How to wipe adhesive tape from linoleum?

In our time, linoleum can be safely called one of the most popular materials. The store has a huge selection of products, they differ from each other in design, color and price. Among the advantages of such a flooring, good characteristics should be noted - a long period of operation, wear resistance and practicality in installation, as well as a wide range of colors. But surface contamination cannot be avoided, and not always will it be easy to clean. For example, in a certain state of stupor, such a moment can enter: how to wipe the adhesive tape from linoleum? This will be discussed in this article.

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How to remove tape from linoleum?

This material is practical, and in some cases simply irreplaceable. The only minus is that after removing the adhesive tape, a sticky trace and an unattractive print remain. And if you do not remove it in time, then this is also fraught with the fact that over time all the dust will accumulate on it, and blacken day by day.

In order to wipe off the sticky layer, you can try to wipe the same, from which this stain is obtained - get rid of the support of the same adhesive tape. Unwinds a tape of adhesive tape of the same size as the stain, and stick it to the stain with sticky layers of sticky hand movements.

A similar method removes the sticky layer of glue from linoleum. But it will not always be effective enough.

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Melamine magic sponge

Each hostess in her heart desires a magical tool that would easily and quickly cope with pollution, including stains from adhesive tape. And there is a similar way - this is a melamine sponge. This miracle sponge can even remove traces that cannot be removed with various stain removers.

In order to wipe the tape from linoleum, simply wipe the place where there is pollution with a sponge. You can use both dry and wet.

Important! With its help, they also clean:

  • various pollution with washable wallpaper;
  • traces of a marker, brilliant green, adhesive tape, ink, shoe prints;
  • stains from detergents.

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Means to wash tape from linoleum

In addition to the above options, you can also, at your discretion, use one of the following tools:

  • washing powder;
  • various pasty household chemicals;
  • a solution of warm water with soda;
  • ammonia;
  • ordinary detergent for dishes.

Important! Pollution washing procedures are best done with gloves on.

Many housewives also recommend the use of essential oils - they easily cope with various contaminants, including the stickiness of the surface.

Important! You can also use a glass cleaner, just spray, wait a few minutes and wipe with a regular sponge.

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How to wipe super-glue from linoleum?

When working with super-glue, you need to be very careful, and prematurely protect the flooring from the ingress of mortar to the surface. If nevertheless this trouble has taken place, it remains to use chemical preparations.

In construction shopping centers, you can buy special tools to remove glue from the surface, but we will consider the option of how to remove glue from linoleum without purchased funds.

One of the most effective means is refined gasoline. A similar method should be applied already on a dried adhesive surface.It is necessary to wait until gasoline dissolves the glue mass, then wipe it with a dry cloth. If you didn’t succeed in removing the glue the first time, you can repeat the same procedure several more times until it disappears completely.

Important! When working with this substance, you need to be very careful. It is desirable that there are no children in the room. Be sure to rinse with water after the procedure and ventilate the room.

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Stock footage

It is not always possible to be extremely focused and neat, which is why today there are a variety of products on sale, such as removing adhesive tape, super-glue and other likely and not quite substances from different surfaces. In this article, we gave you some examples of how to handle without the help of such solvents, which means that now you can solve a similar problem quickly and easily.

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