending, bend 1 cm of the edge to the wrong side and iron it with an iron. Then bend again and iron again. Now hem the hem on the typewriter.

Important! Make sure that no wrinkles form. You can use pins or adhesive tape.

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Stock footage

We hope you are convinced of your strengths and that you can easily sew a tablecloth with your own hands. In this article, we have suggested some simple ideas, on the basis of which you can continue to create real masterpieces for decorating your home table.

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