Indesit wisl 103 instructions for your comfortable use

Renowned in the home appliance market, Indesit produces quality samples of washing machines. In this article we will talk about two popular Indesit wisl 103 models, the instruction of which promises great functionality of the device and Indesit wiun 103, which differs in its features.

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Indesit washing machine wisl 103. Instructions for use

The Indesit wisl 103 model is a narrow front-loading washing machine designed for washing up to 4.5 kg of laundry. Its dimensions are quite compact, so it fits perfectly even in a small area. The device has the following parameters of width, height and depth, respectively: 59.5x85x40 cm. The weight of the machine is 62.5 kg. If you choose a narrow washing machine because it is limited in space, then pay attention to our separate review “Indesit top-loading washing machine”.

Important! The housing of the household unit is made of high-quality plastic, and the external design was developed by the world-famous Giugiaro Design studio and combines impeccable style and high practicality. The control of the device is extremely simple and intuitive.

Energy class

The Indesit wisl 103 washing machine is considered quite economical in terms of water and electricity consumption:

  • Energy Efficiency Class - A.
  • Washing class - BUT.
  • Spin class - C.

Important! For one wash cycle, the energy consumption of the appliance is 0.85 kWh, and the water consumption is 44 liters.

Spin speed

The maximum possible spin speed of the Indesit wisl 103 is 1000 rpm. Spinning of this intensity results in almost dry laundry, which is very convenient, as it reduces drying time. Turnovers can be adjusted independently to the maximum limit each time the appliance is started.

Safety system:

  • The Indesit wisl 103 is equipped with a special protective system against water leaks. With it, you should not be afraid of the possibility of flooding the premises or neighboring apartments in the event of a unit failure.
  • The usual protection from children is in this model of the washing machine. When the protective option is activated, the device will not react in any way to pressing any buttons during its operation.

Important! For those who are interested in the history of the Indesit brand, the device of washing machines of this brand, the rules for choosing equipment, etc., we recommend that you read our separate article "Indesit washing machine".

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Washing machine programs Indesit wisl 103

The Indesit wisl 103 washing machine has 11 programs in its functionality for the effective washing of certain fabrics. The temperature of the water, the duration of the process and the intensity of the spin depend on the selected function. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the mode in accordance with the type of fabric to be erased, and also help to understand the choice of modeclothing tag badges.


Programs for washing cotton fabrics are presented in 5 modes with a water temperature of 30 to 90 degrees. Each of the five modes is designed to remove spots of varying intensity. To select the option you need, carefully read the Indesit wisl 103 washing machine manual.


For washing synthetic fabrics, you can choose one of four modes to choose from. The water temperature, depending on the choice, will range from 30 to 60 degrees, and the duration of the cycle - from 30 to 85 minutes.

Delicate fabrics

The remaining two programs are designed to wash items made from delicate fabrics such as wool, viscosesilk. Washing is carried out either in water at a temperature of 30 degrees, or at 40 degrees.

Partial programs

Also, the Indesit wisl 103 washing machine has in its arsenal such partial modes of operation as:

  • Rinsing;
  • Delicate rinse;
  • Spin;
  • Delicate spin;
  • Drain without spin.

Special options

It should be noted that one of the programs for washing synthetic products is indicated by the manufacturer as a special program for processing no more than 3 kg of lightly soiled items from any fabrics, with the exception of silk and wool.

Washing takes place in cold water at a temperature of 30 degrees, and the cycle time takes only 30 minutes.

Important! Such process parameters save energy and time.

Additional functions

Additional options Indesit wisl 103 provide greater comfort not only during operation of the equipment, but also relative to the final washing result. The following features are worth noting here.


This function will allow the consumer to understand what stage the currently running cycle is at. Also, when activating a particular mode, the corresponding buttons light up.

Sound signal

After the end of the work cycle, the Indesit wisl 103 machine emits a warning signal about this. This is very convenient, as it allows you to remove linen from the drum in time.

Easy ironing

When this function is activated, the rinsing of the laundry is interrupted without draining the water. This reduces the degree of creasing of the tissues and facilitates the further ironing of things.

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Pros and cons of the Indesit wisl 103 washing machine

According to user reviews, the following advantages and disadvantages of the described household appliance can be distinguished.


  • The Indesit wisl 103 washing machine is compact and affordable.
  • The beautiful exterior design of the unit fits perfectly into the interior of the room.
  • Carries out all necessary functions for washing and rinsing clothes.
  • The machine is simple and intuitive to operate.
  • Good spin significantly reduces the drying time, even in the cold season.
  • The household appliance is reliable to use.


  • Some users point out that the Indesit wisl 103 washing machine does not properly eject powder from fabrics. But this, most likely, depends on the selected detergent, its concentration and quantity for one wash cycle. If you encounter such a problem, try changing the dry detergent to liquid laundry detergent.
  • Bad smell of rubber during the first few starts of the machine. This is due to the novelty of the device and is characteristic of almost all equipment. This disadvantage is eliminated by itself after several washing cycles.

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Indesit washing machine wiun 103. Instructions for use

Consider another decent model of a washing machine of the same manufacturer.

general description

The appliance is a free-standing, small-sized washing machine with a front loading type. The maximum drum load is 4 kg of laundry.

The body of the Indesit wiun 103 machine is made of high-quality white plastic, which withstands all loads during transportation and installation of the device.

The depth of the machine is 33 cm, which allows you to install the machine even in a small bathroom. Indesit home appliances have a very simple and intuitive control menu. This model of a washing machine is no exception.

Energy class

Note Indesit wiun 103 confirms the efficiency of this appliance. The following characteristics are declared:

  • Energy class - A.
  • The washing efficiency class is A.
  • The spin efficiency class is C.

Spin speed

Indesit wiun 103 is equipped with a sufficiently large spin power. The moisture is removed from the laundry at a speed of 1000 rpm. It is very convenient that you can choose the spin speed for each wash yourself - from 600 revolutions to the maximum level.

Safety system:

  1. The Indesit wiun 103 has partial leakage protection.
  2. Thanks to the imbalance control system and control over the level of the foam, the drum and other, smaller, structural parts of the device are not damaged during operation of the device.

Important! There are times when the instructions for the washing machine are lost, but some details need to be clarified. On our site of useful tips you can find instructions for other models of devices of this manufacturer:

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Programs for washing the machine wiun 103

Arsenal of Indesit wiun 103 programs for effective washing of linen has 11 modes in its quantity. In terms of functionality, they are very similar to the capabilities already described by us of the model of the Indesit wisl 103 washing machine.

Cotton wash

There are five such modes in this unit. Depending on the degree of pollution and the color of the cotton fabrics, you should select the appropriate mode with a water temperature of 30 to 90 degrees. The washing time of such things can take from 65 to 180 minutes.

Modes for washing synthetic products

The manufacturer distinguishes such modes 4. The program, in which washing is carried out in cold water and takes only 30 minutes, is the most economical in terms of electricity and water consumption, and is often used by consumers to give freshness to slightly contaminated products from various fabrics.

Programs for delicate things

Fabrics such as silk, wool, viscose, tulle are made by the manufacturer to be washed using special washing programs. Spin in this case is used the least intensive or not used at all.

Partial programs

Auxiliary options Indesit wiun 103, which do not assume the entire washing cycle, but only a part of it, are also available in this unit:

  • Rinsing;
  • Delicate rinse;
  • Spin;
  • Delicate spin;
  • Drain without spin.

Additional functions

Additional options Indesit wiun 103 are designed to increase the usability and safety of the washing machine.


Indication of the washing steps and the selected program makes the operation of the machine more convenient.

Easy ironing

This option allows you to save delicate fabrics from strong crushing during the spin process and facilitates further ironing.

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Pros and cons of the Indesit wiun 103 washing machine

Owner reviews Indesit wiun 103 helped compile the following lists of advantages and disadvantages of the device.


  • The washing machine is comfortable and does its job well.
  • Inexpensive cost.
  • The unit has compact dimensions.
  • The device provides you to choose your own temperature and spin intensity.
  • Beautiful design.
  • The machine has a good spin speed.
  • Reliability and ease of use.


  • Lack of display.
  • Noisy at work.
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Having examined two models of compact washing machines of the brand Indesit, it is impossible to say with certainty which one is better. In terms of functionality, they are almost the same, but one is less overall, which is a decisive factor for some people, and the other allows you to wash more laundry, which is important for many. Which of these models you choose, it's up to you. In any case, the Indesit washing machine will make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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