Atlant refrigerator two-chamber malfunction

One of the most popular and reliable refrigeration units is the Belarusian Atlant refrigerator, two-chamber, in which malfunctions also sometimes, unfortunately, happen. What to do in cases of specific problems and whether it is possible to independently eliminate the arisen troubles, we will consider in this article.

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Types of Problems

In total, in the Atlant two-chamber refrigerator for 2 compressors, faults can be divided into three types:

  • Minor issues.
  • Complicated issues.
  • Faults that lead to the complete unsuitability of the refrigeration appliance.

Solve problems with the device immediately, so that they do not lead to more serious damage. The need for urgent repairs is also explained by the fact that the refrigerator is an indispensable device at any time of the year.

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Minor issues

Such malfunctions of the Atlant refrigerator can be eliminated independently and for this you will not need special tools. What exactly are these problems, and how are they solved, we will consider in more detail.

Noise, vibration, extraneous knocking:

  • Such malfunctions are often caused by improperly adjusted compressor housing suspensions. You can fix the problem by lowering the bolts with suspension springs to the optimum level.

Important! Between the support of the casing and the heads of the bolts should be a gap in size of 8-10 millimeters.

  • The soft knocks heard from the refrigeration appliance can be created by pipelines, which for one reason or another come in contact with the unit body or other parts of the device. In this case, you should by ear determine the “problem” place and bend the pipes slightly to the side.
  • The cause of such a malfunction of the Atlant refrigerator may also be a jitter of the relay. Here you need to make sure that it is positioned correctly relative to the special mark and securely attach the relay to the device body.

Inadequate or excessive cooling of products

If the Atlant refrigerator malfunctions in the form of an excess or lack of cold air in the chambers, then several parameters of the device should be checked:

  • The unit may not freeze if it is improperly configured or the thermostat has become unusable. To adjust it, you need to turn the thermostat knob to the desired position and make sure that it is securely locked in the set position. If you yourself cannot understand the modes of your equipment, read detailed instructions in a separate article, how to set up the thermostat of the refrigerator.
  • A decrease in compressor motor performance may also be the cause of this problem. It is not always possible to fix such a problem on your own, because a special measuring device is needed. The compressor may not produce the necessary cold due to leakage of freon from the system. It is easy to verify this as follows: if you touch the surface of the compressor with your hand after a long time of operation and feel the heating temperature below 65-70 degrees Celsius, the system is leaky. In this case, only the master refrigerator can find the leak and fill the system with freon. On our portal you can familiarize yourself with all the details of the process. freon refrigeration.
  • Malfunctions of the Atlant refrigerator associated with a lack or excess of cold can also be caused by other factors. One of them is the sealing system between the walls and the door of the unit. In the process of using the refrigerator, the sealing gum becomes less elastic. This leads to a loose fit to the walls and the appearance of gaps through which the cold leak. To resolve this issue, you should completely change seal.
  • Quite often in Belarusian refrigeration appliances, as well as in two-compartment Bosch refrigerators, malfunctions associated with a lack of cold arise due to improper door position. It can be skewed, which will lead to a loose fit to the walls. The skew can be adjusted by changing the tension using a special diagonal link wrench.
  • Malfunctions of the electric heater, timer, fan or fuse also often cause an elevated temperature inside the refrigerator. But similar reasons concern more units with the Nou Frost system of work. You can avoid such problems if you choose the right one using our tips. voltage regulator for the refrigerator.
  • The reason for the excess of cold may be the unplanned inclusion of the quick freeze option or the position of the thermostat at the maximum mark. It is possible to normalize the cold supply by turning off the freezing or by moving the knob to the desired position.

The backlight and indicator do not light

The cause of such a malfunction is the burnout of the bulb. You can fix the problem quickly by replacing the old light bulb with a working one.

The procedure for troubleshooting:

  1. Unplug the refrigerator.
  2. Unscrew the clamping bolt that holds the lampshade.
  3. Remove the cover and unscrew the burned out lamp.
  4. In place of the removed bulb, screw a new one into the cartridge, with a power of no more than 15 watts.
  5. Fasten the cover in place.

Accumulation of water at the bottom of the refrigerator

In the Atlant refrigerator, two-chamber malfunctions of this kind arise due to a violation of the position of the tube, which is responsible for the removal of water into a special receiver, or its clogging with small particles.


You can fix this problem yourself by cleaning the pipe with a flexible wire, fishing line or other long tool.


  1. Insert a flexible long tool into the hole in the bottom of the refrigeration appliance and gradually advance it.
  2. After such work for several minutes, all the blockage should be in the water receiver.
  3. Rinse the tube by douching with clean water. This will completely eliminate the problem associated with the accumulation of water in the bottom of the refrigerator.

Unpleasant odor in the refrigerator compartment

The cause of this malfunction is the improper use of the refrigeration unit and the improper care of it.

Important! To avoid such a nuisance, products with a pungent odor should not be placed in the refrigerator or freezer. It is necessary to defrost the appliance on time and completely dry all the walls and existing cells after washing the refrigerator. Learn in more detail from the pages of our site about how to organize without a waste of time fridge care.


  1. Disconnect the appliance completely from the mains and defrost it.

Important! To avoid causing minor mechanical damage to the refrigerator, it is impossible to clear the ice cover in the chambers for the first time.

  1. After a complete defrost, the appliance should be thoroughly wiped from the inside with a washing solution without a pungent odor.

Important! Powdered detergents are not recommended. It is better to give preference to gel preparations.

  1. Dry all walls and allow to air for 5-10 hours.
  2. After such processing, you can turn on the refrigerator in the network and continue to use it.

Important! So that from now on a similar problem does not arise, you can additionally choose a special one from our rating odor absorber for the refrigerator.

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Serious problems

To solve such malfunctions of the Atlant refrigerator, you will have to involve a master. What kind of problems are these, and what repairs will be needed to bring the refrigerator to working condition?

The casing of the refrigeration appliance is shocking

Sometimes, when you touch the refrigerator, a small electric discharge is felt. A similar phenomenon can occur both during operation of the unit, and in its calm state. Using such a refrigerator is not safe, because this indicates a leakage of current on the walls of the device.

Important! The malfunction is determined by measuring the insulation resistance parameter of the unit's electrical wiring. For this, the masters use a special-purpose device - a megger.

The procedure for troubleshooting:

  1. Disconnect power to the device.
  2. Visually inspect all wires.
  3. If the problem is not found, then the wire of the megohmmeter “Earth” is connected to the body of the refrigeration unit, the second wire “Line” is connected alternately to the wires of the relay, compressor, temperature controller to detect excessive resistance.
  4. After the location of the malfunction is found, the damaged wire should be replaced with a new one or carefully insulated.

Continuous operation of the motor compressor

Continuous operation of the refrigerator may be associated with increased air temperature in the room or improper position of the temperature controller of the device. In such conditions, the refrigeration unit will operate at full power.

Important! The refrigerator should not be placed near a gas or electric stove, as well as any heating appliances. Such placement may lead to the issue under discussion.

What to do to solve the problem:

  • If the temperature control knob is in the normal position, it is possible that the temperature regulator is broken and needs to be replaced.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the level of freezing of the evaporator. In the case when there is no white frost characteristic of them on the last channels of the evaporator through which freon is circulating, it can be confidently stated that there is a refrigerant leak. To determine the exact location of the leak, you should use a special device. And to fix a malfunction of this kind in the Atlant refrigerator is practically impossible on its own. In this case, it is best to contact a specialized workshop where they can fix the problem and add the missing amount of freon to the system.

The refrigerator turns off immediately after turning it on

The reasons for the frequent operation of the thermal relay to turn off the refrigerator may be several:

  • Increased voltage in the motor circuit;
  • Poor relay mounting or contact oxidation;
  • Compressor jammed or malfunctioning start relay.

The procedure for resolving the problem:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to check the voltage in the power supply network.
  2. If the voltage is stable and within normal limits, then a relay should be tested.
  3. To check the device without a relay for serviceability, it must be disconnected and the motor connected directly.
  4. If the refrigerator is working properly, then the thermal relay is changed to a new one.

Quick snow formation on the back of the appliance

The causes in the Atlant refrigerator for two-chamber malfunctions of this kind can be:

  • The door is not closed in time;
  • Poor fit of the insulation to the walls of the refrigerator;
  • Placement of still hot food in the chamber of the refrigeration unit;
  • The device operates in a room with high air temperature at a minimum power level;
  • Constantly working light bulb.


This situation can be corrected by checking all the settings set by the cooling system, or by replacing the button-switch that leaves the wall in the direction of the door in case of a backlight failure.

Short cycle of the refrigerator

Refrigerator Atlant two-chamber malfunctions of this kind can have the same as any other appliance of this purpose. The causes of such problems are:

  • The operation of the high pressure switch;
  • Condenser contamination;
  • The presence of a small amount of air in the system;
  • Excessive amount of Freon;
  • Bad fan.


  • To fix the problem, first of all, you need to check whether the fan is connected correctly.
  • Excess refrigerant or air in the system is corrected by removing excess material through a special valve.
  • The condenser is cleaned of dust or excess moisture, because they are the cause of the terminal closure.
  • You should also clean or completely replace the expansion valve filter, close the solenoid valve, replace the valve plate and check all relay settings.

The Atlant refrigerator does not work. Reasons and solutions

Sometimes after connecting the power cord of the device to the outlet, it does not produce absolutely any sounds characteristic of the operation of the refrigeration device. This may be due to the lack of current in the general power supply network or damage to the power supply cord itself for all elements of the refrigerator.


If there is current in the common network and its indicators are normal, then the broken cord should be replaced with a new one.

Important! Be sure to check the quality of the connection of the cord to the electric plug.

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Stock footage

In the event of problems with the operation of the Atlant dual-compartment refrigerator for 2 compressors, the fault instructions should be addressed first. The information that is necessarily included with the device describes in detail all possible breakdowns, their causes and troubleshooting options. If you are well versed in the structure and principle of operation of the refrigeration appliance, then eliminating simple malfunctions will not be difficult for you. But if you do not understand this issue or the problems are quite serious, it is better not to engage in amateur activities and call a wizard who will provide your home assistant with the necessary assistance. It is better to pay money for such services to a specialist than to buy a new refrigerator through improper repairs.

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