White coating on dishes after washing in a dishwasher

A dishwasher is a wonderful invention that allows current housewives to take time for themselves, children, family and friends, because it was not in vain that the woman Josephine Cochrane invented it. The dishwasher gives the dishes a shine that is very difficult to achieve by hand washing. But at the same time, white plaque on the dishes after washing in the dishwasher is a very common problem. Naturally, you cannot eat from such dishes. If you encounter a similar problem, then you need to solve it immediately, otherwise you cannot use such a dishwasher.

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Causes of white plaque on the dishes after the dishwasher

Most people buy a dishwasher in order to save time and effort. Indeed, this is a wonderful device that will help you get rid of such a difficult and tedious task. Unfortunately, no car can be insured against breakdowns and malfunctions, and no device can work forever. A dishwasher is no exception.

Over time, some housewives begin to notice a peculiar white coating on the dishes after the dishwasher. Of course, such dishes can no longer be called perfectly washed and suitable for use. In the future, it will need to be washed again. And why then in general a dishwasher, if after using it you need to wash the dishes again?

Naturally, nobody wants to do double work and spend twice as much water and detergent. Therefore, those who are faced with this problem should immediately fix it. Before proceeding to the methods of removing this plaque, you need to understand why the dishwasher leaves a white coating. They come in three types: easy, medium and high.

The simplest reasons

To begin, we list the causes of easy complexity, and at the same time we will figure out how to eliminate them:

  • The dishwasher must have a salt container. Perhaps special salt for dishwashers it ended. To solve this problem, simply add a new portion to this container.
  • Bad dishes. Yes, the dishes may also have their snags, for example, low quality. Usually it is on poor-quality dishes that stains appear. Buy dishes from another manufacturer, which will be more expensive and of higher quality. Follow the link and find out in a separate review on our portal of useful tipscooking utensil rating.
  • A sensor is integrated in the dishwasher, which determines the level of water hardness. Its breakdown could also lead to a white coating in the dishwasher. To resolve this issue, you will have to call a dishwasher repair technician. First, he will check the level of water hardness with a special device, and if you were right and the sensor really broke, you will have to repair your car.
  • You the dishes were loaded incorrectly into the device or chose the wrong washing mode for this type of dishes. When loading the machine, the most important thing is to read the instructions from the manufacturer, it will be written in it the minimum and maximum number of dishes for this type of machine.
  • You have not cleaned a dishwasher for a long time, it is dirty and requires general cleaning.In order to carry out such a procedure, it is worth starting an empty dishwasher without dishes, and just pour good chemical detergents for washing household appliances into the detergent department. Such cleaning should be carried out at least once every six months.
  • Filters appeared on the filters. In order to get rid of it, clean the filters yourself, in which particles of food may get stuck.
  • Use 3 in 1 tablets to wash dishes in the dishwasher. It is after them that stains remain on the dishes. Such capsules should be changed to regular ones. And if there are still stains, then change the manufacturer of the product or dosage.
  • Use of low quality rinse aid. The solution to this problem is similar to the previous paragraph.

Other reasons

More serious problems include those that have grouped together several previous ones. These include:

  • Poor quality dishwashing detergents, capsules, gel, in general, all detergents that you fill in the dishwasher.
  • Hard water. There may be a reason not in you and not in your car, but in the operation of the water utility. Therefore, it is better to use purified water, for which it should be installed filter for water purification in the apartment.
  • Incorrect and irregular care. Precise care will solve 80% of your problems with the dishwasher.
  • Technical difficulites. This problem is the most global, since it is the technical problems that are most difficult to eliminate.

We will consider these causes of white plaque on the dishes after the dishwasher in more detail and find out how to cope with each of these problems.

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Poor dishwasher

Probably every housewife knows that dishwashers, capsules and gels are very expensive. Many, in order to spend a minimum of money, choose the cheapest and low-quality goods in stores. But is such a saving really beneficial?

After such saving methods, a white coating appears on the dishes, which is dangerous to health. The cheap option is completely ineffective, and also adds unnecessary trouble. This situation is extremely easy to fix.


You can try changing and experimenting with detergents each time, while spending a ton of money and time. Or you can just go to any forum and read reviews about all means. Be sure you find the good.

Important! Capsules 3 in 1 have already been mentioned. In such capsules, the cheapest means are used, you can call them raw materials. Despite the fact that using 1 capsule, which will replace 2 or even 3 products, is very convenient, but at the same time dangerous. Due to the poor quality of the components included in such a capsule, white deposits or stains will remain on the dishes. Therefore, when choosing detergents for your dishwasher, be extremely careful, because it is very important.

The best reviews get such funds:

  • Finish Quantum;
  • Frosch Soda;
  • Minel Total
  • Clean & Fresh Active Oxygen Lemon;
  • BioMio BIO-Total;
  • Claro;
  • Calgonit Finish Gel.
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Hard water

If you notice on the dishes not just a white coating, but a milky shade, then be sure - the problem is water hardness. Most often, housewives forget or do not even know about the use of emollients for dishwashers. As already mentioned, hard water can be due to a water supply channel, and due to technical malfunctions of the system, and because of your indiscretion. But in any case, it is impossible to leave everything as it is, you need to look for a way out of this situation.


The solution to the problem that a white coating appears on the dishes after washing in the dishwasher due to poor water is also quite simple. Just go to the store and choose a softener for water.

Before buying anything, talk with other experienced housewives, search the Internet or consult with the seller, and only then buy a proven tool. For example, you can look at the products:

  • Calgonit;
  • Frisch-aktiv;
  • Largo
  • Somat.

Important! The emollient components for the dishwasher are very important. Therefore, neglecting such a tool is highly not recommended, because the risk is not only in the coating on the dishes, but also in the breakdown of the device itself. Hard water will very quickly spoil and slow down the washing process itself, making it less quality. So it’s better to buy an emollient immediately after buying a dishwasher, rather than hesitate and wait for stains on cutlery and plates.

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Technical difficulites

Absolutely all equipment requires proper attention and care. A dishwasher is no exception. Due to a technical malfunction, the machine may become dirty, the water will become harsher, and the washing process will be longer and of less quality.

Technical problems resolved independently include:

  • damage to the sensor, which determines the hardness of the water;
  • the end of salt in a special container;
  • pollution of filters and the machine itself.


In case of contamination of the machine itself, you just need to clean it. This can be done simply by running an empty machine without dishes. In this way, she will cleanse herself.

Instead of a dishwashing detergent, it is worth adding a dishwashing detergent. If there is no such house, you can replace it with citric acid. It is added in an amount of 1-2 tsp. in a special compartment for salt.

Important! For prevention, such a procedure is best done once every six months. It is better to once again protect yourself and clean the machine, then to suffer from stains and plaque.

If the filters are clogged in the dishwasher, clean the filter yourself if it is dirty, but if it is large, it is better to buy a new filter and replace it.

The most difficult problem can be called a malfunction of the sensor. Such a violation occurs due to the improper dosage of emollients. Only a professional from a service center can solve this problem.

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Almost all housewives face the problem of plaque in the dishwasher. But do not despair, just take care of your dishwasher and it will answer you with crystal clear appliances.

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