How to remove the air conditioner 🥝 how to properly dismantle yourself

There are situations when it is necessary to dismantle the air conditioner. The reasons can be completely different - the old split system does not work, the move is possible, or you are going to make repairs in the room. This problem can be solved by calling the wizard from the service center. But if you want to save money, have certain skills and desire, then you can cope with this task yourself. How to remove the air conditioner from the wall during the repair, while avoiding the negative nuances and errors, how to paste the wallpaper under it - we will tell you later in our article.

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How to paste wallpaper under air conditioning?

This is a rather difficult task. There are people who “will do just that”, and there are others who want to do everything perfectly.

You can paste the wallpaper in two ways:

  • Gently stick, slipping a couple of centimeters under the device, new wallpaper. This method will not bring the desired result, since with the naked eye it will be noticeable that the wallpaper is not fully pasted under the conditioner.
  • Remove the air conditioner for a while, and stick the wallpaper perfectly.

How to dismantle the air conditioner from the wall during the repair, so that the final result is pleased - we will consider in detail below.

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Precautionary measures

Before you figure out how to remove the air conditioner from the wall with your own hands, you need to understand how it is designed to avoid unpleasant consequences. This device consists of 2 blocks - external and internal location. Combine their two lines, and the refrigerant moves along them. Freon in a liquid state circulates through a tube of a smaller diameter from the indoor to the outdoor unit, it also runs in the opposite direction, but already in a gaseous state through a thicker copper tube.

In this part, there are problems that can ruin all your actions when you try to remove the air conditioner with your own hands:

  • A complete or partial loss of Freon may occur if you disconnect the pipelines incorrectly.
  • Air that contains moisture can enter the heat exchanger and tubes, which can lead to malfunction during operation of the air conditioner after reconnecting it. Incompressible moisture enters the compressor and destroys the device.
  • The ingress of small particles into the copper pipes during their drawing very quickly leads to a breakdown of the system.
  • Be very careful with threads that are soldered to the tubes. If they are damaged, expensive repairs will be required.
  • Be sure to put labels on the terminals so that you can easily reconnect the air conditioner without messing up the wires.
  • Do not cut the drain pipe too short, through which condensate is discharged outside the outdoor unit.

Important! Read the instructions carefully before you start dismantling the air conditioner so that it does not need to be repaired in the future.

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Preparatory stage

It is necessary to prepare a number of tools, without which it is impossible to cope with the task before answering the question of how to remove the air conditioner from the wall during DIY repair.

Tools required:

  • Pipe cutter.
  • Manifold Manifold.
  • Socket hex wrenches.
  • Carob keys.
  • Side cutters.
  • Adjustable wrenches.
  • Drill.
  • Phillips screwdriver.
  • The knife is construction.

There are times when you need to acquire safety equipment.

Important! When removing the device, two people must be involved in order to perform work without risk to life and health.


Freon descent

There are three options for dismantling the air conditioner with your own hands:

  • Dismantling with the release of freon.
  • Conservation of gas inside the device.
  • Using a special technique, with the help of professional equipment, save Freon completely.

All methods are used, but the third gives the best effect without any loss.

Important! Experts recommend retaining the refrigerant completely so that there are no problems during re-installation.

To remove the air conditioner from the wall with your own hands correctly, you need to study the design of the split system, which consists of a closed loop filled with freon. It consists of such components - a compressor, a system of copper tubes and an evaporator with a condenser, which connects the entire system and ensures the selection and supply of refrigerant.

To turn off the air conditioner without loss of freon yourself, it must be pumped into the condenser, for this:

  1. Shut off the valve between the device and the thin-diameter tube while the equipment is in cooling mode.
  2. After a minute, when all the refrigerant is pumped into the condenser, turn off the valve on the thick pipe. With this action, you turn off the freon supply and “close” it in a trap.
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Dismantling with video

To dismantle the outdoor unit, disconnect the copper tubes. To do this, they need to be cut off at a distance of about 20 cm from the fitting, and then the sections should be struck to ensure complete sealing.

Important! Copper tubes must not be reused, because their extension is strictly prohibited.

Outdoor unit

Remove thermal insulation after handling copper pipes. It is best when two people are working: one is outside the room, and the second is inside. Removing the device in this way is faster:

  • One - disconnects the electric power, and the second - disconnects the wires, having previously marked the terminals in the place of their connection.

Important! You need to manually straighten the tubes so that they pass through the holes in the wall, without any problems.

  • They also screw the end of the cable, which is dragged into the room.
  • Then the nuts are removed, which hold the outdoor unit on special brackets.
  • After two, the unit is removed and moved inside the room.

Important! The outdoor unit that you removed must be stored exclusively vertically.


Indoor unit

How to disassemble the indoor unit so that the frion does not leak? Dismantling the internal unit of the device has some nuances, without which you won’t be able to do all the work correctly, which can lead to breakage of delicate mounts.

Here's how to remove the air conditioner indoor unit from the wall for wallpapering correctly:

  • Remove the housing cover using the signs that are located on the bottom of the unit.

Important! Each manufacturer installs a cover in its own way. Read the instructions carefully to understand how to do this correctly.

  • Disconnect the electrical cable by unscrewing it from the terminals and pulling it carefully out of the system.
  • Disconnect the nozzle, put the container in advance, because water can flow out of it.
  • Remove the heat insulator, and then disconnect the freon pipe. Carefully unscrew the tubes, as was done when removing the outdoor unit, tighten them with covers or wrap them with electrical tape.

Important! You can also cut the tubes, squeeze and then twist. The main objective is to prevent contaminants from entering them.

  • Carefully remove the indoor unit when it is already holding nothing.
  • Remove the mounting plate.
  • Start preparing the surface and wallpapering the walls.
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Stock footage

We described in detail above how to remove the air conditioner from the wall with our own hands. The work is simple if you have the desire, skills and the necessary tool.If you are not confident in your strengths and abilities, and also do not have the necessary devices, entrust the dismantling work to professionals.

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