How to clean the iron from carbon deposits 🥝 How to clean the surface of the iron with salt and vinegar

How to clean the iron from burnt cloth at home? - The trouble that leads to such a problem must have happened to almost every housewife in the process of ironing clothes. It is wrong to set the temperature of the appliance, and your favorite blouse is damaged forever, and a dark coating has formed on the sole of the iron. A burnt iron can be easily cleaned. The answer to the question of how to clean the iron from adhering fabric, you will find in our article. Using useful tips, you do not have to change the technique very often.

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Types of iron coatings

Before you clean the iron from burnt fabric at home, you should figure out what material the sole of the damaged device is made of. Modern manufacturers produce Teflon and ceramic coated irons with stainless steel or aluminum soles. Due to such a variety of coatings, some of them require more delicate cleaning.

Aluminum sole

Irons with such a sole are the most difficult in the process of removing burnt marks. Such a surface is prone to minor scratches. From this, fabrics often deteriorate and adhere to the coating.


Stainless steel sole

Such material is quite unpretentious - in the absence of other suitable means, it can be cleaned even with a sharp object, for example, a blade or knife. But it’s still better to choose other methods to clean the iron from burnt fabric at home, so that you do not have to regularly grind and restore the surface from burning.

Ceramic sole

A very common base in appliances. It is necessary to clean the surface carefully, using means that do not include abrasive substances. During cleaning, the use of brushes and hard sponges should be avoided.


Teflon sole

This coating is a resistant and durable surface. But the process of cleaning it takes a lot of time and effort. For such a surface, it is better to use special pencils for the iron if it is burnt.

More detailed tips for choosing an iron andrating of popular models they will definitely come in handy if you plan to purchase more convenient and functional equipment. Hurry up to find useful information!

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How to clean the iron at home from adhered tissue?

If the fabric adheres to the sole of the iron during ironing, there are several ways to clean it. Consider the main ones.

Cleaning pencil

With the question of how to clean a burnt iron, many turn to a household goods store. And not in vain. On its shelves you can find a special tool that is made specifically for cleaning electrical appliances from burnt matter.

The cost of a cleaning pencil is minimal, but it removes dirt without much effort on your part. Another advantage of this tool should be noted that it can be used on absolutely any coating on the sole of the iron. Of course, unless the manufacturer has indicated otherwise in the instructions.

Important! Before use, be sure to read the instructions for the product.


Mode of application:

  1. Preheat the appliance to the temperature indicated in the instructions.
  2. Remove the packaging from the pencil and lightly rub the contaminated surface.
  3. When applied to a heated surface, the pencil melts and drains along with burnt particles.
  4. Remove any remaining dirt with a clean, dry cloth.

Important! When using a cleaning pencil, observe safety rules. When the pencil comes in contact with a hot surface, acid is released that has a pungent odor. After use, be sure to ventilate the room. If a molten product gets on your skin, burns may occur.



Want to know how to clean a burnt iron at home? The next effective tool for removing burns from the iron cover is always on the kitchen shelf in every home. Using salt, you can very quickly remove dirt from the appliance and continue to iron clothes.

Important! To clean the device with a Teflon coating, you should look for another way, because such a coating can not be cleaned with abrasive substances.

Mode of application:

  1. Prepare a thick piece of paper.
  2. Pour half a glass of salt on it.
  3. Preheat the appliance to maximum temperature.
  4. Iron the sprinkled salt and do it until the pollution has disappeared.

Important! You can try wrapping the salt in a handkerchief and rubbing dirt with the resulting bag.

Appliances need proper care not only outside. Therefore, be sure to use the tips that will help you.clean the iron from limescale inside at home without extra costs!


Paraffin candle

A paraffin candle will help to solve an unpleasant situation when the iron burned. How to clean the surface of the device with its help is described in detail below.

This method is very popular among experienced hostesses. A paraffin candle cleans the coating of burnt fabric as well as a special cleaning pencil. If your electricity is often turned off, then candles will certainly be found in the house. If they are not, then you will have to spend a little on their purchase in a hardware store. Using candles can easily cleanse recent dirt of any origin.


Mode of application:

  1. Wrap the candle in a clean cotton cloth. Thus, you get a pencil from carbon deposits.
  2. Heat the iron to maximum temperature and lightly move the pencil over the iron cover.
  3. Place a clean cloth under the surface of the appliance.
  4. When the pencil is melted, flowing down the bottom of the device, the dirt will disappear in one moment.

Important! During cleaning, keep the iron tilted so that the paraffin flows down.

  1. Finally, wipe the cleaned sole of the iron with a hard, damp cloth.

Important! Do not use excessive force when working with rags so as not to scratch the coating.

  1. If your iron has a “steam” function, clean the holes on the bottom of the appliance.
  2. Pour water into a special compartment and let steam out several times. In this way, wax residues from the iron are eliminated and stains on clothes can be avoided during the next ironing process.


Table vinegar

Surely in every kitchen there is table vinegar. This liquid will help to solve the question: how to clean the iron from burnt synthetics. Vinegar will perfectly wipe away light fresh spots on the ceramic, teflon and metal surfaces of the electric iron.

Important! When processing, make sure that no liquid enters the housing.

There are many recipes for preparing a cleaning mixture. We offer the fastest cooking options.

Important! If for some reason you do not have vinegar, in the same way you can apply citric acid.


Method number 1:

  1. Wait until the surface of the appliance becomes warm.
  2. Prepare the solution by adding 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar to one glass of water.
  3. Moisten a soft, clean cloth in the solution and wipe the iron.
  4. Fresh, just emerging marks are cleared in an instant.

Method number 2:

  1. Wet the rag with plenty of vinegar.
  2. Put a warm iron on it and leave it in this position overnight. Vinegar will soften and contribute to the exfoliation of burnt tissue.
  3. Remove any remaining dirt in the morning with a dry, dense cloth.
  4. In this way, persistent old spots are easily removed from the surface of the appliance.

In order not to look for all kinds of ways to clean the sole of the iron in the future and still not to go in wrinkled clothes, find out what fabrics do not need to be ironed.



Are you exhausted by the question of how to wipe an iron from adherent fabric on a steel sole? In this case, use toothpaste. The process of removing burnt marks should be started immediately, otherwise cleaning will require much more time and effort.

Mode of application:

  1. Use a sharp object to cut off the rest of the burnout.
  2. Wait for the appliance to cool completely.
  3. Apply toothpaste to the contaminated area.
  4. Use the hard side of the dishwashing sponge to wipe off any residue.


Hydrogen peroxide or ammonia

Not sure how to wash the iron from burnt cloth? Look for peroxide or ammonia in a pharmacy cabinet. These medical fluids will very effectively clean the surface of the electric iron from adhered tissue.

Important! The principle of cleaning the soles from pollution with peroxide or ammonia is the same, so the recipe for preparing the solution is suitable for both one and the other component.

Cleaning method:

  1. Wait for the appliance to cool completely.
  2. Apply selected fluid to a clean rag.

Important! The vapors released by ammonia are unhealthy. Therefore, carry out the treatment in a well-ventilated area.

  1. Wipe damaged parts of the device.



Soda can be considered the most sought-after product in home life. It must be stored in the locker of each hostess. Soda can not only perfectly clean the dishes or eliminate stains on the carpet and linoleum. It is the basis of another sure way, how to clean a burnt iron at home.

Soda will help get rid of old burnt spots.

Important! It is not recommended to use soda powder on surfaces that negatively react to the action of abrasives. It is best used on metal surfaces. If you have a more modern model, but there was such a nuisance with it, then you better read right awayhow to clean ceramic coated iron

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Mode of application:

  1. Add soda to warm water and mix thoroughly.
  2. Bring the solution to a slurry state.
  3. Apply the resulting mixture to a contaminated surface.
  4. Using a dry cloth, wipe the spots with gentle movements.
  5. Finally, wipe off any remaining product with a damp cloth.

Nail polish remover

To use such a tool to clean the coating of the device is very careful not to damage the surface.

Important! Using nail polish remover, you can clean the iron from adhered polyethylene.


Mode of application:

  1. Dampen a cotton swab with a little liquid.
  2. Wipe the contaminated area.
  3. Rinse off any remaining product with a damp cloth.

Hydroperite tablets

Hydroperit in the form of tablets can be purchased at the pharmacy kiosk. How to remove adhering tissue from an iron with hydroperit tablets? You can use this tool just like a cleaning pencil.

Mode of application:

  1. Heat the iron to maximum temperature.
  2. Wipe the contaminated area with a whole tablet.
  3. Remove the remaining tablets with a damp cloth.

Important! The vapors that emit tablets have a pungent and pungent odor. Therefore, treat the iron in a well-ventilated area.


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How to clean Teflon coated iron?

Teflon-coated electric irons are the best-selling goods of this purpose in household appliance stores. They, as a rule, are multifunctional and are able to smooth any fabric. But an improperly selected temperature regime of the iron often leads to the appearance of burnt clothing residues on the sole. How to clean the iron from burnt fabric at home, so as not to damage the coating and not spoil the technique?

Cleaning method:

  1. The best option for removing burnt fabrics for Teflon surfaces is a pencil or sponge.

Important! It is worth using such funds, strictly following the instructions on the packaging of the goods.

  1. If you do not have a cleaning pencil, replace it with vinegar essence:
    • Moisten a clean cloth with a product and carefully treat the coating.
    • Difficult stains can be cleaned by ironing a rag soaked in the product.

Important! When using vinegar essence, observe safety measures. Wear gloves to protect your skin. Beware of contact with eyes, as liquid can cause burns.


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How to clean an iron from a burnt cloth at home? - Useful tips:

  • For cleaning, you can use cotton swabs dipped in the selected product. Screw cotton wool on the toothpick to remove dirt from the holes through which steam escapes.
  • After each ironing, wipe the sole of the appliance with vinegar or other suitable means.

Important! Cleaning powders leave invisible scratches on the sole of the electric iron. Subsequently, such a purge will appear more often.

  • Ironing woolen and synthetic items is through gauze or cotton.
  • Do not use sharp objects or sandpaper to remove burn marks to prevent scratches. If nevertheless used on a stainless steel sole, periodically grind the surface with molten wax so as not to damage the fabric.

Rid yourself of unnecessary problems with soot by reading and remembering all the rules for handling different fabrics, ironing settings.

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In order not to encounter the problem of burnt fabric on the sole of the iron in the future, set the correct temperature on the device. If you doubt the composition of the fabric, start ironing at a low temperature, increasing it if necessary. In cases when the surface is still dirty, you already know how to clean the iron from adhering fabric using simple ones.

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