How to clean linoleum from mounting foam?

For a long time, one of the most popular building materials that is used for various repairs is installation foam. However, during the application of the foam, a variety of sudden situations often occur when the mortar mix accidentally gets into the wrong place. If it hits any surface, it adheres very well, making it difficult to wipe off. In this article, we will consider effective ways to clean linoleum from mounting foam, as well as other materials and coatings.

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Properties of construction foam

Polyurethane foam is sold in cylinders that resembles a package of air freshener, which contains an aqueous liquid prepolymer and blue fuel. When the foam mass leaves the cylinder, it rapidly polymerizes to hard polyurethane foam.

The material is used by its wide popularity due to its properties:

  • perfectly insulates;
  • comfortable to use - just buy a container and a special gun for work;
  • freezes rapidly;
  • not afraid of moisture;
  • does not conduct electricity;
  • has good adhesion to various planes;
  • penetrates well, including into small openings;
  • It is used both in professional construction and for small installation works.

Important! Foam does not like the effects of direct sunlight, for this reason it is better to hide the layer with a layer of putty, plaster or platband. The same is necessary for a more aesthetic appearance of the treated surface.

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How to clean the mounting foam from the laminate?

Laminate is by far the most famous material for flooring. Laminate board consists of several layers. Upper - provides protection, and is made from melamine or acrylic resin.

Laminate is not allowed:

  • To be treated with chemical elements - they can spoil the flooring and leave a stain on it. Various acids, alkalis, products that contain chlorine, ammonia belong to similar preparations.
  • Clean with abrasive materials. This method is ready to spoil the protective layer of the coating surface.
  • Wash the laminate without first removing the sand.
  • Subject to the treatment with the agent, which contains silicone.
  • Wet excess water (exception moisture resistant laminate).

Important! Before using any floor cleaning product, it must first be tested in a small place.

Removal Methods

Before considering options for how to remove the mounting foam from the laminate, it should be noted that it is easier to prevent getting on the plane. Before work, it is best to cover with newspapers or plastic wrap. In the event that already drops of polyurethane foam hit the floor, you can use two types of removal:

  1. Remove instantly until the foam has frozen.
  2. Wait until the installation drop hardens, then clean it from the floor.

Important! There is an opinion that a soft “montage” should not be touched until it dries - it is much easier to fix it, but this is not completely wrong. Eliminating the structure before it dries, you stop the process of polymerization, and most importantly - adhesion to the surface. In accordance with this, in this case it will be much easier to get rid of.

Only one thing needs to be understood: how to clean linoleum from mounting foam so as not to spoil the surface of the floor? For this process, you will need a wooden or rubber spatula. To clean the gun, you will need to purchase a foam cleaner at building materials stores.

Spatula removal procedure:

  1. First you need to carefully roll the foam with a rubber or wooden spatula from the edges to the middle, not the other way around, otherwise you can stain the entire coating.
  2. The rolled up piece must be carefully removed with a spatula. No need to take the foam with your hands, it is poorly washed.
  3. Then the residues need to be wiped off with a napkin, it is preferable to use additional additional cleaning agents. It is best to use a special foam cleaner of the same manufacturer as the mortar itself.
  4. Lubricate the surface of the flooring with wax or linseed oil.

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How to remove polyurethane foam from linoleum?

  • You can use the pharmacy “Dimexidum" - it reacts with the substance that makes up the foam and destroys its molecular structure. In a few minutes there will be no trace of foam. It is advisable to carry out this procedure with gloves, since there is a chance of getting burned.

Important! Instead of “Dimexidum" it is possible to apply table vinegar. Of course, the exposure period will need to be increased.

  • Vegetable oil. This method is suitable for removing fresh stains on floor surfaces. First you need to remove the foam mass, and then clean the traces of mounting foam with oil.
  • It is possible to remove foam from hard surfaces with the help of cold. Due to the binding of molecules, when the foam hardens, it is easily and simply cleaned off mechanically.
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It is quite possible to clean the flooring from the mounting foam. But in order to exclude unnecessary waste of time for this process, it is better to exclude in advance the risk of it falling onto the surface of the finished floor.

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