Installation of a hanging cabinet with a sink

Modern realities quite often afflict us, because most apartments have rather small bathrooms, the dimensions of which do not allow to place all the desired equipment and interior elements there. Here it is no longer a question of beauty, but of a load of area and maximum functionality. An important role here can be played by installing a hanging cabinet with a sink, because with its help you can save such a weighty place for your home. Moreover, under this design you can place a lot more of what is important. How to do this, and what rules to follow - we will describe in this article.

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Why exactly a hanging pedestal?

There are many options for such furniture with a built-in sink. Today, there are often options with a base, corner cabinets for small bathtubs, just floor or on legs. But it is the suspended models that are most in demand. Why?

  • They have a lot of advantages, which for the most part relate to convenience in terms of cleaning, because under such a cabinet dirt and dust will not accumulate with guarantee, which means that the furniture can last longer. Specialists recommend installing such structures in small rooms.
  • The main design feature is the use of a reinforced case, because the stand must have huge weight, especially on its walls. That is, they are more durable than ordinary ones.
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How to choose a hanging stand?

Before you install a hanging cabinet with a sink, you must first select and purchase it. Now we will consider the basic rules of choice, which are recommended by people who have already installed similar plumbing in their bathroom. It is they who know better than anyone what advantages and disadvantages such models possess.

Important! It must be remembered that the legs can deteriorate from a high level of humidity and heating, and there can be no talk of designs that stand directly on the floor.

To choose the best option for a hanging curbstone, be guided by the following rules and recommendations:

  • Only a design correctly selected can serve adequately, therefore, of course, it must be strong so that it can hold well on the wall and does not suddenly fall apart.
  • Particular attention is recommended to be given to fixtures. It is better to buy ready-made designs with an integrated sink and wiring. Otherwise, serious problems can occur, for example, mismatch of the connectors. All this can lead to the fact that you yourself have to cut the necessary holes in the back wall to conduct communications.
  • The design should be chosen not only in height but also in width, because in the first case it can be adjusted. Too big a curbstone will disturb you in the bathroom, but the doors will not be able to fully open. We conclude that it is better to refuse such an option, since you choose furniture for a small room.
  • If you buy a cabinet separately from the sink, be sure to consider the size of the washbasin. If it is too bulky and massive, then in tandem with a small bedside table it will look unaesthetic. Therefore, the ready-made kit will be an ideal option.
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How to choose a sink for a hanging stand yourself?

Unfortunately, not everyone manages to find a suitable one-piece kit that can satisfy all the wishes and requirements of consumers. Perhaps you decided to install a hanging cabinet with a sink, but so far you have only one component of this duo. Then you have to buy a separate sink.

To choose the right sink, consider the following:

  • When it comes to hanging cabinets under the sink, do not dwell on models made of natural stone. Such sinks are too heavy; the mount may simply not support this weight.

Important! It is better to pay attention to porcelain or earthenware. Moreover, current manufacturers offer high-quality products from these materials that look elegant and last a long time.

  • If you like creativity in everything, then look at the glass sinks. They look beautiful and stylish, but it is worth noting that they must be handled with extreme care, because they are quite fragile.

Important! Many glass sinks are made taking into account the current safety rules, so they fight extremely rarely. They look great in tandem with metal and wooden hinged cabinets.

  • The most affordable sink option is earthenware. But it needs careful care, because its surface is porous and contaminated very quickly. It is worth noting that there are no such problems with porcelain, but it costs more.
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What else needs to be considered?

Consultants working in plumbing stores, first of all, pay attention to the strength of the models to shock. Naturally, glass, ceramics, marble cannot be called as strong as metal, for example. But even if a sink made of fragile material falls from a height of 80 cm to the floor, be aware that it is guaranteed to remain intact. And this is ensured by a special method of processing material. Although, of course, the appearance of cracks, which often form on the glaze, is not ruled out. In addition, tiles lying on the floor may break. Such materials are afraid of point hits, so pay maximum attention to this during the installation process.

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Do-it-yourself hanging stand with sink

Before attaching a hanging cabinet with a sink to the wall, prepare the following tools from the list:

  • Electric drill with a set of drills.
  • Building level.
  • Roulette.
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil.

Important! Check carefully the completeness, then study the instructions, specifically find out where and why each part is used. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the assembly diagram, remember the mounting locations and the main purpose of each component.

Check also the configuration of the cabinet. The set must have dowels, only they are designed exclusively for concrete walls. Therefore, it is better to purchase more powerful fasteners if you are dealing with a cinder block or brick wall. In this case, you will be sure that the stand is securely locked.


Install the hanging cabinet with sink according to these instructions:

  • Mark the tiles with a long building level. In this case, the horizontal line should indicate the installation location of the upper wall bracket.

Important! If you want to accurately determine the position of the sink, then add to this line the distance from the surface of the cabinet to the bracket. For all models, this figure is different.

  • Attach the brackets right in the middle of the line, mark where the holes for the dowels will be.

Important! Work very carefully, even though the brackets have special slots for final adjustment, because if you make serious mistakes, you can’t fix them in any way.

  • Make holes for the dowels. Drill with a special drill and very carefully. It is important that the holes do not coincide with the seams, because on any wall these are the most vulnerable places.Better shift the location of the cabinet by a couple of centimeters in some direction. From this, the comfort of its use does not deteriorate at all, but the fixation will be reliable. In addition, this way you minimize the likelihood of cracking tiles.
  • Fasten the brackets. Bait metal dowels, make sure that their plastic elements clearly enter the holes. Alternately tighten each bracket a couple of turns. Drive in the dowels, then fasten the brackets with screws.
  • Assemble the hanging cabinet according to the scheme. Install the finishing mechanisms, adjust the fittings and rails for the drawers. Check how correctly all the mechanisms work, if necessary, correct the mistakes made. Gather the cabinet, attach the handle to the box.
  • Pre-hang the cabinet on the brackets, check the correctness of its position.
  • Replace the sink, mark the location of the holes for fixing it. Fasten the sink completely.

Important! If in your model the sink rests on the bedside table completely, then the brackets must be reinforced.

  • Drill holes to fix the sink, with special nuts and pins, fix it.
  • Collect the siphon, then connect it to the sewer. Assemble the mixer, plug in the right place. Check how tight all connections are. Just lay the paper on the floor, leave it for a while and check its condition after 30 minutes. If there are wet spots on it, you will have to immediately begin to repair the leak.
  • Fill the sink with water, check how stable all the fixtures are.
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Now you know exactly how the hanging stand with a sink is attached with your own hand, you will agree that everything is extremely simple. The main thing is to pay maximum attention to the preparatory work, the usefulness of the complete set of the purchased kit, the basic installation rules and clearly follow them.

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