DIY water meter repair

All modern new buildings are equipped with devices for metering the flow of cold and hot water, heat and gas. Moreover, their service life largely depends on the quality of the water - it is precisely the meters of these resources that often fail prematurely. If you have a similar problem, then do not rush to call a specialist to fix it, because you can do everything yourself. Save money will allow the repair of water meters with their own hands. We will talk about how to carry out such repair work in our article.

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Varieties of water meters

In today's market you can find a wide selection of meter models, which are characterized by a wide variety and various properties. Therefore, before performing the repair of the water meter with your own hands, you need to understand what they are and how they differ.

Popular models:

  1. Electronic. They are resistant to increased water pressure in the system. Even with a minimum pressure of water, the device is able to record the indications of its consumption. Due to the presence of roller and dial indicators, it is very convenient for users to read readings. You can install such a meter horizontally or vertically. To perform a metrological check of the device, it is enough to remove only its upper part, while the remaining parts remain articulated with the pipes.
  2. Mechanical. More often, such devices are assembled from imported components, which is why they are in no way inferior to foreign models in their quality characteristics. In trade, mechanical water meters are presented in a huge assortment. Compared with electronic counterparts, they are much cheaper.
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How to determine the malfunction of the counter?

How to find out if water meters need repair? It should be noted that all cold water flow meters are registered with the relevant organization, and it is its representatives who seal them. Therefore, if you suddenly noticed that something is wrong with the device, then solve the problem right away, do not put it off until later.

Pay attention to the following factors:

  • The arrow or numbers of the counting mechanism stopped moving or began to spin in the opposite direction.
  • You consume water, as usual, but the meter readings do not correspond to this.
  • The device case leaked or just cracked.

Important! All of the listed signs of failure are easy to determine on their own, and they indicate that the device needs repair. You can try to fix it yourself, but if all else fails, you will have to turn to a specialist for help.

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Features of self-repair counter

Such devices should only be repaired at the installation site. But before you repair the water meter yourself, you must carefully examine its design. As a rule, they consist of an impeller through which water flows. It is she who twists it, due to rotation, the gear system begins to move, while it is connected to the counting mechanism. This design is located in a metal case from the bottom, and in a transparent top.

Common causes of malfunctions:

  1. Clogged with plaque of rust or solid particles.But if a rough filter works in the apartment, then such a phenomenon is unlikely.
  2. Impeller breakage or wear.
  3. Gear wear in the counting mechanism.
  4. Damage to the case or exposure to low temperature. Often the meters freeze outside in the winter.

Important! As soon as you find a breakdown, immediately contact the accounting organization, since only it has the right to issue you permission to remove the seal. If you remove it arbitrarily, then you face a large fine.

As soon as you receive such permission in writing, you can safely proceed to dismantle the device.

Dismantling the water meter from the video

Carry out the removal as follows:

  • Turn off the water through the valve that is installed on the water inlet to the house or apartment. Such valves must be installed in front of the devices.

Important! If there is a central hot water supply, you will also have to close the hot water valve.

  • Open cold water to remove residual water from the system.
  • Unscrew the union nuts on the counter, remove it.

Important! Be sure to install a metal insert in place of the device, then to resume water supply.



To identify a problem and solve it, follow these steps:

  1. Blow out the device. Just blow it well into the inlet.
  2. If it remains in a stationary position, then rinse it under strong pressure of water in order to wash away the deposits of rust and debris.
  3. If the wheels start spinning during the re-purge process, then you have managed to fix the problem.
  4. If the purge did not help, it means that something inside has broken, and you will have to completely remove the case. Disassemble the counter, remove the top, counting mechanism, scoreboard, impeller. It will not be difficult to identify the problem here.
  5. Replace worn parts, return everything to its place.

Important! Putting the seal back on its own will not work, so either try not to destroy it during the repair process, or call the wizard to reseal it.

If the mechanical part of the case has been damaged, most likely you will have to change the water meter or find a faulty device with the whole case and just swap them. Then you will need to install it in place, following this instruction:

  1. Block the water at the inlet.
  2. Get rid of residual water in the pipes by opening the mixer.
  3. Remove the metal insert, put a water meter in its place. At this stage, it is better to put new gaskets under the union nuts.
  4. Open the water. If water starts to flow from under the nut, tighten it harder.
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Useful Tips

Despite the fact that it is not difficult to repair water meters with your own hands, the following nuances should be taken into account:

  • If you have never performed plumbing work before, then you are unlikely to find the necessary spare parts in your arsenal, which are rarely even found on sale.
  • Think carefully before fixing the meter with the seal installed on it, because you most likely will not be able to keep it intact, and this is an additional cost in the form of penalties.
  • New water meters are not so expensive, so it’s easier to immediately replace a broken device with a new one.
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Stock footage

Using these instructions and recommendations, you can understand whether it is worth repairing the water meter yourself. We hope you will be prudent and act wisely so that there are no more problems with the operation of water meters.

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