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Any, even the most modern iron needs care. Ceramic-coated iron should be cleaned regularly. Rust, plaque and soot reduce the sliding speed of the device on the fabric and can ruin your item. Not to mention the spots that can remain on things after such ironing. There are many ways and means to clean this household appliance and in this article you will learn about them.

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How to clean the iron?

Regardless of which particular cleaning or tidying task you are going to solve, you will first have to decide on the suitable product. Cleaning a ceramic-coated iron is no exception. All options can be conditionally divided into two types:

  • household chemicals;
  • natural home remedies.

Depending on the quality of the coating and the nature of the pollution, you will find it useful:

  • ammonia;
  • salt;
  • hydrogen peroxide or hydroperite;
  • sulfur;
  • glass ceramic cleaner;
  • pencil for cleaning irons;
  • Toothpaste;
  • vinegar;
  • toilet soap;
  • nail polish remover.

Important! These available improvised tools can be used for almost all surfaces. Follow the link and find out in our separate review how else you can use vinegar, soda and hydrogen peroxide at home.

Do not forget to see if you have tools for high-quality cleaning available - these are:

  • rag;
  • kitchen sponges;
  • cotton pads and sticks.
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How to clean the sole of the iron from soot?

Nowadays, the most sought-after household items have either ceramic or teflon coating. But even the most functional appliance is not safe from the fact that you have to think about how to clean a burnt iron.

Important! In order to resort to various methods of cleaning the sole of the iron as little as possible, it is very important to know the things from which fabrics you are ironing. Check out the tag on clothes and find out in our article, how to configure the ironing mode.

Teflon-coated iron cleaning

A device with such a coating rarely burns out and practically does not get dirty, but if spots appear, you can clean it in several ways:

  • Method 1. You will need a special pencil. It is used like this:
    1. Preheat the iron and unplug it.
    2. Take a pencil and rub it thoroughly with all contaminated places.
    3. Wait for the appliance to cool.
    4. Remove dirt with a damp cloth.
  • Method 2. Well oxidizes and removes any dirt on the Teflon sole vinegar. The instruction for use is as follows:
    1. Dampen a cotton pad with vinegar.
    2. Treat all contaminated areas.
    3. Wipe all holes on the teflon with cotton buds.
    4. Turn on the appliance and iron the cotton cloth.

Important! For high-quality ironing of clothes it is best to use an ironing board. On our portal of useful tips we have prepared a separate publication, the information from which will help you choose the best ironing board.

Ceramic Iron Cleaning

The ceramic coated iron is very practical to use, it rarely spoils the fabric and is easy to clean. There are several methods to remove pollution of various origins from it:

  • Method 1The easiest, but not the cheapest option, to clean the iron with a ceramic coating is the use of glass ceramics. If you have a kitchen surface made of this material, a tool that you regularly use to maintain a clean cooking surface is quite suitable for you. It is applied in this situation as follows:
    1. Apply the product on the cold sole of the device.
    2. Wipe with a sponge.
    3. Remove contaminated product with a clean soft cloth.
  • Method 2. Easily copes with soot and scale on such a device ammonia or its mixture with vinegar. Step-by-step instructions are as follows:
    1. Apply ammonia to the cold sole of a turned-off iron.
    2. Use a sponge to coat the entire surface.
    3. Dampen soft cotton with ammonia.
    4. Turn on the iron.
    5. Iron the material.
  • Method 3. Hydrogen peroxide copes with the burnt sole of the iron. It is applied as follows:
    1. Dampen a cotton swab liberally with peroxide.
    2. Wash dirt and the entire work surface.
    3. The appliance must be turned off, but the surface is warm.

Important! In order for you and your family to look tidy and well-groomed, you should take care of the clothes. Learn our tips. how to iron things.

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Ceramic Iron Cleaning

If you did not correct all the negative consequences of ironing in time, you hurried, then forgot, and now it seems to you that it is impossible to eliminate the trouble, calm down! Even the most old spots can be removed if you act correctly. Such a cleaning of a ceramic-coated iron is likely to take a little more time, but you do not have to spend money and purchase a new device.

Option 1

Traces of heavy carbon deposits will help remove salt. She cleaned the surface even in the absence of household chemical stores. It is good because it is always available in any home. In this case, you will have to do the following manipulations:

  1. Pour fine salt onto a piece of paper.
  2. Turn on the appliance and gently smooth the sheet with salt.

Important! Do not use coarse salt - it may scratch the coating. This method is absolutely not suitable for Teflon coating..

Option 2

A hydroperitic tablet will clear carbon deposits of any complexity. Follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Heat and unplug the appliance.
  2. Rub the tablet soaked with soot.
  3. Remove dirt and tablets with a damp cloth.

Important! Perform this procedure in a well-ventilated area and with gloves on!

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How else can I clean the iron?

You have already familiarized yourself with the popular and effective methods for cleaning Teflon and ceramic coated irons. If you like to experiment, try using other, not quite ordinary, but safe and effective methods.

Method 1

Sulfur can peel off any dirt. Its use is not traditional, but effective. It is applied as follows:

  1. Heat the appliance well.
  2. Take the matchbox.
  3. Rub the carbon stains with the side “sulfur” side.
  4. After removing all contaminants, treat the sole with a damp cloth.

Method 2

Another unusual option - with the use of toothpaste. Such a tool will help solve the problem if you use it like this:

  1. With an old toothbrush, apply the product on a charred surface.
  2. Rub a little.
  3. Wipe off loose dirt and paste residue with a soft cloth.

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How to clean iron from burnt synthetics?

Very often we forget that it is impossible to iron synthetic fabrics without first protecting the work surface and the thing itself with gauze for ironing. Artificial fabric melts quickly and adheres to an unprotected sole. To rid the work surface of pieces of cloth, use any of these cleaning methods.

Method 1

To clean the iron from pieces of polyethylene and synthetics, nail polish remover will help. Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Dampen a cotton swab with liquid.
  2. Treat the surface of the switched off warm apparatus.
  3. At the end of cleaning, walk with a damp cloth.

Method 2

If synthetics are burnt before your eyes, immediately use soap to quickly remove traces of trouble:

  1. Preheat the appliance if it has cooled down.
  2. Rub his sole with soap.
  3. Allow to cool.
  4. Wash off the soap with dirt.

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Helpful hints:

  1. Do not try to deal with the problem of contamination of the working surface of any iron with knives, metal brushes and other abrasive products, which can lead to complete damage to the coating.
  2. To avoid frequent dirt, wipe the appliance with a damp cloth after each ironing.
  3. All synthetic things should be ironed only through gauze.
  4. Process all silk and wool fabrics only in a suitable temperature mode.
  5. Try to iron things from the wrong side.

Important! Do not forget that the device must be looked after not only outside. So that he will be your faithful assistant for many years, spendcleaning the iron from scale inside.

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We hope that our article was useful to you and if there was such a nuisance as a forgotten iron in the outlet or improperly selected temperature conditions, cleaning the iron with a ceramic or Teflon coating did not take you much time.

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