Is it possible to glue wallpaper on the OSB plate without putty?

To date, OSB boards are a fairly popular material for construction. Partitions are made of them, various curly designs. Plates are also used for cladding ceilings, floors, internal and external walls. To explain such popularity is quite simple - the basis of oriented chipboard is compressed waste from the wood processing industry. As a link, synthetic but not toxic resins are added to the sawdust. Therefore, the material is reliable, environmentally friendly and very affordable. But after installation, a fair question arises, what to use next, as a decorative finish? Is it possible to glue wallpaper on the OSB plate without putty? Let's look into this issue.

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Feature of OSB boards

Before dealing with the question of how to glue wallpaper on an OSB plate, we find out what this material is. In the context, it resembles a multi-layer cake, consisting of several layers:

  • Each individual layer consists of 90% of wood shavings and coniferous wood chips laid in one direction.
  • The remaining 10% is accounted for by special adhesive adhesives, resins and paraffin impregnation, which process and bond all layers, and then compress them under pressure. The binder is polymerized, resulting in an aesthetic glossy surface.
  • Resins and paraffin impregnation provide reliable protection against moisture.

Important! The direction of wood laying in adjacent layers is mutually perpendicular. This arrangement gives the plates strength, stiffness, resilience and resistance to deformation. Their internal structure is more dense and homogeneous than that of other wood materials, they better hold fasteners.

Their main disadvantage is the finish. Sticking wallpaper on an osb plate is not an easy job, and there are several reasons for this:

  • The surface of the OSB plate only seems smooth and even. But thanks to the special structure and embossment of the material, all the flaws will be visible on thin wallpaper.
  • Through the wallpaper of light tones, the structure of the tree can shine through.
  • Traces of resins and paraffin impregnation can appear on the wallpaper over time.
  • If the environmental safety class of the material used corresponds to E1, then direct wallpapering on an osb plate is completely prohibited.
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Foundation preparation

Since oriented particle boards, which are used in construction and decoration, are made of wood, they greatly absorb moisture. And over time, with excessive dampness, they can even swell. The same effect is exerted on them by primers, which mainly consist of water, as well as adhesive compositions. This means that wallpapering on the OSB plate without preliminary preparation is impossible.

Therefore, it is worth stocking up on the following tools and materials:

  • rubber spatulas and rollers for smoothing;
  • brushes;
  • a container for mixing the solution;
  • drill with mixer nozzle;
  • tape measure and construction pencil;
  • level;
  • dry putty ready for walls or hard putty on wood;
  • reinforcing mesh;
  • primer adhesive or strengthening white or colorless;
  • wallpaper glue of the same class as wallpaper;
  • sickle for reinforcing joints;
  • sandpaper;
  • Dry cuts of soft tissue to remove excess glue.

Important! It should be noted separately that color compositions cannot be used for gluing wallpaper on OSB tiles, since pigment can appear on the wallpaper.

Wood leveling

Before you glue wallpaper on OSB, you must first grind the surface. This step should not be skipped when performing work, as it:

  • allows you to achieve a flat surface;
  • walls, elementary, look much better after this treatment;
  • Using grinding, you can remove excess resin that can appear on the surface of the plate with ugly spots.

Important! Synthetic resins can not only spoil the aesthetic appearance. They can degrade the adhesion of materials, as they have a greasy composition. Excess resin will not allow the primer to be applied evenly over the entire surface. The material will simply slide off the OSB plate.

First layer of soil

In the process of preparing for wallpapering on the OSB plate, there is another important stage. After the surface is polished, it is necessary to apply a primer:

  • it will fill the pores of the material;
  • will bind the smallest particles of material;
  • will improve the adhesion properties of wallpaper boards.

Before gluing the wallpaper on the OSB, it is worth deciding on the wallpaper that you will apply:

  1. If you opted for dense grades of rolled material - fiberglass, non-woven, vinyl, then the primer can be applied in one layer. The texture of such rolled materials is a large pattern or volumetric elements that can independently align surfaces with defects and make them invisible to the eyes.
  2. If the selected wallpaper is thin, then it is worth priming the plates not once, but twice. Professionals are also advised to opt for dark or colorful tones. After sticking light, thin wallpapers, in the future you may encounter the fact that the structure of the tree on the plates will be visible from under them.

Important! Before gluing wallpaper on OSB, the plates should also be treated with a water-repellent composition.


Stucco and putty

If you chose thin, paper roll material for gluing wallpapers on OSB, or the plates have large cracks, noticeable joints and other defects, then it is best to plaster the surface. Carry out these works in the following order:

  • A fiberglass mesh is best suited for these jobs. It is fixed to the wall with a stapler. It is better to place the brackets at a distance of 10-15 cm. If you want a more reliable fastening, then additionally use glue.
  • When applying plaster to the OSB plate, there are no special tricks. This material is used in the same way as in work with concrete walls.
  • To process and obtain a flat surface, use the rule.
  • After the layer has dried, it must be sanded. This is best done with sandpaper.
  • After these steps, finishing the surface is putty.

If you chose a dense material, for example, non-woven wallpaper, for gluing wallpapers on an OSB plate, then normal putty alignment will suffice. But it is worth considering one nuance. When installing a material such as OSB, the plates are not laid in joint to each other, but leave a distance of several millimeters between them. In that case, if there is a movement of the material, if the foundation of the building or structure begins to shrink, or temperature changes have their effect. These gaps, which professionals call expansion joints, are best treated with silicone-based sealant when finishing. This additive gives the composition elasticity and does not crack over time.

Work is best done in the following order:

  • Putty the joint with the finished compound.
  • From above, apply a section of a sickle and drown it with your hands in a still liquid mixture.
  • Use a spatula to level the surface. If necessary, add a little more compound and putty again.
  • Wait until the treated surface has completely dried, then treat the surface with fine-grained sandpaper. This will smooth out all the roughness.

Important! Sometimes, to get a flat surface, just one layer of putty is enough. To get a good result, experienced craftsmen advise using solutions based on acrylic or latex. Such putties are very plastic and perfectly mask the unevenness and roughness of the wall. After the putty is completely dry, it should also be treated with sandpaper or a grinder to eliminate minor defects.


When the question of how to glue the wallpaper on the OSB plate without putty is resolved, it is worth applying another - finish, primer. For these purposes, it is best to use a white composition:

  • The top coat of the primer will serve as a kind of barrier and will not allow the glue to soak into the putty.
  • Soil also increases the adhesion of materials by several times - the wallpaper will hold on more firmly on a primed surface.
  • White color will cover the structure of wood, it will not shine through the wallpaper.

Important! Choose a soil in which manufacturers add antiseptics and fungicidal agents. The tree can be attacked by fungi and mold, and special additives can avoid this.

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Wallpapering on OSB plate

Some masters, sharing their experience on how to glue wallpaper on OSB, advise you first to make a layer of paper from thin, cheap wallpaper overlap. Although the intermediate paper layer will not play a big role, it will only complicate the finishing work.

In addition, if the preparatory work is done perfectly and the surface is step by step prepared for finishing, then the question of how to glue wallpaper on the OSB plate without putty will no longer be relevant. Just use roll material in accordance with generally accepted rules:

  1. Together with the wallpaper, do not forget to get the glue suitable for them. Dilute it with water, following the instructions and observing the necessary proportions.
  2. Cut the wallpaper into strips of the desired length. Do not forget that on materials with a drawing it is necessary to make a fitting pattern.
  3. First of all, glue on the wrong side of the wallpaper. It is better to do this by spreading the material on the floor, pre-laying a layer of newspapers or paper. So that the glue on the canvas does not dry while you are processing the wall, it is better to fold the strip in half. Do this as follows: wrap the upper and lower parts of the strip towards the center.
  4. Also, the adhesive composition must be applied to that part of the wall that you will stick.
  5. Then gently take the strip by the upper part and attach it to the joint between the ceiling and the wall.
  6. Glue each strip from top to bottom, moving from the middle to the edges of the canvas. Use a soft cloth trim or a clean roller to iron strips, expelling air bubbles from under the wallpaper.


Wallpapering on the OSB plate is done so that the joints between the sheets do not fall on the seams between the plates. This moment needs to be calculated in advance. Also worth a few more tips:

  • To sustain the wallpaper after applying the glue need no more than 10 minutes.
  • For thin web material, this time should be reduced by three times.
  • Sometimes when wallpapering, the seams between the strips may diverge. Slightly, but this will spoil the appearance of the finish. To avoid this, apply one trick. Glue small strips of thin paper under the edges of the canvas to the places of future joints. If you opted for vinyl or other dense materials that do not deform under the influence of an adhesive base, then there is no need to worry about such a detail as the divergence of the strips.
  • In the corners we glue the wallpaper on the OSB plate according to the following scheme: the first element must be glued with an overlap of an adjacent surface of 1 cm, the second - close to the wall.

Important! At the end of the work, the room is left closed for a day so that there are no drafts or temperature changes. Optionally, after gluing the wallpaper on the OSB plate, observe a temperature of about 23 degrees heat in the room.

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The liquid wallpaper

As an alternative to conventional roll materials, you should consider liquid wallpaper.This eco-friendly material is often used in modern interiors. It perfectly complements the structure of the tree. It is quite simple to use. Such wallpaper can be applied to the wall using a conventional spatula, as is done when puttying the walls.

This decoration option is considered by many to be a simpler way than wallpapering. Of course, with skillful use of tools:

  • The main advantage of this finish is simplicity. Several steps in preparing the surface for processing can be skipped right away. Liquid wallpaper is applied in a dense layer, and in its structure they are plastic, therefore they can even out the surface and eliminate defects and give the final look to your interior.
  • The main disadvantage of this option is its composition. Since the material is liquid, it will be strongly absorbed into the plates. To avoid this, before applying liquid wallpaper, the walls of the OSB need to be treated with a hydrophobic composition. Apply such a primer at least 3 times.

After a fairly simple preparation, OSB boards can be applied with liquid wallpaper. Such decoration is possible not only on smooth walls and on the ceiling. With their help, it’s quite easy and simple to decorate curly structures - arches, niches, ceiling tiers.

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So, to the main question, is it possible to glue wallpaper on an OSB plate without putty, we answered, we examined the technology and received the necessary recommendations. Now to summarize. Sticking wallpaper on an OSB plate is a completely feasible task. The main thing is to prepare the surface and perform actions sequentially.

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