Installing the sink on the countertop

Over a relatively short time, overhead sinks have become very popular. The reasons for this demand are the extremely simple installation of the sink on the countertop, as well as a large number of design solutions. Read this article and you will learn the nuances of choosing and installing this type of sink. There is nothing complicated, it is quite possible to cope with this task on your own.

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Advantages and disadvantages

A feature of the overhead sink is a flat bottom, which makes it possible to rationally use the usable area. The main advantages of this type of sinks:

  • The opportunity to save space. The installation of a washbasin in a bathroom with a small quadrature allows, for example, to place a washing machine or laundry basket under the sink.
  • The presence of countertops. As practice shows, this is absolutely not an extra attribute in the bathroom. On it you can place various necessities, which is very convenient.
  • Simplicity of installation of a laid on sink on a table-top. Moreover, the installation location can be anything - in a corner, on a ledge or in a niche. Connection is also not particularly difficult.
  • High-quality sealing. Sealing such a structure is very simple, which means minimizing the risks of leakage and a favorable microclimate in the bathroom.
  • Stylish and aesthetic. An undoubted advantage is a large assortment of such products, which allows you to fit them into any room interior. It turns out that such a prosaic thing as a wash basin can become a real decoration of the bathroom.

Important! Are there any disadvantages? Oddly enough, such a design does not have any significant disadvantages. The only “against” argument is the additional costs associated with installing a countertop. And, of course, there are certain requirements for the material of construction: strength, reliability and water resistance of materials.

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Criterias of choice

Laid on sinks differ only in the form and material of production. Both the appearance and the operational properties of the structure depend on the selected material. This is of considerable importance, because for overlaid sinks, unlike mortise shells, both the external and internal surfaces are visible.


  • The most common and affordable materials are ceramics and faience. The relatively low cost and ease of care are their main advantages.
  • For antique interiors, more exotic options are appropriate - a brass or copper product. However, in addition to the high price, such sinks are very difficult to maintain. To maintain a beautiful appearance, you need to use special care products.
  • Overhead glass sinks combine a relatively low price, ease of care and a stylish look.
  • Used for overhead bowls and stone - natural or artificial. A stone product is expensive. Acrylic substitute is cheaper and more practical.



The most common bowl shapes are round, rectangular or oval. The choice of one or another option depends on the installation location and the taste preferences of the buyer. The most important thing is to provide good access to the sink.

Important! In addition to standard geometry, you can see on sale products of an original complex shape.It can simply be irregular, bizarre forms (for example, blot), blossoming flowers, buds or images of other objects. Perhaps this is the case when the complexity of the choice is not due to a lack, but an excess of offers.

Useful purchasing tips:

  • Take the time to check the integrity of the sink. This is especially true for glass and porcelain. Of course, high-strength grades of glass are used in the production, but the fragility of this material cannot be taken away.
  • If there are kids in the family, refrain from purchasing models with sharp corners in order to avoid childhood injuries.
  • Before buying, determine the size of the sink and countertop. Perform all measurements to accurately fit products into a small space.
  • Choose a mixer so that it matches the height of the washbasin. The greater the depth of the sink, the higher the tap.
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How to install the sink on the countertop?

The specifics of installing an overhead product is that a hole of such a diameter is cut in the countertop so that a drain pipe can pass into it, and no more. The siphon flask is mounted below.

There are such ways of installing a washbasin in the bathroom:

  • If the sink has a connector for the mixer, then installation is possible, only the mounting hole will require a larger diameter.
  • Does the sink have a hole under the mixer? You can install it directly on the countertop.
  • Another option for mounting the mixer is directly into the wall.

Important! Regardless of the connection option for the mixer, we must not forget that each slot in the countertop must be sealed.

This is perhaps all you need to know about installing a washbasin.

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Furniture selection

Furniture under the sink is not just a pillar. It helps to disguise hoses, couplings and pipes - in a word, all that cannot be done without, but can ruin the interior.

The main requirement for furniture is the moisture resistance of materials. Otherwise, the furniture from high humidity will quickly lose its presentable appearance, and then completely fail.

The best option for countertops is a natural stone, mainly marble. Such products are sold already manufactured in standard sizes.

The tabletop is installed on the bedside table, equipped with shelves and drawers to accommodate the necessary items. Thus, it is possible to “unload” the space of the bathroom without sacrificing functionality.

Important! It is not necessary to buy finished furniture. Original and non-standard look products made to order.

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Issue price

The market presents products of various cost categories, ranging from the "economy" class, and ending with the premium class:

  • The most popular products are earthenware products from European manufacturers, combining quality with a reasonable price.
  • The most expensive products are made by Indian companies that work with natural stone - onyx, basalt or granite.
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Stock footage

The combination of non-standard and convenience is the secret of the ever-increasing demand for these bowls. And which design to choose is up to you.

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