Creative Corner Ideas for Kids

The child needs not only your attention, but also the creative development with which he will master colors, shapes and much more. The number of creative objects is growing with the child. So, for example, a few pencils, felt-tip pens and one palette of paints will be enough for the baby. A schoolchild needs a large arsenal of accessories - besides the office, you will need colored paper, scissors, glue, plasticine, a drawing board and much more. And this is just wonderful, because all children love to create new things and come up with something. It is for this reason that they need to properly arrange a place for the development of intelligence and fine motor skills. In today's article, we will consider the ideas of a creative corner for children, get acquainted with the basic principles of organizing a workplace, and also give some useful recommendations to parents.

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The role of creative space in the development of the baby

So, let's talk about the useful function that a creative corner for a child carries. Here are the main reasons why you should organize a separate zone for the development of your child:

  • In some sense, this place will be an individual experimental laboratory. The creative corner is very convenient in that in one place there will be all the items that the baby so often needs and arouse great interest in new devices. Mom will no longer scold the kid for drawings on the walls, and dad will not scream for sticks, stones or sand brought home.
  • This is an amazing space that is replenished with something new: multi-colored paper, jars in the shape of animals, colorful leaves, cones, clay for modeling and many others.
  • This is the baby’s personal area, and only he decides when he will be there, what he will do, whether he needs the help of his parents. In a word, this is a children's shelter in which you can hide from prying eyes and just be alone. For schoolchildren, the creative zone is a place that can lead to adult thoughts.
  • This is a design studio where you can sometimes make creative mess, independently study shapes, colors and much more.

Important! With the help of such a corner for creativity, your child can show his creativity, learn to think outside the box, realize new ideas, thereby expanding his abilities and horizons.

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What should be a creative corner?

For this place, it is extremely important to take into account the requirements for its arrangement, since the comfortable pastime of your child will depend on them. Let's look at all these nuances in more detail:

  • All materials should be as accessible as possible, always in sight at a convenient height. For their proper placement, it is best to use shelves, racks or boxes on the table. Properly organized creative space will allow your baby to independently maintain order.
  • The place where the child will be engaged should be well lit by daylight, and for evening fakes on the table on the left side there should be a lamp or built-in lamps.
  • Parents should think in advance about places and ways to store necessary supplies.
  • The table and chair should perfectly match the height and weight of your baby so that he is comfortable sitting at his workplace.
  • It is necessary to focus on those types of creativity that are especially interesting for your child.
  • A place should be allocated for a collection of ready-made drawings, applications and other fakes.


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Creative Space Organization

How to equip a corner for creativity? What ideas to use? All these points will be further discussed. We will help you understand all these issues so that you can organize your baby’s workplace as comfortable, interesting as possible, using only the most useful items and accessories.



  • The children's creative zone should be fenced from the room with a screen, locker, shelving or sofa. Your baby should feel that this is precisely his personal place where no one will disturb him. You can put several pillows on the floor or lay a soft mattress.
  • Opposite the workplace, you can fix a small unbreakable mirror. With it, the baby can not only admire himself, but also study himself, catch gestures, watch facial expressions and everything that happens around him.

Important! You can hang with a mirror drawings of children's faces with various emotions - joy, sadness, delight and so on. They will help the baby understand his mood, which changes so often.

  • Here you can hang a magnetic board for numbers and letters, or put an easel for drawing, equipped with boxes with crayons of different colors, next to the table.
  • The rack with albums and other accessories, which should be firmly fixed to the wall, will not be superfluous. On its shelves you can put puzzles, toys and other games for the development of children's thinking and motor skills. Unnoticed, you yourself will see that having played enough to the dump, your baby will put some things in the locker, and this will be a good sign of being accustomed to order.

Important! Do not limit the imagination of your growing child to just drawing in the album, let him do something more without harming the walls. So, for example, you can hang a slate board, wallpaper for drawing or a paper sheet in a roll in a prominent place in the creative corner. Undoubtedly, your baby will be very happy with such a new device, because it is so exciting to draw, and then wash again until a new idea appears.

  • In order not to step on scattered pencils, we recommend organizing a storage system for all accessories. To implement this idea, you just need to prepare cups, boxes, containers and miniature buckets - you can use anything you want!
  • Any child will be pleased to see their creations before their eyes, to show them to all family members and guests at home. For this reason, it is advisable to equip a place for a small collection. For you and your baby, any drawing should be a special work of art and carry a certain meaning. Choose the most successful creations and hang them on the “pride” board of your little craftsman.


Supplies & Accessories

Now we will discuss what stationery and other accessories are needed to implement the idea of ​​a children's creative corner. For you, we have prepared a list of useful recommendations:

  • You need to stock up on everything for drawing - albums, paper of various sizes and colors, crayons, pencils, felt-tip pens, paints and brushes, water jars. It is useful from time to time to offer the baby to work with salt dough, to make crafts from clay or plasticine.
  • Creative games, such as puzzles, constructors, lotto, will not be superfluous. Here you can add various natural materials, so you can start collecting tree branches, cones, acorns, colorful leaves of various shapes for applications.
  • For the very young, you can put on the table plastic jars with a twisting lid, inside which there will be various cereals and much more for the development of fine motor skills: buckwheat, rice, beans, pebbles and so on. It will be interesting for the kid to know the sizes, colors, touch objects with his hands.
  • Children love to play with adult instruments, such as pots, jars, jars with lids, scraps of rope. Sometimes you may notice that a child is more interested in these things than expensive toys, and this is quite normal. All this is connected with a large children's imagination, the horizons of which are unlimited.


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Tips for parents:

  • Try not to interfere in the creativity of your baby, in his experiments and new achievements. You can only observe the achievements of your little creator from the side, and if necessary, give hints in complex actions. You, as a parent, must make blanks for applications, create blanks for studying colors, shapes, numbers, letters. That is, the kid should do all the main work in complete independence.

Important! Giving full control of the situation to the child, you will not only help him in development, but also save your personal time.

  • Your task will be to maintain the interest of the child in his creative corner. We recommend not to spread everything that you have available, but to replenish the arsenal gradually. So, for example, you can put in a prominent place a game that captivates the baby at the moment. Children love surprises and new subjects, so from time to time come up with activities of varying difficulty. For example, you can draw figures on a piece of paper, on the places of which you need to stick pre-cut circles, squares and triangles of the desired color. So your child will learn not only colors and geometric shapes, but also make his brain think in the right direction.
  • Do not be afraid to hang on the board with drawings, crafts of work of varying complexity. All this will stimulate the child to creative activity and, possibly, develop new talents in him. Do not show the masterpieces of your baby to all the guests of your home, your child will choose a person to evaluate his work.
  • It is advisable to discuss all of your ideas for organizing a creative corner with the “creator". So you will understand what the child is showing more interest in and what less. In any case, the zone of creative development should be liked first of all by the child.
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Do not be afraid to experiment with arranging a creative corner. For his organization, it is not necessary to buy new furniture - an old crib can serve as a table, and its railing will be a place for a poster with drawings and storage of other accessories. Good luck!

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