Construction dryer - ranking of the best

A building hair dryer, although it has a name similar to a device for hair care, but its functionality differs significantly from its household counterpart. In addition to conventional drying, it can also solder, weld, melt and cut soft materials. A building hair dryer is a popular device that allows you to work with modern building materials, while replacing it is very difficult. Now in stores there are a lot of diverse models that have a similar design, but significantly differ in parameters. From this article you will learn which building hair dryer is best to buy, so that it fully meets all your needs and ensures the high quality of the work performed.

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Industrial Hair Dryer

Building hair dryers have almost the same design and consist of the following units:

  1. The body of the device in shape is very similar to a regular household hair dryer. But it is made of special very durable plastic, which is able to withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures, while not melting and not being deformed.

Important! The case of some models has hand protection. Working with such hair dryers is much safer and more convenient.

  1. Under the body is a ceramic insulating casing, which ensures safe operation with a hairdryer. A heating coil is hidden in the middle of the casing, which can heat air up to 600 ° C and higher.
  2. Hot air heated by a spiral enters the nozzle, which forms and directs the high-temperature jet to the desired location. Such an outlet channel is made of heat resistant steel.
  3. The electric motor distills hot air from a spiral to a nozzle. It has one or two impellers and operates at very high speeds.
  4. The temperature of the working jet depends on the position of the switch selected by the user. It is controlled by a temperature regulator located in the housing.

Important! During repairs, it is usually necessary to use a variety of tools. It all depends on the type of materials used. If you plan to plaster the walls at the stage of roughing or finishing, you can save a lot and at the same time speed up the repair process. Read the instructions how to make a do-it-yourself hopper bucket.

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Key selection criteria

If you are faced with the question of how to choose an industrial hair dryer, then naturally, you must, first of all, pay attention to the parameters of the unit, namely:

  • power;
  • performance;
  • maximum temperature of the working jet;
  • adjustment of the heating temperature.


The power of a building hair dryer is the total power of the fan motor and spiral. The higher it is, the higher the maximum temperature of the air stream.

Which hair dryer is better:

  • Models for home or infrequent use have indicators of 500-2000 watts.
  • More powerful professional devices are in the range of 2-2.5 kW, but there are also super powerful building hair dryers - 3.4 kW.

Important! If you do not know which building hair dryer to choose for periodic construction work at home, you should not think that high power indicators will be the best solution in this situation.Such voracious devices heavily load the network, and also have quite impressive dimensions and weight.


The performance of an industrial dryer is the amount of air passed through a device per unit of time. Most manufactured units have indicators of 200-650 liters per minute.

Important! Hair dryer performance is directly related to the heating temperature. In some models, it is possible to adjust the volume of injected air.

Maximum temperature of an air stream

The most important indicator of an industrial hair dryer is the temperature of the air stream:

  • The maximum value for most hair dryers varies between 600-650 ° C.
  • Heavy duty professional equipment can have a stream of air with a temperature of 750-800 ° C.

Important! After completion of the repair work, an equally laborious cleaning process begins. To reduce the cost of your time and do everything efficiently, take note of the following information:

Heating temperature adjustment

The ability to adjust the temperature of the air stream allows the master to work with various building materials.

Important! The functionality of the device and the ability to work with a wide range of materials directly depend on the smoothness and the range of adjustment of the temperature of the hairdryer jet.

Adjustment can be carried out in this way:

  1. A step switch is characteristic for budget and semi-professional models. Such hair dryers may have two or three temperature conditions.
  2. Slider - allows you to more smoothly change the temperature and work with very different materials. The adjustment step depends on the technical characteristics of the thermostat and the scroll speed of the slider.
  3. Electronic control system - allows you to maintain a constant set temperature of the air stream, and also significantly extends the life of the heating coil. Often, such models also have built-in memory, which records the last working temperature of the device and saves until the next time it is turned on.

Important! If you are thinking what kind of building hair dryer is best to buy for a comfortable permanent job, then of course the last option is optimal. But for home use, you can also take something simpler, since models with electronic adjustment are the most expensive.

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Additional selection options

In addition to the basic characteristics, it is necessary to pay attention to additional features of the device.

Temperature control display

Some materials are very sensitive even to short overheating. For such high-precision work, you need a hairdryer with a control display, which allows you to monitor the parameters of the jet every minute.

Such control can be carried out in two ways:

  1. Light indication - is carried out using LEDs that light up in different colors depending on the selected temperature. The accuracy of this control is poor.
  2. LCD screens - allow you to control the temperature with a change of even one degree. Of course, such models are far from budgetary. In stores, devices of the first type are often presented.

Important! If you plan to buy a building hair dryer or rent it during the repair of your personal home, you may be interested in various ideas for arranging and designing an apartment:

Cold blowing

The presence of blowing with cold air allows you to speed up the work. For example, quickly cooling a hot place, you can proceed with further actions, without wasting time waiting. Therefore, if you are considering which building hair dryer is best to buy for professional work, be sure to pay attention to the presence of this function.

Depending on the model, the creation of a cold stream is carried out in this way:

  1. The spiral turns off when the engine is on. This method allows not only to cool the material, but also to quickly pack the device after completion of work.
  2. The second nozzle is included in the work - this allows you to work with thermoplastic materials, when at the same time one nozzle heats up, and the second - cools.

overheat protection

The “thermostop” function disables the coil during overheating. Quite often this happens when, during operation, the industrial dryer is perpendicular to the material. In this case, the outgoing hot air stream is beaten off the surface and again enters the device body.

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We choose a complete set

Additional nozzles allow you to form a stream of air and work with various models. However, when thinking about how to choose a building hair dryer, you should not pay special attention to the basic configuration - often you can buy all the necessary nozzles, while their price is quite low.

The list of the most commonly used nozzles:

  1. Flat - helps remove old paint, varnish or wallpaper.
  2. Round - used for soldering copper pipes and sealing products using welding tape.
  3. Reflex with a frontal rounded bend - designed for bending polymer pipes. This nozzle allows you to heat the material from two sides, so it is also great for pressing or heating shrink.
  4. Slotted - designed for welding with PVC overlap.
  5. Cutting - this name has a nozzle in the form of a narrow flattened pipe. It allows you to narrowly concentrate the stream and with its help figuredly cut foam polystyrenes.
  6. The nozzle of the side structure with protection - allows you to clean the frame and not overheat the glass.
  7. Mirror - returns reflected heat back to the material. This nozzle is designed for resistance welding of plastics.

Important! To go from the gun to the nozzle, which has a smaller diameter, use reducing adapters. They can also serve as a concentrating nozzle.

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Household or professional?

Deciding finally which construction hair dryer is still best to buy is sometimes quite difficult. To do this, you need to clearly understand:

  • what the device will be used for;
  • how often;
  • maximum allowable budget.

Industrial hair dryers, like many other devices, are produced in two categories:

  • household;
  • professional


A device from the “for amateurs” category is suitable for you in such cases:

  • desired maximum spray temperature does not exceed 560 ° C;
  • the necessary time for continuous operation of the unit is not more than 15 minutes;
  • no precise temperature calibration is needed.

Important! When choosing a household building hair dryer, pay particular attention to brand reliability.

In this segment, units from Bosch, Makita, Metabo, Steinel, Skill and Kress have proven themselves well.

Important! Coziness and pleasant atmosphere in the house are made up of little things. When planning your design, use ideas about:


A professional industrial hair dryer should be purchased if you are interested in:

  • the ability to smoothly adjust the temperature;
  • the presence of a removable heat shield;
  • the ability to stabilize the temperature;
  • the presence of a closed handle.

Important! In this category, devices from Bosch, Makita, Metabo, DeWALT, Steinel are leading.

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Choosing a building hair dryer: ranking of the best

Naturally, the best universally industrial hair dryer cannot exist. Consider the rating of building hair dryers based on where and why it is used.

Best Cordless Industrial Hair Dryers

Such devices often operate on lithium-ion batteries - they only have a voltage of only 12 volts. These hair dryers have an operating temperature of 300-500 ° C and can pass about 100 liters per minute.

Important! They are great for short-term work, provided that there is no outlet near and for home use.

Advantages of battery devices:

  • small sizes;
  • there is no attachment to the presence of the power grid;
  • can be used in hard to reach places.


  • fast battery wear;
  • short period of the work process;
  • low power.

Most popular cordless hair dryers:

  1. Steinel BHG 360 Li-Ion is the cheapest option that allows you to do the job at the lowest cost. It can produce a temperature of 400-500 ° C.
  2. Einhell BHA 2000/1 - a better model, with the same characteristics as the previous one.
  3. Zenith ZF-2000-1 - a practical and reliable unit.

The best hairdryers for concrete

Such industrial hair dryers are used for:

  • work with concrete surfaces;
  • drying, removing varnish or paint.

Important! They use 220 volts and pass about 550 liters per minute.


  • fast glow of the spiral;
  • the ability to use for a large amount of work;
  • able to process concrete.


  • need a power outlet, located near;
  • inconvenient to use;
  • large amount of electricity consumed

Popular hair dryers for concrete:

  1. Vitals Tf 202JSc is the cheapest option in this category. It can operate in two temperature modes - 350 ° C and 550 ° C.
  2. Steinel HL 1610 S is a good working model. If you do not know which building hair dryer is better to buy so that it is not very expensive and of high quality at the same time, pay attention to this option.
  3. Steinel HL 1910 E - differs from the previous hair dryer in its greater functionality: it has three temperature conditions and a maximum operating temperature of 600 ° C.

The best hair dryers for soldering

The peculiarity of such models is that they have a highly sensitive temperature controller, and the air flow is clearly directed.

Important! They can work both from the network and from the battery. The spray temperature is about 300 ° C.


  • easy to solder plastic constructions;
  • smooth adjustment of temperature;
  • precise flow direction;
  • low power consumption


  • sufficiently low operating temperature;
  • small range of work performed.

The most popular hair dryers for soldering:

  1. Forte HG 2000-2 is one of the cheapest soldering options. A fairly powerful model - 2 kW. The maximum temperature is 600 ° C.
  2. Storm - has the same characteristics, but slightly more expensive.
  3. Energomash TP-20002 - hair dryer with a power of 2.5 kW.

The best multi-functional building hair dryers

If you are considering what kind of building hair dryer it is better to buy, so that it is a universal “workhorse”, then such an indicator as the maximum temperature of the jet with the possibility of smooth adjustment is very important.

Most popular models according to users:

  1. Defort DHG-1600 is a quality cheap model. It can operate in two temperature modes - 420 ° C and 500 ° C.
  2. Skil 8004 LA - has a continuously adjustable temperature in the range from 50 ° C to 650 ° C.
  3. Bosch GHG 660 LCD - a device similar in parameters from a well-known manufacturer.

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Recommendations for use

It is important not only to know how to choose an industrial hair dryer, but you also need to use the unit that you purchased correctly.

In order for the construction hair dryer to serve you for a long time and with high quality, you must follow the operating rules:

  1. Direct the jet at a working surface at an angle of 45 degrees. This will avoid the return of hot air back to the device and its overheating. It is believed that 95% of all breakdowns occur precisely due to non-compliance with this recommendation.
  2. Do not overheat the device and the processed material.

Important! Never check the temperature of the jet or material by hand.

  1. Do not use an industrial hair dryer with flammable liquids or flammable materials nearby.
  2. When finished, allow the device to cool - the case may be very hot.

Important! Note that on a hot summer day, the unit can cool much longer.

  1. Use an industrial hairdryer in a well-ventilated area or outdoors.
  2. Do not leave the device plugged in unattended.
  3. Only remove varnish and paint with the scraper included in the kit.

Important! Be sure to wear a respirator when handling paintwork.

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Now you know which building hair dryer is best to buy for certain jobs. And if you still get lost in the vast sea of ​​offers in online and offline stores, then our rating of building hair dryers will become a “lifeline” for you.

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