Which is better - induction or electric hob?

The stylish design and great functionality of modern technology pleases and greatly facilitates the life of its owners. In this article we will talk about what is best - an induction or electric hob, because many people are faced with this choice when buying appliances for the kitchen.

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What is the difference between an electric hob and an induction hob?

Between the induction and the electric stove the difference is significant - both in appearance and in principle of operation. Let us consider in more detail the differences, disadvantages and advantages of both types of equipment, as well as compare their work according to the following most significant criteria:

  • operating principle;
  • type of utensils used;
  • heating rate;
  • energy efficiency in terms of energy consumption;
  • security;
  • compatibility with other appliances in the kitchen.

Important! It is impossible to select household appliances according to only one parameter. It is necessary to take into account a set of features and characteristics as a whole in order to determine which is better - an induction or electric hob.

Operating principle:

  • An electric appliance heats the dishes by heating the panel itself, thanks to the integrated heating element.
  • The induction panel always remains cold during operation, while the food heats up and cooks very quickly. The coil, which is located under the hob of the panel, due to the principle of electromagnetic induction, activates magnetic currents in the dishes themselves.

Used dishes

It is very inconvenient if the cookware is necessary for cooking to choose some special and there are contraindications for using a specific type of pots. Housewives should always remember such nuances so as not to bring disaster to their home. What about the types of cooking surfaces discussed?

Important! For those who want to choose the best new dishes for cooking, we have prepared separate articles that will help with the choice:

  1. Which pan is the best and safest?
  2. Which company is better than stainless steel pots?

When deciding for yourself which is better - an induction or electric hob, take note of the following:

  • To work with an electric appliance, you can use ordinary pans and pans made of familiar materials - cast iron, ceramics, enamel, and so on.
  • For cooking on electromagnetic surfaces it is necessary special type cookwarewhich has a magnetic bottom.

Important! Conventional cookware on such hobs can only be used with special ferromagnetic stickers.

Another important aspect of the use of this technique is that it does not recognize dishes whose diameter is less than 12 cm. Therefore, it is unlikely that it will be possible to brew, for example, coffee in a familiar Turk on such a hob.

Important! Such a panel will not start working until you close the burner by at least 70%.

Cooking speed

Not all housewives want to spend all their free time in the kitchen, and some simply do not have the opportunity. Therefore, the question of which stove is better - induction or electric, if the cooking time is very important for you, will be quite appropriate.

Let's deal with this moment:

  • It will take 4-5 minutes for the electric stove to heat the hotplate and 10-12 minutes for the water to boil in the pan. The degree of heating of the burner reaches 400 degrees Celsius.

Important! Such a cooktop not only warms up for a very long time, it also heats food unevenly, because of which it can burn.

  • An electromagnetic panel will need only 1 minute to heat and 2-3 minutes to boil water. The burner heats up to 60 degrees on average.

Important! Electromagnetic currents directly affect food, so they cook it many times faster.


The answer to this question is unequivocal and understandable. Both versions of the cooking technique are powered by the mains, but induction consumes 1.5 times less energy than electric. Therefore, if the requirement of saving is a priority, the choice is obvious - an induction hob is better than an electric one.

Important! Before you connect a new device, you need to carry out all the preparatory work. Learn how to install hob socket.


  • An electric device in this regard is also inferior to its more modern counterpart. Since the burners heat up to a high degree and cool down long enough (about 15 minutes), the risk of getting an accidental burn when touched increases.
  • In the induction cooker, the burners cool down quickly (it will take only a few minutes) and the degree of heating is low. Due to this risk, accidental burns are reduced.

Important! A very useful addition to the induction hob is that it simply won’t turn on if a foreign object was accidentally placed on it. Especially this nuance is relevant in a house where there are small children.

The degree of security must also be considered from a different angle:

  • The electric hob is not equipped with an automatic shut-off function if there is no cookware at all on the burners or if the water in the pan boils. But on the other hand, this stove allows you to cook food at a minimum temperature, without regulating the degree of heating.
  • An electromagnetic hob is the best purchase for forgetful people, because the automatic shutdown system will take care of the dishes and save from trouble. If water has boiled in a teapot or pan, it will automatically turn off, eliminating damage to dishes. On the other hand, if you need to cook a dish at a low temperature, so that it goes on, then you can’t do without your participation and periodic adjustment of the degree of heating of the burner.

Important! In order for the equipment to have an impeccable appearance for many years, it must be properly looked after. You will find all useful information on this topic in our publication.“Care for induction hob”.

Impact on other household appliances:

  • It is recommended that you do not install the electric stove near the refrigerator, as it cooks during cooking and helps to heat nearby objects. As a result, these two devices with the opposite principle of action - cooling and heating, will constantly “compete” with each other, and whichever of them “won”, this is unlikely to please you.
  • Electromagnetic hobs should be installed away from other household appliances: washing machines, microwave ovens, ovens, and so on. Otherwise, the operation of this technique may be disrupted due to the influence of a magnetic field.

In this regard, it is difficult to say which is better - induction or electric hob. It all depends on what technical equipment is available in your kitchen.

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Features of induction cooker

In the course of the described influence on the technique of induction cookers, a natural question arises: if the device acts on surrounding objects in this way,then it means and has a negative effect on the human body? To some extent this is true. Therefore, to minimize the harm that such a hob can have on a person, it is necessary to adhere to simple and simple rules:

  1. Make sure that the ferromagnetic bottom of the cookware completely covers the cooking zone.
  2. When the appliance is on, do not press it against your body.
  3. Do not use metal objects to stir the prepared food.

Important! Also a significant disadvantage of the induction cooker is the noise of the device. It is explained by the constant operation of the fan, which cools the stove. This is simply necessary, because when the surface overheats, the device will simply turn off.

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The advantages of an electric stove

Although in almost all parameters of work and safety of the hob, the induction stove is in the lead, in some respects the electric one takes the lead:

  • Cost. As a rule, electric panels are much cheaper than electromagnetic ones.
  • Noiselessness. Such a stove works absolutely silently. When you cook, you don’t hear the annoying monotonous sounds that the induction hob makes.
  • Big choice. Modern models will satisfy all consumer needs: configuration, color, number of burners, price.

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How to choose a hob? Electric or induction? - Only you will answer yourself such questions, based on your own preferences, needs and opportunities. Both that, and another model of a plate has its advantages and disadvantages. Here you can give only the following recommendations:

  1. If you are looking for a budget option that does not require additional knowledge of use, then your model is an electric stove.
  2. If you want convenience, increased safety, you have a place in the kitchen so that you can place all the rest of the equipment away from the stove, then the induction hob will suit you better.

Important! Have you already decided which hob you will buy? Choose the best model using our rated hobs.

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When choosing, use the information provided in this article. Weigh the pros and cons and you can make a truly successful purchase.

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