Ardo do-it-yourself washing machine repair

Even the highest quality household appliances tend to fail over time. If you have a “Ardo” washing machine, do-it-yourself repairs will not be difficult. The ease of repair is due to the fact that the world-famous Italian manufacturer took care of the availability of all the required components in any country and the convenience of maintenance. In this article, we will share with you recommendations regarding situations when the Ardo washing machine requires repair by yourself, and how to implement it.

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Types of damage

Service center specialists identify two main types of malfunctions that can occur in Ardo washing machines:

  1. Typical - breakdowns that are found in all washing machines, regardless of the manufacturer, for example, water does not drain, the drum does not spin, the door is stuck, etc.
  2. Rare - malfunctions that are inherent in products from a particular manufacturer and are mainly associated with the manufacturing technology of the unit. Examples of such breakdowns can be excessive flooding of the drum with water, insufficient or even no heating of the liquid, etc.

Important! According to statistics, in 90% of cases, masters encounter vertical loading Ardo washing machines, the malfunctions of which are typical. This fact positively affects the reputation of the manufacturer and confirms that Ardo products are one of the most reliable and durable in the modern market of household appliances.

Some of the models of washing machines are equipped with a specialized information display and a self-diagnosis system. Accordingly, if a malfunction occurs in the system, then an error code is displayed on the screen, thanks to which you can determine why the equipment does not turn on.

Most often, Ardo washing machines with vertical loading have the following types of faults:

  • The water stopped draining, which indicates a clogged drain filter or hose, or a violation of the integrity of the drain hose. On our site of useful tips in a separate publication, we described in detail how to clean the drain hose of a washing machine.

Important! Problems with draining water can also occur due to malfunctions of the internal pump of the equipment.

  • Water is not heated by the system, which means that it is necessary change the heater for the washing machine Ardo.
  • Violations and malfunctions of the electronic system may occur.
  • In the case of normal operation of the electric drive, but the lack of rotation of the drum, it may be necessary to replace the belt of the washing machine.
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DIY repair guidelines

If you have experience with household appliances and you are confident in your own abilities, then you can independently repair the Ardo washing machine, and not wait for the masters to arrive from the technical service. The main task in this situation is the correct diagnosis of the malfunction.

The easiest way to do this is if your model of the washing machine has diagnosed and displayed the cause of the malfunction on the display. In this case, purchase the necessary components in the company store or service center to immediately replace the failed parts of the Ardo washing machine.

When starting to repair your household appliances, provide a place for access to the back of the washing machine. In any case, you will need to disassemble the unit. To remove the back cover, it will be enough for you to unscrew easily noticeable screws.

Important! After removing the back cover, be sure to disconnect the power cable that goes to the pump motor. Only after these actions can you take on the unscrewing of the connecting bolts. Be sure to select the appropriate parts, as improper replacement can lead to serious consequences that you can’t eliminate yourself.

If your washing machine requires bearings to be replaced, then this task can be handled independently. To do this, it’s enough to understand at least a little the basics of technology and arm yourself with the instructions that come with the Ardo washing machines.

However, if the breakdown is more serious, for example, a heater or a capacitor burned out, which are connected to the equipment using a variety of wires, then it is best to seek the help of highly qualified specialists of a service center. The slightest mistake in repairing the Ardo washing machine with your own hands in such a situation can lead to more serious and deplorable consequences for the equipment.

Important! When starting to repair equipment, be sure to look at the conditions of warranty repair. It should be remembered that independent repair of equipment can lead to the fact that in the service center you will be denied warranty service of the washing machine.

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The most common Ardo breakdowns and how to fix them

If the Ardo washing machine with a vertical load does not turn on or if its operation does not meet the usual standards, then most likely you had to face one of the following typical malfunctions.

The water in the drum is not heated

This trouble is quite common - both in units with vertical and in models with a horizontal principle of loading. If you study user reviews and statistical studies, then in 95% of cases this is due to a malfunction of the heating element. Also, a malfunction of this kind can also occur in the event of damage to the electric heating circuit, which most often occurs due to the failure of one of the terminals.

Important! The most rational solution in such a situation would be a complete replacement of the heating element of the automatic washing machine. It is quite difficult to cope with solving such a problem on your own, and the slightest inaccuracy can lead to more serious breakdowns. Therefore, in such situations, it is recommended to contact the service center for help.

After turning on, the drum does not fill with water

Such a breakdown is most often found precisely in vertical loading washing machines. There is a problem with the overlap of the water tap leading to the technique. The reason for this blocking is often a malfunction of the valve of the washing equipment. Two factors can provoke such a nuisance:

  • malfunction of the control unit;
  • filter contamination.

Important! In the event of a power supply failure, you cannot do without the help of specialists, because you will need to replace the valve mechanism itself. If you encounter a dirty filter, then cleaning it yourself will not be difficult.

Washing machine fills too much water

If your washing machine is pouring excess water into the drum, then there are two most likely causes of breakdown:

  • Self-draining, as a result of which, the system throws water into the drum space, almost immediately after collection. Most often, this behavior of the equipment is observed in case of improper connection of the system to water pipes.
  • The program crashes, which may indicate electronic problems or the breakdown of any parts.

Important! If the machine is correctly connected to the water supply, and, accordingly, the diagnosis of a software malfunction in its operation, do not try to fix the problem yourself.Only a highly qualified maintenance technician can correctly identify and eliminate electronic violations.

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We sincerely hope that the recommendations in this article will help you troubleshoot the operation of your Ardo washing machine, and your equipment will please you for a long time with its correct and high-quality work.

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