Which kettle is better - glass or metal?

Choosing an electric kettle is not at all difficult, because it is not a washing machine or a refrigerator. This device has a simple design, but at the same time, you need to know certain nuances of operation and safety of the device. The article is devoted to the selection of an electric kettle according to the main parameters (capacity, power, materials of manufacture, etc.). And so that you do not have any doubts about your decision, we will also consider which kettle is the right one to choose and which is better - glass, iron or metal, or some other.

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Advantages and disadvantages of electric kettles

Electric kettles are firmly established in our kitchens since the beginning of this century. They are beautiful, light, comfortable, and most importantly - they heat the water for several minutes.

Important! Not so long ago, these devices were embarrassed by significant energy intensity. But manufacturing companies have managed to solve this problem, especially since in many countries energy saving is regulated by legislative acts.

The device is extremely simple: a housing and an element for heating water. In addition to the heating function, many modern models are equipped with a number of additional functions:

  • Heating water to a predetermined temperature.
  • Maintaining water temperature for a long time.
  • Sound signal about the end of the water heating cycle.
  • Highlights of different types.
  • Delay start heating.
  • System of protection against operation of the device without water.
  • Intensive boiling to remove chlorine.

Important! The latest models of dummies can be remotely controlled from smartphones. So the dream that the kettle can be heated while being quite far from home seems to come true.

An important advantage of the electric kettle in mobility. He is not attached to the stove. You can put it where it is convenient for you. If the outlet is far away - it does not matter, you can use the extension cord.

Important! If nevertheless you prefer the usual method of heating water on the stove, then see our separate review“Which kettle is better to buy for a gas stove?”.


Without them, too, could not have done. Some customers complain that an unpleasant odor emanates from the appliance. The taste of water also suffers. This is usually a problem for cheap models. The use of low-cost models can lead to burnout. Especially if the wiring is old and does not stand the test with powerful electrical devices.

Important! The principle “we are not so rich as to buy cheap things” will help get rid of disappointments when choosing an electric kettle. You can’t save on good things, which you will also use often. It is much wiser to purchase goods from a well-known manufacturer than to suffer from cheap products.

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How to choose an electric kettle for home: expert advice

When choosing a kettle in an online store or mall offline, you may not immediately be able to stop at an acceptable option. Oddly enough, a huge number of proposals, rather, interferes with the choice than helps. This is especially true of offline stores, where you do not know what to do first of all: to choose a product or, having collected the remnants of upbringing, to fend off annoying sales consultants.

To make the search more conscious, consider the most important criteria for selection. So, what should be the best electric kettle.

Important! Before buying an electric kettle, be sure to find out about a new popular unit - a thermal sweat. There is a review on our site of useful tips "Thermopot - what is it?".


Naturally, in the list of criteria he was under the first number. Buyers pay attention to it first of all. So, the case is of the following types.


Plastic has an optimum ratio of quality and price. It is not surprising that until recently it was out of competition in the manufacture of electric kettles.

The advantages of plastic are:

  • Light weight.
  • Low cost.
  • Long working resource.
  • Product strength.

Important! However, there is a major drawback. Plastic can not be called environmentally friendly material. Under the influence of high temperatures, plastic generously gives water to the chemical elements that make it up. This can be seen from the fact that the smell and taste of water leave much to be desired.

As a rule, this drawback is especially pronounced in low-cost products from little-known companies, as well as in counterfeit goods (fake for famous brands). Well-known European companies care about their reputation. Requirements for finished products are much higher than, for example, in China.

Important! The working life of high-quality food-grade plastic is no more than 3 years.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel electric kettles are distinguished by high strength and durability. Naturally, when comparing which kettle is better - metal or plastic, the comparison will not be in favor of plastic:

  • If, for example, a plastic kettle is dropped, it will certainly crack. The metal case, of course, will get a dent, but the device will remain completely intact and operational.
  • Stainless steel is environmentally friendly. It does not contain harmful substances, respectively - does not emit them in water.

Important! Among the shortcomings can be noted the high cost and large mass. In addition, the metal is very hot during operation.

If these points are not critical for you, choose the right model, using the ready-maderated stainless steel kettles.


This is a great option for fans of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the elegant instrument made of durable glass looks unusually luxurious, especially if it is equipped with a backlight. The cost of this beauty is quite affordable, which is also a definite plus.

On the minuses a little more:

  • The disadvantage of glass is that it, like metal, is heated by boiling water.
  • Careless contact with the housing may cause burns.
  • Over time, a scale layer forms on the surface of the glass, which does not add to the aesthetics of the device.
  • The minus is that even strong glass is very fragile, and the kettle can break if handled carelessly.

Important! When choosing a glass teapot, pay attention to the material of the handle. The best option is plastic, since the metal will become very hot and create additional inconvenience. Which kettle is better - glass or metal, can not be answered. The choice is yours.

Ceramics - the best kettle for aesthetes:

  • Externally, the ceramic device resembles a classic teapot. Color options and design decisions are just an incredible amount. If you opted for ceramics, then you have every chance to purchase not just a high-quality, but also an unusually beautiful thing.
  • Pottery preserves the natural taste of water.
  • On smooth walls rust and scale do not form.
  • The material maintains the temperature of the heated water longer than all other materials.

Important! The disadvantages of ceramics, in addition to high cost, are: large mass and fragility.

Heating elements

TEN electric kettle can be of two types:

  • with an open heating element;
  • closed type.

The open heating element has a spiral shape.The heater is attached to the back of the device or to the bottom.

Important! If, opening the kettle, you only see the bottom made of metal, this means that you have a closed heating element.

An open heating element has more disadvantages than a closed one:

  • It can only be used with relatively large volumes of water (so that it completely covers the heating element).
  • Washing the spiral is also not very convenient, but the plaque on it is going to be more than enough.

Closed heating elements are a more modern option, and has the following features:

  • In such a kettle, you can heat water for a large family tea party or for one cup of coffee.
  • A device with a closed heating element is more noisy.
  • Its cost is slightly higher compared to the first option.

Important! The duration of an electric kettle is directly related to water quality. The resulting scale incapacitates the technique. It’s better to use purified water, and we’ll tell youflowing water filter - which is better.


How to choose an electric kettle for a house by power? The more powerful the device, the faster the water heats up:

  • For modern models of electric kettles, this indicator varies between 1 and 3 kW.
  • The optimum in the ratio of quality and price is considered a power of 2.2 kW. This kettle and cork will not knock out, and the water heats up pretty quickly.

Important! The heating time of two electric kettles can only be compared if they have the same power. Power is directly related to the capacity of the device. The larger the capacity, the more power the teapot needs to heat the water.

Kettle capacity

The approximate volume of the kettle can be determined as follows: how much water is needed for tea drinking for the whole family. The capacity of various models varies from 0.5 to 6.0 liters. The most popular is the volume in the range of 1.7 - 2.0 liters.

Almost all models of dummies have a liquid level scale. This allows you to draw exactly the amount of water that is needed in this case.


Say that this is absolutely not fundamental? You are mistaken! The convenience of using the appliance depends on what kind of stand the kettle has. There are 2 types of stands:

  • Plain.
  • "Pirouette".

What is the difference:

  • The first is equipped with a rectangle-shaped contact, which is located on the side. Thanks to the contact, a rigid fixation of the device is possible. This stand is not particularly convenient. It is most often found in low-cost models with an open heating element.
  • “Pirouette” is a round stand with a contact in the center. This is the most convenient and popular type of stand.

Additional functionality

In addition to the main characteristics, there are additional ones that may be important for you and affect the choice of an electric kettle:

  • Thermostat. With its help, the desired temperature of the heated water is selected. This, for example, is important if you are preparing baby food.
  • Maintaining temperature at a given level.
  • Filter. This device prevents the formation of scale and ingress of lime flakes into tea or coffee.
  • The ability to fix the cover. If this function is present, you can not be afraid that boiling water will spill at the most inopportune moment.
  • Protection against turning on the device without water. This is one of the most common options. If the kettle is empty, it will not heat up.

Important! Have you heard that water for coffee and tea can be boiled once? Find out what processes occur in water in our article “Why can’t you boil water a second time?”.

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Rating of the best dummies

When buying people take as a basis a variety of factors. One - most importantly, the environmental cleanliness of materials, others - rely on economical energy consumption, and others - on a modern, stylish design or diverse functionality. Here is a list of the most popular models.

TEFAL BF 9252:

  • Kettle with a capacity of 1.7 liters, with a capacity of 2.2 kW.
  • There is a protective system against switching on without water.
  • The heating element is hidden.
  • The case is made of high quality plastic.


  • Kettle with a steel case (plastic inserts are available).
  • The capacity is 1.7 liters, power - 2.4 kW.
  • There is a removable water filter.
  • The kettle is equipped with a protective system against switching on without water.
  • TEN closed type.


  • 1.7-liter kettle
  • The case is made of plastic.
  • TEN closed.
  • The power of the device is 2.4 kW.

Vitek VT-7009 TR:

  • The capacity of the device is 1.7 l, power 2.2 kW.
  • The case is made of durable glass.
  • Closed-type stainless steel heating element.
  • There is a filter to protect against scale, a protective system against switching on without water.

Scarlett SC-EK24C01:

  • The 1.3-liter case is made of ceramic.
  • Power is 1.3 kW.
  • TEN closed.
  • There is protection against switching on without water.

REDMOND SkyKettle M170S:

  • Steel kettle with many options.
  • The volume is 1.7 liters, power 2.4 kW.
  • The device is equipped with a temperature controller.
  • There is protection against turning on an empty device.
  • It is possible to turn on using a smartphone.
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So, now you know how to choose an electric kettle for home. Before buying, you can also read reviews on the Internet and make your right decision. Which criteria to consider in the first place - the choice is yours.

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