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Everyone wants to see real, lively comfort in their home. People living outside the city can afford a real fireplace. Sit in the evenings with your family and watch the gradual disappearance of firewood, listen to a pleasant crunch and feel warmth with all the fibers of your body. And what about the residents of the city, so they are unlikely to be able to make themselves a real fireplace in the apartment. But do not worry, today you will learn how to make a false fireplace with your own hands.

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What is this all about?

A false fireplace is a fireplace that has the same visual component as the real one. Yes, you don’t really feel the fire, and you don’t hear a crack, but comfort in the house will definitely appear.

The following conditions usually stop in the city:

  • lack of chimneys;
  • overlappings not designed for such loads are just a small list.

Important! Of course, you can buy an electric fireplace. Its installation does not take much effort and time, but you must agree, it is better and more pleasant to do something with your own hands, only your imagination will play a role here. You will not see any restrictions in the form of color, decoration and other things. Yes, and open fire in the apartment is unsafe, as there is a high risk of fire and fire.

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The following is a list of the benefits of decorative raised fireplaces:

  • The financial component. You will not need so much money to create your fireplace.
  • Availability of materials that your heart desires.
  • The ability to change the decor from time to time, for example, for any holiday to change in its theme and all.
  • Use in decoration of inexpensive, but original and beautiful materials.

Important! You can create comfort in the living room by interestingly decorating the walls. Use our ideasDIY wall decor ".

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Types of false fireplaces

Such fireplaces are divided into three groups:

  1. Artificial false fireplaces that completely imitate the real ones, observing both the dimensions and the principles of design. Inside the furnace you can install a biofireplace burner, which, in turn, will give an almost accurate effect of the burning hearth.

Important! This is a fairly expensive option, but it looks the most believable.

  1. Conditional. Such false fireplaces have a portal protruding from the wall. They can be equipped and changed according to your taste, look and desire. Firewood is often put in the furnace hole or candles are put there.
  2. Symbolic false fireplaces - are made on the basis of any materials. Their originality and the difference is that it can even be a drawing containing some decor elements.

Important! You can place photographs above the fireplace. We have prepared a separate review for you. "How to make a panel of photos with your own hands on the wall?".

Important! Create an unforgettable, exclusive indoor design. Learn how to make the interior more fun and interesting in our separate post. "How to diversify the interior?".

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Materials of manufacture

To make a false fireplace with your own hands, some of the materials can be found at home:

  • drywall;
  • plywood;
  • Styrofoam;
  • cardboard;
  • Chipboard;
  • wood;
  • brick;
  • polyurethane.

Important! To create the scenery, you can use furniture - old, unnecessary, which you feel sorry for throwing away and it's time to replace. And place flowers on the fireplace, not necessarily living ones. We offer you some interesting and simple workshops on how to make DIY glass florarium.

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We make false fireplaces

Here, different types of fireplaces and how to make a decorative fireplace with your own hands will be described:

Option 1 - out of the box

  1. Here we will need: a lot of glue, a box from under the TV, decor elements, which, in turn, can be made of polystyrene foam or buy polyurethane foam decorative parts.
  2. First we set the shape of your fireplace, twist it, turn it as your heart desires, then we paint over as you like.
  3. And then we equip your fireplace.

Important! The problem with this option is that it is too flimsy compared to the others.

Option 2 - from drywall

Drywall today transforms the interior in various ways. It is suitable not only for arranging niches and installing partitions. From such material it is easy to make a false fireplace with your own hands for an apartment.

You will need the following tools:

  • Drywall sheets 12.5 mm thick. If subsequent ceramic tile lining is planned, then the material must be moisture resistant.
  • Galvanized UD profile. Designed for mounting GKL on the walls.
  • CD profile. Differs from the previous width.
  • Dowel nails for wall mounting.
  • Self-tapping screws.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Scissors for metal.
  • Electric jigsaw.

We begin to make a false fireplace with our own hands:

  1. The GKL portal and corner raised fireplace must be installed starting from the wall to which it will be fixed.
  2. The drawing that you had on paper can be transferred to the wall in a 1: 1 scale, observing absolutely dimensions and angles.
  3. After, having clearly cut along the lines the pre-cut UD profiles, fasten them one after the other to the wall with dowels.
  4. Assembly of the frame. A narrower UD profile for racks and crossbars is taken, fastened with jumpers on the screws. During this, control the horizontal and vertical with measuring tools.
  5. At this stage, the structure is sheathed with gypsum plasterboard, the front part and the niche ceiling, too.
  6. Next, we make the bottom of the niche from the CD-profile, where the fireplace with the function of heating the air will be installed.

Important! Facing GKL fireplaces is done in the same way as wall cladding. When all sheathing is completed, an electric heater is inserted and connected to the network.

Option 3 - old furniture in business

One of the few options to make a false fireplace, which is practically cost-effective. If you have an unnecessary cupboard or sideboard, do not immediately throw it away. With it, you will make a beautiful, artificial fireplace.

Here is a list of the things you need:

  • plywood sheets;
  • wood sanding machine;
  • jigsaw;
  • screwdriver;
  • acrylic paint;
  • putty;
  • LED Strip Light;
  • stucco molding, decorative elements, gypsum finishing stone.

Getting down to business with your own hands to create a decorative false fireplace:

  1. At the old cabinet (sideboard), remove the doors and the lower cabinet, if any.
  2. On the sides at the very beginning we fasten two beams.
  3. Attach two beams above and below to shape the fireplace.
  4. We cut it out of the doors of the side cabinet, which is now located below - this will be a hole for the “blower”. Here you can store firewood - birch is best, as in a real fireplace.
  5. Most likely, your fireplace will need a pedestal, try to take two headboards from the bed, with unscrewed legs.
  6. From the technical part, the construction is ready, process the product with a grinder to a slight roughness.
  7. Prime walls, putty, and level the surface.
  8. After the putty dries, sand the bumps with a pebble.
  9. Paint the case with acrylic paint, finish the corners with a brick or artificial pebble.
  10. Stick on different decorations, install a mantelpiece.
  11. We are engaged in the design of the furnace. Glue the tape over the area - yellow or orange is best. They will play the role of fire well. Fill shells, pebbles, sand, or pebbles at the bottom.

So the fake fireplace is ready with your own hands. To create a cozy atmosphere, do not forget practical and convenientarrange furniture in the living room.

Decorative rock

It will be described in stages, how to make a fireplace with your own hands from decorative stone:

  1. In good faith, clean the base of any obstructions. Perhaps you will fasten the stone to the brickwork, then pre-deepen the seams between the building elements using the same spatula.
  2. Fasten the masonry net to the entire facing base.
  3. Customize the stones in shape, color and other indicators, without applying to the surface - this is more convenient to do on the floor or other smooth surface. Simply transfer the entire projection of the fireplace to the surface.
  4. We proceed to consolidate the started cladding. It would be nice to start the installation with thick tiles - this will provide you with a high-quality and durable coating. They will be your guideline on how much glue is needed on the small parts of the cladding.
  5. Start gluing the first tile from the bottom corner, having completely laid out the corner, go to the device of the upper, horizontal strip.
  6. Wait until it is completely dry and grout the seams.

Important! For the drying time of the glue and grout you have chosen, check on the packaging or from the seller. Make sure that the grout leaves no residue in an inconspicuous area.

An important component of the interior is lighting. Use the advice of the best designers to properly create modern style living room lighting design.

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Stock footage

Nowadays, with our capabilities there is nothing colossally complicated. Making a decorative fireplace with your own hands is no longer a problem. A small amount of time, tools and patience will help you make your home fireplace. Some methods have almost no financial costs. Do-it-yourself fake fireplace is beautiful, inexpensive and profitable. Do not be afraid, everything is actually simpler than it seems, as they say - "the devil is not so terrible as he is painted."

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