Sakura on the wall as room decoration

It often turns out that after repair it seems that something is still missing. Most often - a creative approach and personality. Masters do their job efficiently, but without a “twist”, you will have to do it yourself. A very interesting option is painted sakura on the wall in the room. Such a pattern is suitable not only for ethnic or oriental style, but will decorate any design of an apartment, home or office. How to do this, what is needed for this and what are the alternatives to drawing - we will tell you.

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Sakura on the wall - this decoration option can be used not only for wall decor, but also for interior doors, curtains, textiles, refrigerators, furniture surfaces and other items.

The most common styles for which drawings with the image of Japanese cherry branches or flowers are used are:

  • Oriental and Japanese styles.
  • Classic design.
  • Ethnic style.
  • Modern styles Loft, high-tech.

Important! If you complete the drawing, taking into account compatibility with interior items, all the necessary requirements for decoration and choose the right color scheme, then you can achieve interesting results in almost any interior style. We can assume that this type of design is universal and will be appropriate in any room.

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How to draw sakura?

Before answering the question of how to draw sakura on the wall with your own hands, you need to decide whether you will draw a single branch, sakura flowers or the whole tree. All these options are united by one theme, the picture can be supplemented with images of exotic plants, birds and more.

You can draw sakura on the wall with your own hands, based on certain instructions and recommendations.

Necessary materials and tools:

  • Paint brush.
  • Roller.
  • Art brushes.
  • A simple pencil.
  • Eraser.
  • Acrylic paints.
  • Paints for walls.


Phased work:

  • Training. The drawing is applied to a specially prepared surface. For example, special wallpapers are intended for painting or painted walls.
  • Sketch. After preparation, it is necessary to sketch.

Important! If nothing interesting comes to mind, find the image on the Internet.

  • Drawing a contour of the picture on the wall. Use a simple pencil for this.
  • Selection and application of paints. Prepare the necessary colors of acrylic paints and start filling in the contours that you applied earlier.

Important! Flowers can have any shades of red. If you want to use the main color scheme, choose shades of pink. Black, brown, white, red, pink and green colors are welcome.

  • Drawing additional elements. After completing the basic drawing and drying it out, you can make an addition in the background of birds or traditional structures of nature - mountains, lakes.

As it turned out, it's easy to draw sakura on the wall with your own hands. But some may have difficulties with this work, because it is necessary to have at least basic painting skills. There are other ways to decorate the space of your home or apartment.

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Using a stencil

A good solution can be a sakura stencil on the wall, which is designed for drawing drawings. A huge selection of these products is provided in stores.

Important! Using a stencil will reduce the time needed for drawing and will be an excellent solution for people who have little difficulty drawing contours on the wall.

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Alternative methods

Let's look briefly at other alternatives that can also decorate walls with the help of drawings.

Sakura Stickers

They are widely represented not only in specialized stores, they are easy to purchase in online stores.

Sticker Advantages:

  • The sticker, which shows the sakura, is easy to stick on the wall yourself.
  • Affordable price.
  • A huge range of applications.
  • Transforms the interior in a short time.
  • Durable
  • Wash with a damp sponge

The work is very simple - just follow the instructions.


Fabric panels

Another option for decorating the interior, which shows sakura, is the use of a decorative panel - this is made on the basis of woven material. These textile tapestries are perfect for the interior of a classic living room, as well as in a small entrance hall.

Important! You can use these panels not only on the walls, but also on other surfaces - cabinets, doors.

This option is perfect for fans of Feng Shui style. The main conditions are a combination of style and color of the picture with the rest of the interior.

Wall mural sakura

You can also use a method that has long been known to everyone - pasting a wall with murals on which a sakura pattern is applied. Choosing the right option will not be difficult, as the choice in stores is the widest. The main task will be the correct selection of size, base and material from which they are made.

Important! When choosing, consider the practicality and durability of these finishing coatings.

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Stock footage

To draw sakura on the wall with your own hands is not so difficult as it seemed at first glance. Just follow the recommendations, instructions that are given above. You can also learn a lot by viewing photos of finished interiors on the Internet. If this work seemed complicated to you, but you want to decorate the design of your room with sakura, use alternative methods to drawing.

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