Samsung Nou Frost refrigerator - ice forms in the freezer

In modern refrigerators, the revolutionary No Frost system is built in, thanks to which frost does not form. It is very beneficial for users, since it does not have to defrost refrigeration equipment on their own. But despite the fact that this system is highly efficient, breakdowns also occur with it. Samsung refrigerator and Indesit Nou Frost - ice forms in the freezer, what is the reason? We will talk about this in this article.

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How does know frost work?

This option is unique in that it automatically automates the defrosting of equipment, without the need for human intervention. The system independently calculates the time period before the defrosting process thanks to specialized devices and sensors.

The process of internal defrosting is due to forced ventilation of the freezer compartment and the refrigerator. The refrigerator compartment is equipped with a drip or cry system. If it is damaged, the wall instead of condensate is covered with a noticeable layer of ice.

Important! As conceived by the manufacturers, ice and frost should not form inside the compartments. Therefore, special technologies have been introduced, thanks to which humidity is removed. For this, the evaporator is located in a special compartment located in the space between the walls. To enhance air circulation, the refrigerator is equipped with a special fan.

Moisture eventually stays on the evaporator, which has a lower temperature. The result - the walls of the chamber remain completely clean. The hoarfrost that forms on the evaporator is removed using the integrated defrost system, which includes special heating elements. The hidden compartment has very good thermal insulation, so the temperature inside the chambers practically does not change. A special drainage path is intended for water to run down. That is why, if in the Samsung refrigerator Nou Frost freezes in the freezer below and ice forms - this is a clear sign of a malfunction that needs to be dealt with.

Important! In refrigerators with the NoFrost system, foods dry quickly, so you need to wrap them in polyethylene or use containers to store them. In the freezer, semi-finished products do not freeze to each other and retain their original appearance.

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Why is ice formed?

There are several reasons for the fact that ice and snow are formed in the Samsung Nou Frost refrigerator in the freezer:

  • Damage to the rubber seal, due to which the fit of the door to the chamber is broken.
  • Damaged evaporator tubes. It is also possible clogging, integrity, violation of the tightness of the joints. If damaged, water may enter the freezer where it becomes ice. For self-rectification of the malfunction, it is possible to clean the drain or restore the tightness of the joints.
  • The heating element is damaged, a qualified technician will cope with this breakdown.
  • The No frost system is damaged, which only a master can understand, who knows the typical breakdowns of this system.

Important! Ice can form during periodic power outages. In any case, to find out the reason, the help of a specialist is required. If this is the reason, find out how to choose voltage regulator for the refrigerator.

Important! Very often, various odors from the products that are stored in it are collected in the refrigerator. Can cope with this problem odor absorber.

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How to defrost?

In the medium temperature compartment, no snow cover should form on the lobe of the evaporator. Otherwise, check the rubber seal. Another possible reason may be the storage of warm or unpacked products in the chamber.

When manually defrosting a low-temperature compartment, a number of rules must be observed:

  • The refrigerator must be disconnected from the mains.
  • If ice freezes in the Nou Frost freezer, it cannot be removed with a knife, fork or wooden sticks. The thickness at the walls of the evaporator is very small, so it is easy to damage them, and repairs will be expensive.
  • To speed up the process, you can put a container of warm water, but it should not be hot. And the container should stand on a rag or wooden board.
  • You can use a fan or hairdryer, but the air heating function must be turned off.
  • If you do not want to damage something, it is better to let the technique unfreeze on its own.
  • After defrosting, do not immediately put food in the chamber - the device should work for about half an hour. So it will enter its operating mode more easily. This is especially important in the warmer months.

In another our article, a selection of ways is ready for you,how to quickly defrost a refrigerator.

Important! Very often, manufacturers of equipment paste various stickers on the devices - this may be advertising, information about the equipment, etc. Often, these information stickers do not fit into the interior of the room. In our separate review, we shared the best tips, how to clean the fridge of stickers.

If there is no problem, then the refrigerator with the Nou Frost system does not need to be defrosted manually. The evaporator thaws automatically, if the system fails, it will be noticeable immediately, so the temperature increase will be quite noticeable.

Important! The absence of the need for defrosting does not mean at all that such a refrigerator does not require sanitization. Learn about refrigerator cleaners.

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Increasingly, consumers are paying attention to various new technologies in household appliances. The know-frost system has been introduced to the market for several years. If you want to save time on defrosting - this would be the right choice. And if a malfunction occurs, many of them can be eliminated with your own hands.

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