Samsung No Frost refrigerator 🥝 two-chamber how to defrost

In the modern market of household appliances, more and more models of refrigerators are produced, combining high-tech solutions and stylish design. The latest technology, such as the No Frost system, provides comfort in use and allows you to forget about regular defrosting. The two-chamber refrigerator “Samsung Nou Frost” and cool n cool are well-deserved, the instruction in Russian of which introduces the consumer to all the advantages of the unit, and also recommends how to properly care for the device. In order to properly use modern technology, it is necessary to study the principle of operation of the refrigeration apparatus in order to know what types of breakdowns occur and what are their causes.

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What is Know Frost?

Samsung refrigerators “Nou Frost” differ from “counterparts” with a conventional cooling system in that the freezer itself does not have the usual evaporator made of metal on which products for freezing are laid.


The device of the refrigerator Nou Frost has such features:

  1. The evaporator in such models is taken out of the chamber, which creates cold, into the case of the back wall and is hidden behind plastic panels.

Important! This technology is also called defrosting windy type.

  1. Food in this type of refrigerator is cooled by the cold air circulating through the chambers passing through the evaporator, which is more correctly called an air cooler.
  2. The evaporator itself is reminiscent of a car radiator in design.
  3. In various models of devices, the air cooler can be located both in the upper and lower parts of the freezer, or behind the panel on the rear wall of this chamber.
  4. Refrigerators with the Nou Frost system have an additional fan, which is installed behind the evaporator.

Important! It is a fan that takes air from the freezer and refrigerator, and then drives it through the evaporator. Passing through the evaporator, the air is cooled to a certain temperature. Then, through a system of channels, sent to products.

  1. Most of the cold air enters the freezer, and the rest, through an additional channel, goes to the refrigerator.
  2. Contrary to the name of the “Nou Frost” system, which translates as “without hoarfrost,” moisture nevertheless settles, but not on the walls, but on an evaporator closed to the eyes. Once every 8-16 hours, the frost is thawed by the heating elements located under the evaporator.
  3. A defrost command is issued by a mechanical or electronic timer. Therefore, thanks to this technology, you can clean the refrigerator inside once a year. This facilitates the maintenance of the unit and saves the time of the owner of the “miracle technology”.

How does defrosting work?

Without periodic defrosting, refrigerators simply could not function. To understand how this process takes place in the Samsung Nou Frost refrigerator, we will familiarize ourselves with the standard procedure for this action:

  1. After a certain time (10-14 hours), having counted the freezing cycle, the timer makes the opening of some contacts and the closure of others.
  2. In this case, the power supply circuit of the fan and compressor is broken, the heaters turn on.
  3. As a result, the temperature on the surface of the evaporator rises, and the frost starts to thaw from it, and the melt water begins to drain through a tube into a special container located on the back of the freezer, on the compressor casing.
  4. Since the compressor heats up during operation, the water evaporates over time.

Important! Manually refrigerators with the Nou Frost system are not defrosted, only a one-time disconnection of the device from the mains is allowed once a year - for washing cameras and their parts.  

Advantages of Samsung Nou Frost

Refrigerators with an automatic defrosting system from Samsung manufacturer have the following advantages and advantages:

  1. The temperature is distributed evenly.
  2. The necessary storage conditions for products are quickly recreated with a large load or frequent opening of the door.
  3. Multi-threaded cooling system. Cold air through the openings located on each shelf effectively and evenly cools products.
  4. High-quality thermal insulation.
  5. The presence of a digital display allows you to set the required temperature - both in the freezer and in the refrigerator compartment.
  6. Protected container. While maintaining a low temperature in a protected container, the products are ideally stored, in addition, medicines in such a container will be inaccessible to children.
  7. Save time and effort in defrosting the refrigerator.
  8. Vegetables and fruits remain fresh for a very long time.

Important! Please note that the proper operation of the equipment is affected by its proper connection, therefore, we recommend that you find out information about how to install a refrigerator.

Disadvantages of Know Frost

Refrigerators “Nou Frost” have one feature that must be borne in mind: since air blowing of products occurs inside the device, this leads to their dehydration and airing.

Important! All products in this type of refrigerator must be stored in packages.

The technology provided has a number of disadvantages:

  1. High noise level.
  2. Part of the volume of the camera is embedded equipment.
  3. Increased energy costs.
  4. The price of the device is higher than the drip version.
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Refrigerator “Samsung Nou Frost”: instruction manual with photo

Observing the manufacturer's recommendations and operating rules, you will prevent many breakdowns of equipment in the future. The basic rules for caring for the unit are simple, consider some of them.

Food storage:

  1. Do not refrigerate hot or warm foods.
  2. Store food in freshness-keeping bags or in tightly closed containers with a lid so that the food does not dry out or emit a smell.
  3. Store raw and cooked foods separately.
  4. Do not put the products too close together, leave a space between them for air circulation.
  5. Strictly monitor the expiration date of products.
  6. Before you put washed vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, let them dry.
  7. Store vegetables and fruits in the compartment intended for them to preserve their taste and freshness for a long time.

Cleaning and care of the Nou Frost refrigerator:

  1. If a layer of ice and hoarfrost has formed inside the device, immediately turn it off to defrost and remove the resulting water with a soft, dry cloth.
  2. For refrigerators with the “Nou Frost” system, only in one chamber it is necessary to periodically defrost the drip-type compartment. Unplug the unit and open the door to defrost.
  3. If there is a need to clean the included unit, then do this in a non-hot period, as the compressor may fail if it overheats.
  4. To wash the refrigerator, use a soft cloth and dishwashing detergent; you should not use any abrasive household chemicals. Be sure to remove residual detergent with clean water, and wipe the surface of the device dry.
  5. Remember to clean the back of the refrigerator from dust and dirt.
  6. Remove any contaminants immediately so that they do not have time to enter the surface of the internal parts of the device.

Important! Clean the refrigerator 1-2 times a year to extend the life of the device.

Safety precautions:

  1. To avoid damage to the compressor, restarting the device is allowed no earlier than 5 minutes after shutdown.
  2. Do not spray flammable substances near the refrigerator, such as varnishes and paints in aerosol cans, as this may cause an explosion.
  3. Do not use the refrigerator outdoors, and do not allow water to get on the device, including in the rain.
  4. In the summer heat, try not to open the refrigerator door too often, nor do you keep the door open for too long.
  5. Do not store flammable, corrosive, or explosive substances in the refrigerator.
  6. Do not store drinks in a glass container in the freezer, as the bottle may burst.
  7. Do not use the refrigerator if it is not functioning properly or damaged.

Important! Install the refrigerator away from direct sunlight, a gas stove and other heat sources.

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No Frost system malfunctions in the Samsung RL34ECMB refrigerator

Most often, all equipment failures are caused either by improper installation or improper operation.

Important! In order to maintain the warranty for the Samsung Nou Frost service by the manufacturer, it is strictly forbidden to carry out self-assembly of the refrigerator.

Breakdowns are more and less common. Consider the main ones.

Evaporator thermal relay defect

A sign of such a malfunction is the frost on the evaporator. For 2-3 days of such a breakdown, the evaporator will be completely covered with a snow layer and the refrigerator will stop freezing due to the temperature increase in the chambers. The compressor in this case will stop turning off by the thermostat.

Your actions:

  • Unplug the refrigerator.
  • Free the device from food and drawers.
  • Open the refrigerator door wider.
  • Defrost the device for 8-10 hours.
  • Contact the specialists in the service center - most likely you need to replace the control board.

Timer breakdown

This malfunction is characterized by the same symptoms as the previous one. Do not try to correct the situation yourself, but proceed in the same way as in the event of a thermal relay malfunction.

Important! Most refrigerator malfunctions are caused by power surges. To avoid expensive repairs, it is better to purchase and Voltage regulator

Other breakdowns

Due to mechanical damage to components, for various reasons, such breakdowns occur:

Improper operation can lead to such problems:

  1. Clogged capillary line.
  2. Dehumidifier filter clogged.

Less common failures include:

  1. Open compressor winding.
  2. Jamming of the compressor motor and, as a result, lack of engine rotation.
  3. Defective evaporator blower fan. The first sign of such a malfunction is the absence of fan noise and an increase in temperature in the chambers.

Important! In all these cases, it is better to contact the Samsung service center.

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Before buying modern new equipment, be sure to carefully read the instructions from the manufacturer, which clearly indicate all the rules and conditions of use, as well as all possible breakdowns and the causes of their occurrence. The device of the refrigerator “Samsung” Nou Frost works according to a clear scheme. Therefore, if you do not let him finish the defrost-freeze cycle, for example due to lack of electricity, then various malfunctions are possible. In this sense, the units are very moody. We hope that having studied all the advantages and rules of using the device, you will be happy to use miracle technology.

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