Fiberboard Wall Cladding

Currently, fiberboard panels, which sheathe walls, are widely used. This method is the most popular option for finishing a vertical surface. Natural wood is able to perfectly retain heat and have soundproofing properties. In the cold season, the walls do not cool down and the optimum humidity level is maintained. In this article we will look at how the cladding of fiberboard walls is made.

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Types of decorative wall panels

Wood always remains a relevant material, since it is able to store the energy and warmth of nature. Over time, it does not lose its attractiveness, but absorbs time and elegantly ages. Wood is a malleable and easy to process material. Using a tree, you can realize any fantasy and transform it into reality. To do this, you need the idea, desire, time and elementary skills of a specialist.

Important! Facing fiberboard panels can solve many problems:

  • For the installation, preliminary preparation of the wall surface is not required, which means that it is not necessary to work with cement and glue.
  • Such panels are very easy to transport, disassemble and install. It’s like a designer who can easily assemble even an unprofessional specialist.
  • Thanks to the decoration of the walls with such panels, you can hide all the errors of the wall surface and communication. And the presence of a large color gamut allows you to choose panels for any room.

On the modern market there is a huge assortment of various materials with different sizes and shapes, representing an expanded color and tint range, decorated with a pattern or print. Each variety has its own individual performance characteristics and properties. Consider the main differences between vertical wall panels.

Rack panels

They are long, fastened together by strips. The width of each panel varies between 10-30 cm, the length corresponds to 2.5 to 6 m, and the thickness is from 8 to 25 mm. Modern apartments have a ceiling height of 2.5 m, so the length of the product is enough to install vertical panels.

Such panels are characterized by a tongue-and-groove system, which allows for more convenient and easy installation, in which special brackets and clamps are used for fixing.

Sheet panels

Represent the largest in size modules. They are characterized by a uniform color or pattern on the surface. In appearance, the panels are similar to sheets of hardboard.

The most common sizes are 130x49 cm, 130x100 cm, 122x244 cm, 260x100 cm, 128x98 cm, 200x100 cm, 260x490 cm, 260x98 cm, the thickness can vary from 3 to 6 mm. With a perfectly flat wall surface, the panels perfectly adhere directly to the wall. A positive aspect of this material is the high installation speed.

Important! In case of wall errors, it is preferable to fix sheet panels to the crate with nails.


Tiled Panels

They have a square shape. Thanks to them, designers have the opportunity to implement interesting decorative solutions. For square panels, or so-called tiled, the principle of mounting is exactly the same as for type-setting.At the same time, it is possible to form a pattern, while combining panels of different patterns or tiles of various colors.

Standard sizes of tile panels: 15x60 cm, Z0x30 cm, 30x60 cm, 98x49 cm, 98x98 cm.

Additional nuances

Based on the basis of the material and the applied top layer, wall panels are characterized by both resistance to high humidity and a negative reaction to it. That is why when choosing a material for decorating fiberboard walls, it is necessary to study in detail the properties of the material.

Moisture-resistant wall panels are characterized by the presence of the following types:

  • natural wood panels that are coated with wax or some other special material;
  • other materials are the basis, but at the same time there is a laminated film on the front side that is painted in some color, although sometimes there are products laminated on both sides;
  • plastic panels or panels that are coated with plastic.

Non-moisture resistant panels include:

  • chipboard panels;
  • MDF and fiberboard panels, non-laminated models.
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The advantages and disadvantages of fiberboard

Fiberboard panels are environmentally friendly material and are more resistant to temperature extremes and high humidity. The front side of this material is made by manufacturers in such a way that it copies any materials, in addition, it is treated with a special water-repellent composition.

Important! An additional advantage of this material is its low price and very simple installation requirements.

The pros and cons of a fiberboard are characterized by its hardness. Currently, the modern market presents several varieties of fiberboard - hard, semi-solid, soft boards.

Important! When manufacturing supporting furniture structures and in the process of construction, mainly semi-solid plates are used.

The benefits of fiberboard:

  • Fiberboard, or the so-called hardboard, is produced under the influence of high temperatures in the process of pressing wood fibers. As a result, a material that is durable, resistant to fire and protected from swelling is obtained.
  • Fiberboard is a sheet product that is made by pressing, drying and using a binder. As a rule, a wood layer in the form of pine or spruce is applied on top. To give a natural woody pattern and emphasize the decorative surface, use artificial patina or varnish the top layer. In some cases, they use a tinting substance or stain. The decoration process is carried out using sculpting and carving. The use of these technologies contributes to the presentable appearance of the panels.
  • On the modern market there are plates of various sizes and shapes. A huge assortment is represented by a diverse number of shades from light beige to purple, red. A very interesting and effective version of products assembled by an unconventional method, for example, using mirrors.
  • Fiberboard is characterized by excellent moisture resistance, such materials often make the decoration of bathrooms.
  • Using a damp cloth, you can clean the surface without any problems.

Important! The panels can not be soaked heavily, and it is also not recommended to wash panels from fiberboard with detergent.

  • DIY wall cladding does not require a perfectly flat wall surface. The main condition is the presence of a dry wall, which reduces the time for wall cladding.
  • The low cost of fiberboard allows consumers to widely use this material.
  • With proper use of the product, the material can last a very long time.
  • Ease of processing the material, while its structure does not change.
  • In the manufacture of furniture, a laminated product is used.
  • Fiberboard material is used not only in construction, but also in the automotive industry, carriage building, carpentry.


  • The presence of a small sheet thickness limits the scope of the material.
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Proper preparation is the key to success

In order to avoid unnecessary expenses of time, effort and money, it is necessary to pre-plan each work:

  • First of all, we decide on the amount that you can spend on material for decorative wall decoration.
  • We analyze the market of manufacturing companies and the prices of manufactured products.
  • We are designing a drawing of the rooms, so that you can calculate the required amount of material without measuring walls, floors, and ceilings.
  • We determine the amount of material needed, for this we multiply the length by the height, subtract the area of ​​the doors and windows and add 10% to the fit.

Important! Wholesale purchase is cheaper than buying material at retail. At the same time, construction companies manufacturing for the purchase in bulk offer a free delivery option.

  • We prepare the necessary tools, which can also be rented.

Important! It is very advantageous to pre-order wall cladding with wood panels. In this case, strictly the parameters of the premises are used for the manufacture of walls, which avoids waste products, and apply all purchased goods.

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Panel Mounting

When attaching fiberboard panels, nails, clips or mastic are used. To perform this kind of work, special knowledge and skills are not needed, so you can do it yourself.

How to make the cladding of fiberboard walls with your own hands:

  • After acquiring the material, it should be unpacked and left for 24 hours, so that during this time it adapts to the humidity in the room.
  • If there are uneven walls, the wall surface must be leveled and lined.
  • One of the most popular installation methods is the use of special locks and latches. In the manufacturing process along the side and end planes, fixing parts must be installed on the panel. Thanks to this method, it is possible to quickly assemble using the pin retainers and the holes for securing the lower part. On top of the plate is fixed with locks, with cutouts and cams. Thanks to these details, there is the possibility of the most accurate fixing of the position of the fiberboard panel.

Important! These panels do not need corrosion protection.

  • In addition, the frame for fiberboard panels can be fixed with nails. The first board with the face turned up should be mounted from the corner of the room. Using nails, we mount the wooden panel to the frame. The following panels are tightly fastened together, while for them there should be a docking in the groove.
  • After that, finish the wall surface with decorative elements.

Important! When performing repair work, very often wooden panels are attached using an adhesive, the so-called mastic. In this case, the walls should be perfectly smooth, and the adhesive should have a thick and plastic consistency. The mastic is required to be applied evenly on the wall, using a 2-3 mm thick notched trowel. After that, tightly press each panel.


Useful Tips

Sheathing fiberboard walls is not difficult at all.

  • For wall decoration, you can choose a laminated fiberboard of different sizes, the main condition is the good quality of the material and its thickness

Important! Do not purchase corrugated fiberboard sheets - the presence of such a defect indicates that the material has accumulated moisture and began to warp.

  • Uneven wall surfaces when skillfully finished with laminated fiberboard can mask clumsy walls.
  • Manufacturers produce panels that are made in the 3D technique, the fastening of which depends on how smooth the walls are.
  • There is a huge selection of accessories and accessories that are used to decorate the joints of products and mask the defective condition of the walls.
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Fiberboard fasteners

The method of lining walls with panels depends on the condition of the walls:

  • The presence of a perfectly smooth wall, the absence of temperature and humidity differences in the room, with a panel thickness of 4-5 mm, allows the use of an adhesive composition for finishing a wall surface.
  • Fiberboard panels can be directly attached to the wall with self-tapping screws. A plastic or wooden crate is prepared, to which laminated fiberboard sheets are screwed with screws, plastic or metal clamps.

Everyone decides which way to fix the fiberboard sheets.

Important! Installation of fiberboard sheets has some nuances. If the wall surface is uneven, it needs to be leveled, having previously completed the primer.

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Finishing a wooden house

How to make the cladding of fiberboard walls in a wooden house with your own hands:

  • The interior decoration of the walls with fiberboard sheets starts from the corner. We align the first sheet with a plumb line and glue it to the wall.
  • Lubricate the next part with glue, then snap it into the lock with the first one and glue it in the same way.

Important! If you don’t have a desire to tinker with glue, you can use nails with decorative hats, for fastening which an interesting option is obtained.

  • If you have wooden walls and sip panels, then in this case we install the fiberboard sheets directly.
  • The presence of brick and concrete walls implies preliminary marking, after which we drill holes into which plugs for nails or self-tapping screws are inserted. Thanks to them, the panels will be fixed.
  • When facing the walls, they mainly create the structure of the lathing. In this case, we reduce the space of the room, because centimeters are lost. But at the same time, it becomes possible to cover the most hopeless walls, hide communications, install heat and soundproof materials.
  • When installing the crate, we use a plumb line and level, while there should not be an excess of a step of more than 30 cm. After the procedure of fixing the sheets, the molding is installed.
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Useful Tips

In order to facilitate the process of self-finishing the walls of fiberboard with material, it is necessary to remember some useful tips:

  • Regardless of the place of fastening of the sheets, using a high-quality primer, it is necessary to process the bar for the grate. This procedure allows you to increase the life of the entire structure.
  • The panels need to be fixed in the castle system, which creates an attractive decorative look.
  • Using decorative inserts, you can close the joints.
  • Wall panels can be combined with decorative plaster or wallpaper, which allows you to diversify the interior and in a new style to decorate the room. Thus, if you wish, you can change the appearance of the room at any time. At the same time, financial costs will be minimal - it is enough to repaint the wall surface or replace the wallpaper.
  • To avoid wet traces on the wall surface of the room, it is necessary to install a vapor barrier under the crate, which is a protective film from condensation.
  • When purchasing a certain batch of goods, you should contact the same manufacturer, as different manufacturers use their own version of the technology. As a result, the composition and properties of the material with the same name in different companies can differ significantly from each other.
  • Arches and other elements are very convenient to cut with an electric jigsaw.
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That's all you need to know in order for the paneling of the fiberboard walls to be successful without the involvement of specialists. We hope you didn’t have any additional questions on installation and material selection!

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