Cleaning the Beliznoy washing machine

A washing machine is an integral part of our everyday life, any housewife will tell you this. Any machine, if absolutely all the rules for its operation are observed, need to be cleaned. Typically, the main source of trouble is hard water. We will examine the question of whether the Belizna washing machine can be cleaned (rinsed), how to do it correctly, where to pour, and what else can be used for the same purpose.

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About bad smell

Often, users do not observe some regularity, but think about the need to clean the washing machine only when an unpleasant odor appears. To prevent this from happening:

  • It is advisable not to put the cooked things in the drum, as they may begin to “go out”.
  • Pay attention to whether the drum door is open or it is always closed, because an open door helps to remove moisture and damp inside.
  • It is important to monitor the amount of powder or rinse aid - it may be of poor quality. The process of decay and the formation of fungus is recreated, sediment remains and mold forms there, resulting in a bad smell.

These are the main causes of odor. Let's talk about how to clean the washing machine from bad odor.

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Odor removal

To get rid of such an unpleasant phenomenon, you can use one of these methods.

Method 1

In order to wash off soapy deposits:

  1. Pour the powder with the inscription “machine”.
  2. Turn on the washing mode at 90-95 degrees. The laundry should not be in the drum.
  3. Such cleaning of the washing machine is carried out once every 6 months, after it the doors and sealing gum are wiped dry.
  4. We leave the door open.

Important! Do not forget to look after the powder tray, soap deposits are also deposited there, mold and fungus form. You will find detailed instructions in our separate article. “How to wash the powder tray in the washing machine?”.

Method 2

The step-by-step cleaning of the Belizna washing machine to get rid of mold looks like this:

  1. Pour a liter of “Whiteness” into the powder compartment.
  2. Turn on for high washing - somewhere 90-95 degrees.
  3. We are waiting for the car door to heat up as much as possible, only then turn it off or pause
  4. The solution should be inside for about 1-2 hours.
  5. Next, turn on the drain and rinse.
  6. Add vinegar to the air conditioning compartment.
  7. At the end of the wash, turn on the rinse, but without any substances.

Now you know how to clean the washing machine of odor. In another our article, we talked about effective ways,how to deal with dirt and mold Domestos.

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Washing machine care

There are several problems that are common to any equipment model of this type. And so that they occur as rarely as possible, appropriate measures are needed.

Scale is one of the most popular problems:

  1. Citric acid - 60-100 grams, pour into the powder compartment.
  2. Turn on the rinse wash.
  3. If you have not cleaned the car for a long time, we take 100 grams and turn on the maximum temperature.
  4. We do all this without clothes in the drum.

Important! During the cleaning process, we monitor the operation of the unit - if there is an obvious non-loud sound, it is necessary to pause, clean the filter from pieces of breakaway scale.

Important! Do you want to know why scale is formed, how to clean the machine from it and prevent its occurrence in the future? You will find answers to these questions on our portal in a separate review. “How to remove scale in a washing machine?”.

Automatic washing machine filters

They also need to be subjected to regular cleaning, because it is here that stagnation is formed, all the dirt from clothes is collected. So, how to proceed:

  1. Turn off the washing device from the outlet, turn off the water supply.
  2. Then we unscrew the inlet hose, which is located behind.
  3. We take out the mesh filter - this will help you with passatages.
  4. Using a toothbrush, we wash the mesh under running water.
  5. Wipe it dry with a soft and dry cloth.
  6. We install everything back and we watch whether nothing flows anywhere.

Important! Home appliances in most cases fail due to water quality. Conventional washing machine filters may not cope with dirt and rust. Therefore, it is better to installmagnetic water filters.

Drum cleaning:

  1. We remove garbage from the sealing gum.
  2. Using a dishwashing detergent and a rag, wipe the inside of the drum.
  3. In a drum, pour two glasses of vinegar diluted with water, or vinegar essence into three parts of water.
  4. We include a long wash with high temperatures.
  5. After a few minutes, turn on the car for a pause, leave for an hour, so that the essence or vinegar is absorbed.
  6. Next, we finish the wash.

Blue vitriol cleaning

Copper sulfate is a crystalline powder of light blue, bluish color, which has excellent cleaning and disinfecting properties. You need 30 grams of such a powder, which is diluted per liter of water:

  1. We treat all the insides with this solution and leave it for 24 hours.
  2. After the time has passed, we add the available household product to the powder compartment, turn on the wash with the full program.
  3. Upon completion, it is advisable to repeat the procedure again, only without funds and substances.

Dishwasher tablets

They will help you get rid of constantly accumulated dirt:

  1. Take 5-6 tablets and throw them inside the drum.
  2. Then turn on the boiling program.
  3. About halfway through the process, stop it and leave it for 2-3 hours.
  4. Then we turn off the pause and finish the process.

Soda is a good helper:

  1. Mix ordinary soda with water in a ratio of 1: 1.
  2. With this solution, we wet any fabric and wipe the sealing gum, drum and place under the powder.

Important! Soda is an excellent remedy proven over the years. It, as well as other improvised means, can be used to soften water. Find out the details of the application by clicking on the link “Water softener for a washing machine”.

White is an effective way

This tool knows its job well - cleaning the washing machine with whiteness will be very useful:

  1. Pour a liter of this miraculous solution into the powder compartment.
  2. We include the longest program with the highest temperature - it is about 95 degrees.
  3. We pause before rinsing or turn off the program.
  4. We leave it for one hour, after this the regime is “fast” at 30 degrees in order to remove the remains of “White”.

Amway - Chlorine Free

Amway is a multi-functional oxygen bleach that does not contain chlorine. And it can also be used to effectively clean the washing machine:

  1. Pour 100 ml into the powder compartment.
  2. Turn on washing at 60 degrees.

Important! This tool removes scale, mold and soap deposits well.

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Means that can also be used:

  • Miele Powder is a cleaning powder from a well-known German company. This tool will help you get rid of both odors and bacteria.
  • Dr. Beckmann is a product whose purpose is to remove scale from the washing machine, which also has disinfecting functions.
  • Magic Power is an excellent powder that cleans the machine of scale and lime.
  • Bosch's Topperr is probably familiar, if not all, then to many.This powder for automatic washing machines that removes scale.
  • Luxus Professional is a powder from Russian manufacturers, suitable for both washing and dishwashers.
  • Antinakipin - financially the most profitable, but nevertheless it copes with its task no worse than the previous one.
  • Sandokkaebi - This substance is made in Korea and used to disinfect a washing machine. If you have a question, what tool is suitable, then this tool is mandatory for use to remove all bacteria that have accumulated inside the equipment.

Important! How not to remember Kalgon? We devoted a whole post to this popular, widely advertised detergent for washing machines. Find out more about him by clicking on the link "Calgon for washing machines - instructions".

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In the 21st century, washing devices are an integral part of our lives and they are not so cheap, so you need to properly care for them. Now you must be able to correctly and competently clean all the parts of the washing machine to be cleaned, because you know what substances are best used for this purpose. Observe the state of your device, regularly and efficiently carry out all the procedures, and then he will thank you with quality work - you will no longer see any unpleasant odors and dirt.

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