How to clean the humidifier from scale?

To reduce the effects of seasonal lowering of humidity on the body, many people use humidifiers at home, which must be washed regularly. Such devices themselves gradually accumulate a lot of harmful substances in themselves during operation, therefore, it is simply necessary to know how to wash or clean the humidifier from scale and other pollutants. This will help protect your health and the health of your family.

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Humidifier problems

During the constant operation of this device, certain problems begin to appear that complicate its use. Conventionally, they can be divided into two types:

  1. The formation of plaque on the internal surfaces of this device. Whether it’s saline or scale, it’s not so important. The main thing is that they reduce the efficiency of his work.
  2. The second group includes problems that negatively affect the body and health in general. Among these can be identified: the appearance of pathogens, flowering water, the appearance of mold, the formation of harmful chemical compounds and more.

If you take into account all of the above, the care of the humidifier can be divided into three stages: cleaning the device, periodic disinfection and prevention. It is this sequence that must be adhered to in order to clean or wash the humidifier in a quality manner.

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Humidity-specific cleaning

Cleaning the humidifier depends on its type and principle of operation. Consider the main types: mechanical, steam, ultrasonic and combined.


The operation of these devices is based on spraying water by supplying an air flow through a fan through special cartridges to which water enters.

The disadvantage of such devices has always been:

  • high level of noise;
  • small performance.

Important! Caring for it is based on the periodic replacement of cartridges and continuous cleaning of the water tank.

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The principle of operation of such a device is similar to the action electric kettle: The water inside boils and turns into steam. The main problem of such a device is the formation of limestone deposits. As a result, the thermal conductivity of the heating element decreases sharply and it works poorly.

Important! Cleaning an air humidifier of this type is practically no different from removing scale and dirt from electric kettles.


The most modern type of humidifier is ultrasonic. Using a special membrane in these devices, water turns into cold steam, which moisturizes the atmosphere in your room. Such devices require constant care.

Important! Particular attention when deciding how to clean the humidifier from scale should be paid to the membrane.

Combined appliances

Such devices perform another important function - cleaning the air in the room. The principle of operation is based on the flow of air through a wet filter.The cleaning of this appliance is the care of the filter and the water tank.

Important! For each of these types of devices, the possibility of blooming water in the tank or simply changing its properties is characteristic. This is due to interruptions in work: the water in the tank stagnates and begins to deteriorate, turns green. In order to clean the humidifier from greens, it will be necessary not only to clean, but also to disinfect it.

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Cleaning the humidifier

Cleaning the humidifier at home is very simple, the main thing is not to allow it to be heavily contaminated. Preventive cleaning of the device is necessary every day. For this:

  1. Turn off the appliance.
  2. Prepare a soap solution in hot water.
  3. Use a soft brush and mortar to flush the water-free reservoir.
  4. Rinse it gently with running water.
  5. Dry and fill.

Important! Make sure that water does not flood the work parts.

Every 3-4 days, you need to clean the humidifier more thoroughly. To do this, follow these steps.

  1. Free the device from water.
  2. Prepare the required amount of a weak solution of vinegar, pour it into the tank.
  3. Leave the solution in the tank for an hour.
  4. After time, pour and rinse thoroughly with warm water.
  5. If necessary, brush the bottom of the tank with a brush.

Important! Using this instruction, you can also clean the humidifier with citric acid, replacing vinegar. Watch out for filters in devices. They periodically need to be changed depending on deterioration.

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About once a week, you will need to disinfect your device to protect it from harmful bacteria. To carry out such processing of your device, follow these recommendations:

  1. Rinse your appliance in the same way as previously described.
  2. Prepare a solution of bleach (peroxide) in the ratio of 1 tsp. bleach per liter of water.
  3. Pour the mixture into the tank.
  4. Turn on the appliance.
  5. As soon as your humidifier begins to evaporate the solution, turn it off.
  6. After 2-3 minutes, drain and rinse under cold water.
  7. Pour ordinary water into the tank and turn it on. Let it work for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Drain and rinse the appliance.
  9. It is recommended to repeat this procedure until the smell of bleach disappears.

Important! All procedures with cleaning and disinfection should be carried out outdoors (for example, a balcony) or on the street.

Mold removal

In order to clean the humidifier from mold, you will need to follow all the recommendations that are described above as a single complex. Only in this case it is possible to get rid of harmful bacteria - it is more difficult than ordinary scum.

Important! The simplest solution to this problem would be to prevent stagnation of water.

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Helpful hints:

  1. To clean the ultrasonic humidifier less frequently, use soft or distilled water.
  2. It is not recommended to turn on the device at full power, and upon reaching the desired humidity it is better to completely turn it off.
  3. In order to clean the ultrasonic air purifier, it is not recommended to use hard objects (rags, brushes). Do not use knives, etc.
  4. Before cleaning the device, prepare everything you need for this process so as not to be distracted by the search for tools or tools and complete all work as efficiently and quickly as possible.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to use the device for other purposes.

Important! Once you’ve finished cleaning the appliance, critically evaluate its location in your home. Read a useful post about where is it better to put a humidifier in the room.

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From this article, you learned how to clean a humidifier at home, without spending a lot of time and effort. And most importantly, remember that this device only brings benefits to your home, do not forget to regularly clean it and disinfect it.

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