How to check TEN in a washing machine at home?

One of the key elements of a washing machine is a heating element or a tubular electric heater, which is responsible for heating the water and maintaining the required temperature during washing. In order for the machine to last for a long time, it is necessary to monitor the condition of the heater, but before you check for proper operation of the TEN in the washing machine at home, you need to understand how it works and where to look for it in the unit.

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In the absence of water heating, the machine can continue to work as before, and it is not often possible to identify a breakdown in the first stages. Therefore, to begin with, we will deal with the signs by which it is possible to judge the breakdown of a part, and, accordingly, the need to check the heater of a washing machine for suitability. There are few of them.


  1. Unpleasant smell of linen after washing;
  2. When washing, the hatch glass remains cold;
  3. The laundry is not washed.

If you notice one of the signs, it is most likely that the heater has stopped heating the water. The causes of damage to the heating element may vary.

Important! Each trouble with household appliances has its own prerequisites. If you have an idea about them, you can eliminate the risk of breakdown and significantly extend the life of the device. Read our articles on topics:


  1. Breakage of a part or its short circuit. In this case, the washing machine will either stop working or continue, but not for long, because the other parts of the machine can easily be damaged or burn out.
  2. Heater circuit failure. With this problem, the device can continue to behave as usual, and then the breakdown will be difficult to diagnose immediately. But if the machine erases longer than usual or hangs during washing, it is possible that the problem is in the open circuit.
  3. Damage to the pressure switch. The pressure switch is equipped with a sensor that is responsible for the level of water being drawn. During normal operation of the device, water is drawn up to a certain level, and after that a signal is sent to the electronics to turn on the heating. It happens that the parts responsible for the water level become contaminated during operation, and the dirt settled on them does not pass the heating signal. If you suspect that the machine is not warming precisely for this reason, clean the pressure switch and check the operation of the device.

Important! Often, users do not pay attention to the fact that the machine did not finish the wash on time or did not complete part of the program, and they sin on the failure of the electronics. But if the equipment refuses to perform any functions, most likely that this is not a failure, but a signal of help.

Next, we consider the operation of the heating part and find out how to check the TEN on the washing machine at home.

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How does a heater work?

This type of heater consists of a metal pipe, inside of which there is a spiral, heated from exposure to electric current. Also inside the pipe is a material that transfers heat from the spiral to the walls of the tube.

With frequent use, the spiral inside the heating element wears out, and it heats up worse.

Important! If you do not follow the device, then the spiral can even burn out. In this case, the washing machine stops heating water.

If you have suspicions that the heating element is working or the washing machine is no longer heating water, you should check it.

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Where to look for TEN?

There are two options where there can be a heater in washing machines - front and rear. You can find and determine it using the following methods:

  1. Inspection of the machine. Move the washer away from the wall. If the back wall is large enough, then most likely the heater will be located just below it.
  2. Lift the machine and look under it from the bottom up. So you can see the exact location of the heater.
  3. Remove the access panel located on the back of the machine. So you will see if the heater is located behind.
  4. After removing the cover, look at the bottom of the drum - there you will find a heater.
  5. If the heater is in front, we do the same, but remove the front wall.

When you find a heater, you need to check it for integrity. This can be done by removing the heater completely or by unscrewing the fasteners and removing the wires.

Important! In order not to remember how the wires were connected, just take a picture of the connected device from different angles.

If you decide to remove the heater completely - unscrew the central nut and press on the bolt so that it goes inside. Next, the element is carefully picked up with a flat tool, such as a knife or a screwdriver, but so as not to damage either the element or the tank. Consider how to check the Ten in the washing machine at home.

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Heater check

Before checking, you should understand what data can be considered normal and how they are indicated. The check is to use a multimeter or tester.

Important! The rate ranges from 20 to 40 OM, depending on the power of your washing machine. There are also especially powerful models in which the resistance can be up to 60 OM, but if the meter shows a value of less than 20, then the heater is definitely faulty.

To check the heater, you need to find out its resistance or ring it.


  1. U is the voltage symbol. If there are no additional conditions, then a normal outlet gives a voltage of 220 V.
  2. P - means the power of the heater. For different models of washing machines, the power will vary, so look at the instructions or stickers on the device - there you can find information about the power.

Important! The normal resistance of the heating element can be calculated using the formula:

R = U * U / P

The data obtained is measured in units of Ohms, and it is precisely them that the measuring device should show during normal operation of the device.

We analyze the calculation by example.


For example, the machine has a power of 2100 watts, respectively - the formula will look like this:

220 * 220 (U): 2100 = 23.05 Ohm.

Important! The data obtained indicate the rate of resistance of the heater. Next, you need to check whether the value corresponds to the norm.

We call the heater

In order to ring the device, you need a special device - a multimeter, and then a number of actions should be taken:

  1. Disconnect the heater from the mains.
  2. Remove all wiring going to the heater.
  3. Take the measuring device, set it to a mode in which the resistance in OM is indicated at a value of 200.
  4. Connect the device to the terminals of the heater.

Important! Further, with the parameters specified in the example, the device should show a value of 23.5 Ohms or close to it. Then the heater can be considered serviceable.


  • If the device shows the number 1, it means that the heater spiral has broken and he needs a replacement.
  • When the display shows the number 0 or close to zero values, a short circuit has occurred inside the heater.

Important! If the values ​​of the heater are within acceptable limits, proceed to the next step of the check.

Breakdown test

It happens that the spiral in the heater works without failures, but there is a malfunction in the conductive material that is between the spiral and the pipe walls.In this case, the incoming current can pass through the heater and get on other parts of the washing machine and its body.

Important! This is completely unsafe, because a breakdown can lead to electric shock, and in case of strong breakdowns, sparks can appear from under the device, and even a fire can occur.

In order to check the heater for breakdown:

  1. It is necessary to set the dialing mode on the multimeter.
  2. In this mode, the meter wires are closed between each other - until the sound signal and the indicator light up.
  3. After - one end of the device touch the TENA terminal, and the second - either the ground terminal or the device case.

Important! In the presence of a squeaking sound - the heater must be replaced, since there are breakdowns in it. So you can check the heater of a washing machine or any other device having a similar heater.

Further we will consider how to check the heater without the use of additional devices.

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Verification without measurements

In addition to measurements, you can check the heater in other ways:

  1. If there are black dots on the case, the device has breakdowns and must be replaced. To determine the presence or absence of points, it will be necessary to remove scale from the heater. This can be done by soaking it in a strong solution of citric acid.
  2. If there are no obvious reasons for parsing the machine, you can pay attention to the electricity meter. Turn on the machine in the mode when it uses all its power, see how the meter readings change. If the speed of its calculation has increased - the heater is in working condition.
  3. Before dialing, carefully inspect the device: if swelling, scratches, cracks or other damage are visible somewhere, the heater should be changed.
  4. There is an option in which you can check the part for breaks without using a tester. To do this, you need an electric lamp. It can be made independently or purchased in specialized stores.

Important! If you have already partially disassembled the washing machine to get to the heater, it makes sense to immediately remove all dirt from other parts. For example, use our workshop to clean the drum of the washing machine.

When installing the heater back, you need to act carefully and carefully make sure that it gets into its mounts. If the heater is installed incorrectly, it may be higher than the required level and will touch the tank during machine operation. This will damage not only the heater, but also the drum. Do not forget about its correct connection - all wires should be in place.

Important! If the heater is completely out of order, follow the instructions in a separate article, replacement of TEN.

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If you take preventive measures in time and periodically check the details of the washing machine for performance, it will last you much longer. And to check one of the most important elements - TEN in the washing machine, you can now at any convenient time at home.

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