How to disassemble the faucet in the shower?

The mixer in the shower can fail, like any other plumbing. Therefore, in order not to waste time and money on the services of specialists, it is better to familiarize yourself with typical malfunctions of such devices and options for their elimination. The whole difficulty lies in the fact that many shower boxes have built-in taps, so it will not be superfluous to learn how to solve problems with ordinary wall-mounted devices. From our article you will learn how to disassemble the mixer in the shower cabin, how to cope with the most common malfunctions on your own.

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DIY repair of built-in faucets

Almost all built-in faucets, which are equipped with modern showers, have the same device:

  • Temperature and pressure are controlled by a cartridge with one control lever. The pressure of the water changes due to the raising and lowering of the lever, that is, if you lower it completely, the water closes to the end. To adjust the desired temperature, simply turn the lever to the right or left.
  • The ceramic cartridge provides switching of shower modes (watering can, tropical, hydromassage, jacuzzi). Through the mutual rotation of the ceramic ground plates with special slots, the mixture of cold and hot water is directed towards the desired set of nozzles.

Important! The number of modes in such designs can vary from 2 to 5.


Faults in the built-in appliances

Many problems created by these devices to their owners are more often associated with such reasons:

  1. With the failure of one of the cartridges. As a rule, holders break in them, ceramic plates are chipped off, and special grease is produced between adjacent surfaces. All this leads to serious resistance when trying to change the position of the handle.
  2. With clogging of calcareous deposits of nozzles.
  3. With the complete destruction of the core in the shower hose, because over time the rubber is covered with lime, it begins to crack.

Important! Holders and plates can break only as a result of applying serious efforts to the main lever when they are jammed with foreign objects in the form of pieces of scale and sand. This problem is completely solved by installing filters at the inlet of the water supply.

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Troubleshooting common problems

If one of the cartridges fails, then repairing the faucet in the shower cabin will not be difficult to complete.

Do the following to deal with this problem:

  • Turn off the water on the eyeliner.
  • Locate the plastic plug on the lever, remove it.
  • Loosen the locking lever screw under the plug.
  • Remove the handle.
  • Unscrew the chrome decorative nut under it.

Important! Do this only manually, without using keys, so as not to deform or damage it.

  • Loosen the nut that secures the cartridge with a gas, adjustable, or open end wrench.
  • Remove the old cartridge and replace it with a new one.

Important! In those cases when fully lubricated, the lever is shifted quite difficult, therefore, to extend the life of the cartridge, it is enough to disassemble it and grease the plates again. But the feasibility of this venture is rather doubtful, since a high-quality lubricant costs almost as much as a new cartridge.


If the shower hose has leaked, then this problem is solved even easier. Perform its removal according to the instructions:

  1. Unscrew the watering can and mixer nuts from the body.
  2. Pry metal or plastic liners with a knife under the nuts, remove them together with the remains of a broken core.
  3. Pull the core over one of the inserts.
  4. After passing through the core, insert it into the armor.
  5. The core, which appeared on the opposite side of the armor, pull on the second liner.
  6. Press the liner into the armor.
  7. Replace the hose.

Repair clogged nozzles is reduced to the most ordinary cleaning by means of a straightened paper clip.

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Troubleshooting Wall Mount Faucets

In terms of design, wall-mounted faucets are simpler, so finding replacement parts will not be difficult, they are always on sale.

You will need to perform the following actions, depending on the nature of the malfunction and the cause of its occurrence:

  1. Water flows over the valve stem. The reason for this phenomenon is the development of an oil seal or rubber seal. To solve the problem, it is enough to replace the seal or to stuff the stuffing box.
  2. The helical axle box began to turn. This happens due to wear on the body or stem. One single way out is to replace the crane box.
  3. Ceramic axle box began to turn freely and does not block the water. This happens due to the breakdown of the protrusions on the ceramic plates. To resume the operation of the crane, you will have to replace the crane box or plate.
  4. The mixer with one lever does not block the water or has ceased to regulate the water temperature. The reason most often lies in the presence of chips on the plates and the breakdown of the cartridge retainers. The only sure solution is to replace the cartridge.
  5. The push button switch has stopped blocking the water. The problem lies in a worn rubber valve. To solve the problem, it is enough to replace the valve or the entire switch.
  6. The push-button switch began to spontaneously transfer the flow of water with a small pressure on the hose. In such situations, the cause of the breakdown is often too tight spring, working on the return. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to bite off several turns of the spring.
  7. The lever switch has stopped switching water, while it is stuck in intermediate positions. The problem lies in the wear of the housing rails, therefore, the problem can be solved only by completely replacing the mixer.
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Now you know how to disassemble the faucet in the shower cabin, got acquainted with typical malfunctions and ways to eliminate them. Thanks to this information, you can independently cope with the solution of everyday household problems.

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