The hot water meter has broken - what should I do?

Many owners of modern apartments and country houses install meters to account for the consumed water in order to save financial resources on paying utility bills. Naturally, everyone is trying to choose the best, high-quality, practical water meters. But even the most expensive and good devices can fail. Today we will tell you how to behave if the hot water meter is broken, what to do, what measures to take. Is it possible to do repairs on your own or is it better to turn to specialists for help - let's figure it out.

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What to do if a water meter breaks?

It is the promptness of your actions that will help you save not only your nerves, but also financial resources. At the time of repair or replacement of the water meter, users are transferred to minimum utilities tariffs.

What to do if the hot water meter breaks? - Follow the scheme:

  • The first thing, of course, is to notify the institution of the breakdown, write a statement, seek help from a centralized company.
  • At your request, the controller will come, remove the seal, draw up an act.
  • Then you can repair or change the counter.

Important! Be prepared for the fact that the elimination of deficiencies can last a long time, first an expert report is drawn up that the device was not specially disabled, then the commission makes a conclusion about the warranty period, only after that the repair takes place.

Unfortunately, the examination rarely gives a positive result in the direction of the user, so in most cases it is easier to immediately replace the water meter in order to reduce the cost of expensive repairs.

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Water meter removal and installation procedure

Naturally, in order to repair the counter, you must first remove it, while the seals are necessarily violated, and a corresponding act is certainly drawn up about this. Installing a new device yourself is not difficult, but again, this action will have to be registered and then sealed. And here you can not do without the help of specialists or representatives of the water utility. It is better to immediately contact a professional to prevent various issues. As a result, the work will be completed faster, take less time, and if any questions suddenly arise, then there will be someone to ask.

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Typical water meter breakdowns and methods for eliminating them

To begin with, it is worth noting that you do not need to panic immediately if the water meter is broken. What to do - we will describe in detail below.

Important! On average, such devices have been operating for about 12 years. It all depends on the model of the water meter, but in order for it to work properly, remember that it must be checked every 4-5 years.

There are two main symptoms of a malfunction:

  • The appliance stopped spinning.
  • The device gives erroneous readings.

Let's look at why such devices most often fail, how to deal with such problems.

Seal failure

This is the most common malfunction due to which the torque elements stop working. In such a situation, the glass begins to fog up or a water leak is observed.

You will need to perform these steps to solve the problem:

  1. Turn off all the taps. Be sure to check the rendering. Wait a few hours.Record the readings again.
  2. If the numbers have changed, then this indicates a depressurization of the pipeline.
  3. Tighten couplings to eliminate water leakage.
  4. If the glass is fogged up, you will have to completely change the device.


Incorrect installation

Often the torque element stops due to the fact that the water meter itself was not mounted correctly. How to behave in such a situation? First, check the correct installation of the device, because often they are interchanged, as a result of which the temperature regime is violated and the device stops spinning.

Important! On the back of the devices there is always the abbreviation SVG and TSW, which indicates for which particular pipeline the water meter is intended.

Pipeline clogging

The water meter often stops due to clogging of the pipeline. The fact is that the quality of the flow stream, as a rule, contains various mechanical impurities that clog up the filters and stop the impellers.

Follow the troubleshooting procedure as follows:

  1. Disassemble the device.
  2. Rinse the filter mesh.
  3. Assemble the device, put it in place.

Important! Before carrying out such repairs, the master must remove the seal, and then seal it again.

To avoid such problems, it is recommended to install a filter directly in front of the meter, which can be cleaned without breaking the seal. It must be cleaned once every six months or more often, taking into account the speed of rotation of the impeller.

Insufficient water pressure

Low water pressure is another reason why the hot water meter does not turn. What to do in this situation - we will tell further. The fact is that too high a pressure with the same diameter of the pipeline can break the impeller, and a small pressure - on the contrary, turns the arrow at minimum speed, so it seems that the device breaks down.

Do the following to try to solve the problem:

  1. Check the readings with the tap open at full power.
  2. If even with good pressure nothing changes, then the device cannot be repaired.
  3. A small stream nevertheless gives certain results, which means that the reason that it does not spin lies in the clogging of the pipeline. Just need to do his cleaning.

Important! When opening the tap completely, do not forget that water flows at a speed of 20 liters per minute, and such an overrun will greatly affect utility bills.

Counter Issues

The water meter often stops due to malfunctions that lie in it.

It is easy to determine the cause of the breakdown:

  • Open the water and see how freely it passes through the appliance.
  • If the digital clips or the arrow do not move, then immediately contact the company that was involved in the installation of the device for help. They will repair it under warranty.


Tricks of the neighbors

Very often today there are situations when people artificially slow down the work of water meters by means of magnets or needles. The counter stops spinning if it was tried to stop, mount or slow down. Naturally, such an action cannot be overlooked, but if you live in a separate apartment, then without your knowledge this is unlikely to happen. Such situations mainly occur in communal housing, dormitories, that is, apartments where one meter is installed, taking into account the water consumption by tenants of several rooms at once.

Important! Even the simplest water meter has a complex mechanism that fails due to the smallest extraneous interference. Therefore, this cannot be allowed to extend its service life, to avoid fines from the controlling organization.

Too hot water

Hot water in excess of all permissible temperature standards often causes the hot water meter to stop working. What to do in this case? You must understand that such devices simply can not withstand such modes, they quickly break down.To avoid such a malfunction, you should periodically check the temperature of hot water, while taking into account that the maximum temperature threshold is 90 degrees.

Important! Water meters that break under warranty are changed and repaired at the expense of the manufacturer, which is mandatory in the contract. If you are suddenly denied this, then you can safely sue him.

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Features of installing a new counter

You can buy a new device for accounting for consumed water in any specialized store. The main thing is to check the device so that it does not have mechanical damage. The seller must indicate in the passport the date of purchase of the device, the stamp of the institution implementing the sale and his own signature. To install the water meter, you will have to invite a specialist who, at the end of the work, will check it and seal it.

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You now know how to fix a hot water meter. with the simplest malfunctions that do not require removal of the seal. If you wish, you may not even find out why the device broke down - just write a statement about its replacement, invite a specialist to record the latest testimony.

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